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1. If a plan or business agreement is Above board, it is honest and not trying to deceive anyone…

Agreement, Above, And, Anyone

2. Above board was originally a gambling term, indicating fair play by players who kept their hands above the board (i.e


3. What's the origin of the phrase 'Above board'? It is sometimes suggested that the board in question is the deck of a ship and that this term comes from the seafaring practice of concealing pirates below decks (below board) in order to lull the crews of victim ships into a false sense of security.

Above, And

4. The Crossword Solver found 20 answers to the Above board (5) crossword clue

Answers, Above

5. ABE (Above board Electronics, Inc.) is a global provider of products, services and solutions to industrial and commercial users of mechanical, electrical and electronic components and assemblies.

Abe, Above, And, Assemblies

6. Above board is a new cocktail bar in Melbourne, Australia.

Above, Australia

7. The Triad's only indoor skate park, Above board Skate Park is located in Greensboro, NC at 2616 Greengate Dr 27406

Above, At

8. Established in 2015 and located in Northern Virginia, Above board Construction is founded by two friends who have worked in the construction industry for over 20 years combined

And, Above

9. Above board: 2021 Cyber Events Shaping the Horizon The alarming rise in cybersecurity attacks in 2021 has raised risk mitigation stakes to a new level for boards

Above, Alarming, Attacks

10. In this episode of the Above board podcast, Morrison & Foerster partner and host Dave Lynn speaks with partners Alex Iftimie and Brandon Van Grack on the key cybersecurity threats

Above, Amp, And, Alex

11. Honestly, and all Above board, those big clockwork dolls of mine do bring your coals or claret or a timetable quicker than any live servants I've ever known, if you know which knob to press

And, All, Above, Any

12. Above board definition: An arrangement or deal that is Above board is legal and is being carried out honestly and Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Above, An, Arrangement, And

13. At Above board Builders we provide great service and top quality work

At, Above, And

14. The special children's raffle was most exciting, the draws supervised by the officer board ensured that everything was Above board


15. The service personnel must be Above board to gain the respect and assistance of the public

Above, And, Assistance

16. She always acts Above board, never resorting to underhandedness.

Always, Acts, Above

17. If something is Above board then it is honest, fair, and not attempting to hide anything or cheat anyone

Above, And, Attempting, Anything, Anyone

18. Most banks operate Above board, but it is still important to be careful when taking out a loan


19. If you say that everything is Above board then you are saying that everything is done in an honest

Above, Are, An

20. # Above board:- On a cruise ship, cabins above water level.


21. Above board is a TV show about CCGs, Tabletop Games, and RPGs

Above, About, And

22. Above board Cannabis Company is a cannabis dispensary located in the Auburn, Maine area

Above, Auburn, Area

23. Above board Electronics company details: 64 Manufacturers, SourceESB has found 78 Products & Services, 4 Locations associated to Above board Electronics

Above, Amp, Associated

24. If the floors in your home are damaged or outdated, or if you’re itching for a change, now is the time to each out to us at Above board Flooring

Are, At, Above

25.Above board” first appeared in print, as far as is known, in the late 16th century, and the phrase originated in the world of gambling, in particular card games

Above, Appeared, As, And

26. To play “Above board” was to keep your cards above the level of the playing table (as opposed to down in your lap) so as to avoid any suspicion of cheating.

Above, As, Avoid, Any

27. Can you make money and hold true to your values? Can you keep a profitable business “Above board”? Jack Ellis and Paul Jarvis (co-founders) explore running an ethical and privacy-focused company

And, Above, An

28. Above board Living from Luigi Rosselli Architects offers plenty of contemporary design features which work for the owners and it boasts a striking aesthetic both inside and out

Above, Architects, And, Aesthetic

29. Above board Paddle Company is located in beautiful Nokomis, Florida, which is just south of Sarasota, FL, and north of Venice, FL

Above, And

30. Above board Ali Eck’s Grazing Haus ups the charcuterie game with an homage to the Austrian tradition of jausen

Above, Ali, An, Austrian

31. Above board: Compliance, Legal, and Financial Best Practices – is designed to help Native CDFIs build and grow their knowledge as it relates to compliance while providing concrete steps to strengthen compliance programs and protect their organizations from undue risk

Above, And, As

32. Above board Electronics is a US distributor for American branded fasteners

Above, American

33. Can you make money and hold true to your values? Can you keep a profitable business “Above board”? Jack Ellis and Paul Jarvis (co-founders) explore running an ethical and privacy-focused company.

And, Above, An




ABOVE BOARD [əˈbəv ˌbôrd]

above board (adjective) · aboveboard (adjective)

Synonyms: Honest . Fair . Open . Frank . Straight . Overt . Candid . Forthright . Unconcealed . Trustworthy . Unequivocal . Legal . Legitimate . Lawful . Licit . Dishonest . Shady .

above board (adverb) · aboveboard (adverb)

Synonyms: Honestly . Fairly . Openly . Frankly . Overtly . Candidly . Forthrightly . Unequivocally . Legally . Legitimately . Lawfully . Dishonestly . Shadily .

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the phrase "above board" mean?

The term "above board" is believed to have originated from how pirates attacked opposing ships. Business executives seek to be "above board" in transactions with transparency in contacts and agreements.

What does doing something "above board" mean?

To be legitimate, honest, and/or legal. I expected that big company to try to take advantage of us, but so far all of their dealings with us have been above board. I think these documents are above board, Tom-go ahead and process them. Fully visible to public scrutiny; completely and openly honest or legitimate.

What does the idiom above board mean?

Doing something that is considered "above board" means to be very transparent in how you go about managing a given task or performing a certain action.

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