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1. The meaning of Abandonment is the act of abandoning something or someone

Abandonment, Act, Abandoning

2. Abandonment definition, an act or instance of leaving a person or thing permanently and completely:He struggles to deal with his Abandonment by his wife, and now having to care for their infant alone

Abandonment, An, Act, And, Alone

3. Abandonment issues involve a deep fear of being hurt, rejected or abandoned

Abandonment, Abandoned

4. Fear of Abandonment is a form of anxiety that often develops in response to specific painful or traumatic experiences like childhood abuse, neglect, or the loss of a loved one

Abandonment, Anxiety, Abuse

5. Abandonment issues are closely linked to insecure attachment styles

Abandonment, Are, Attachment

6. Abandonment issues may be a type of anxiety disorder that can make it difficult to develop and maintain healthy, long-term relationships, but treatment is possible.

Abandonment, Anxiety, And

7. Abandonment issues arise when an individual has a strong fear of losing loved ones

Abandonment, Arise, An

8. Abandonment combined with distorted boundaries, at a time when children are developing their sense of worth, is the foundation for the belief in their own inadequacy and the central cause of their

Abandonment, At, Are, And

9. While Abandonment of a marriage or marital property is a civil matter to be dealt with in family court, Abandonment of a child may also be a criminal offense for which the individual may face criminal charges

Abandonment, Also

10. Patient Abandonment is defined as a medical professional terminating a doctor-patient relationship, without providing alternative options, when a patient still requires significant care

Abandonment, As, Alternative

11. To have a case of patient Abandonment, California law mandates that you must be able to show your doctor breached the standard of care (that is, was negligent

Abandonment, Able

12. Febos' Native American ancestry shapes a prominent part of her narrative as she describes Native peoples' forced detachment from their land, culture and history as an Abandonment itself.

American, Ancestry, As, And, An, Abandonment

13. Abandonment issues happen when a parent or caregiver does not provide the child with consistent warm or attentive interactions, leaving them feeling chronic stress and fear.

Abandonment, Attentive, And

14. Abandonment differs from surrender in that surrender requires an agreement, and also from Forfeiture, in that forfeiture may be against the intention of the party alleged to have forfeited

Abandonment, An, Agreement, And, Also, Against, Alleged

15. In the case of children, Abandonment is the willful forsaking or forgoing of parental duties.


16. If a spouse leaves a marriage because the other spouse has made conditions intolerable to stay, the person leaving the marriage can claim constructive Abandonment


17. Synonyms for Abandonment: abandon, ease, lightheartedness, naturalness, spontaneity, spontaneousness, unconstraint, uninhibitedness; Antonyms for Abandonment

Abandonment, Abandon, Antonyms

18. Abandonment leads to major trust issues and commitment phobia or clinginess, depending on other factors

Abandonment, And

19. Physical Abandonment occurs if you went through physical neglect, lack of supervision, inadequate provision, or sexual/physical abuse.

Abandonment, Abuse

20. Abandonment contributes to many mental health issues


21. People often use therapy to address issues caused by Abandonment

Address, Abandonment

22. Abandoholics anonymous,Abandoholics,Abandoholism,abandon,abandoned,abandoner,Abandonment recovery,Abandonment,abandonoholic,abandonphobic,abandophobia, abandonphibia

Abandoholics, Anonymous, Abandoholism, Abandon, Abandoned, Abandoner, Abandonment, Abandonoholic, Abandonphobic, Abandophobia, Abandonphibia

23. Child Abandonment occurs when a parent, guardian, or person in charge of a child either deserts a child without any regard for the child's physical health, safety or welfare and with the intention of wholly abandoning the child, or in some instances, fails to provide necessary care for a child living under their roof.

Abandonment, Any, And, Abandoning

24. Abandonment: Occurs when a licensed nurse terminates the nurse-patient relationship without reasonable notification to the nursing supervisor for the continuation of the patient's care


25. Find 16 ways to say Abandonment, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

Abandonment, Along, Antonyms, And, At

26. • (existentialism) Abandonment • Allowing an option to expire unexercised • The act of abandoning, or the state of being abandoned • The relinquishment of a right, claim, or privilege • (legal) In law, Abandonment is the relinquishment • As used by railroad companies means to cease operation on a line

Abandonment, Allowing, An, Act, Abandoning, Abandoned, As

27. Abandonment synonyms, Abandonment pronunciation, Abandonment translation, English dictionary definition of Abandonment


28. Background: Treatment refusal and Abandonment are major causes of treatment failure for children with cancer in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs), like Guatemala

And, Abandonment, Are

29. This study identified risk factors for and described the intervention that decreased Abandonment.

And, Abandonment

30. Abandonment 'Abandonment' is a 11 letter word starting with A and ending with T Crossword clues for 'Abandonment' Clue Answer; Abandonment (6) DISUSE: Lack of practice (6) What old things fall into (6) Cease to practise (6) Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for Abandonment

Abandonment, And, Answer, Answers

31. Intentional Abandonment is also referred to as dereliction, and something voluntarily abandoned by its owner with the intention of not retaking it is a derelict.Someone that holds the property or to whom property rights have been relinquished is an abandonee

Abandonment, Also, As, And, Abandoned, An, Abandonee

32. What does Abandonment mean? A refusal to receive freight so damaged in transit as to be worthless and render carrier liable for its value

Abandonment, As, And

33. Abandonment forms are also used in the event of bankruptcy to define what property of the debtor is to be administered to/by the trustee

Abandonment, Are, Also, Administered

34. Abandonment is about the loss of love and a loss of connectedness

Abandonment, About, And

35. Abandonment is a core fear in humans, and this fear is intensified in adolescents

Abandonment, And, Adolescents

36. The Abandonment of children is an extreme form of child neglect stemming from many causes.

Abandonment, An

37. While most of us have experienced Abandonment in some form or another, we all cope with our fears differently

Abandonment, Another, All

38. A person with Abandonment issues is not necessarily someone who was abandoned by his parents as a child

Abandonment, Abandoned, As

39. Fear of Abandonment is the overwhelming worry that people close to you will leave


40. Abandonment, rejection, loss or ridicule often lay at the heart of many seemingly bizarre phobias

Abandonment, At

41. One of the greatest tragedies a decent society can experience is the Abandonment of its elderly.


42. Abandonment is actually a legal term for the willing renunciation of rights to an asset or relationship

Abandonment, Actually, An, Asset

43. So, in the real estate industry, Abandonment relates to a property that the owner voluntarily relinquished his/her rights to


44. Abandonment operations can either be temporary or permanent, where the former is done with the intention of future re-entry of the well, which is sometimes referred to as ‘suspended’

Abandonment, As

45. The plugging material employed should ensure an integrity period that is double the planned Abandonment period (Norsok, 2004).

An, Abandonment

46. Abandonment is the act of surrendering a claim to, or interest in, a particular asset, or allowing an options contract to expire unexercised.

Abandonment, Act, Asset, Allowing, An

47. Fear of Abandonment is lingering feeling of insecurity, contributing to intrusive thoughts, emptiness, unstable sense of self, clinginess, neediness, extreme mood fluctuations, and frequent relationship conflicts

Abandonment, And

48. On the flip side, someone with fear of Abandonment might cope by cutting off completely, and become emotionally numb.

Abandonment, And

49. Spousal Abandonment occurs when one spouse leaves or forsakes the other spouse without justification and renounces their duties and responsibilities as outlined by the marital agreement

Abandonment, And, As, Agreement

50. State laws vary and may refer to leaving as desertion or Abandonment, but regardless of the term, if one spouse leaves the other for a specific period of time

And, As, Abandonment




ABANDONMENT [əˈbandənmənt]

abandonment (noun) · abandonments (plural noun)

Synonyms: Desertion . Neglect . Stranding . Jilting . Betrayal . Disuse . Evacuation . Renunciation . Relinquishment . Rejection . Withdrawal . Dropping . Cessation . Discontinuation . Termination . Stopping . Surrender . Dispensation . Adoption .

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