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1. Abroad: [adverb or adjective] beyond the boundaries of one's country : in or to a foreign country.

Abroad, Adverb, Adjective

2. Abroad synonyms, Abroad pronunciation, Abroad translation, English dictionary definition of Abroad


3. Synonyms for Abroad: afloat, hereabouts, all over, everyplace, everywhere, about, around, round, afar, afield

Abroad, Afloat, All, About, Around, Afar, Afield

4. Abroad definition, in or to a foreign country or countries: famous at home and Abroad

Abroad, At, And

5. Find 8 ways to say Abroad, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

Abroad, Along, Antonyms, And, At

6. Those who have had a taste of traveling, studying, interning, or volunteering Abroad come back to their home country only to yearn for that feeling of adventure once again

Abroad, Adventure, Again

7. When young Americans study Abroad, they gain important skills and develop personal networks that enhance their prospects in the world’s

Americans, Abroad, And

8. College study Abroad is your chance to live and study in another country while earning college credit

Abroad, And, Another

9. Whether you choose to spend a semester, summer, or year studying Abroad, your IES Abroad courses and experiential learning opportunities—think internships, community-based learning placements, field trips, and more—are designed to immerse you into the local culture.

Abroad, And, Are

10. Education Abroad Pavilion, 1st Floor 3262 TAMU College Station, TX 77843-3262 Tel: +1 (979) 845-0544 Email:


11. Abroad is a furniture and decorative accessories wholesaler headquartered in Virginia

Abroad, And, Accessories

12. For more than twenty years, Abroad has directly imported custom-designed and hand-crafted home furnishings from many respected manufacturing firms …

Abroad, And

13. Volunteer Abroad - Volunteer Abroad in a country that interests you, for the amount of time you have whether a week, a month or a year, in the type of volunteer work that would be meaningful to you

Abroad, Amount

14. Teach Abroad - Teaching Abroad is a wonderful way to learn and educate at the same time

Abroad, And, At

15. Abroad definition: If you go Abroad , you go to a foreign country, usually one which is separated from the Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Abroad, And

16. Find us, friend us, follow us and let us share in your experience Abroad

And, Abroad

17. Search for meaningful travel programs around the world, get expert advice, read real reviews, find scholarships, and discover the world! We're GoAbroad, your travel pre-departure headquarters.

Around, Advice, And

18. Abroad (adv.) mid-13c., "widely apart," a contraction of on brode, from Old English on brede, "in width," literally "at wide" (see a- (1) + broad (adj.))

Abroad, Adv, Apart, At, Adj

19. By deciding to study Abroad, you will be embarking on an adventure that will change your life and broaden your understanding of the world

Abroad, An, Adventure, And

20. Teaching Abroad is an exceptionally fun and fulfilling way to travel, while also gaining skills and connections to build a career with

Abroad, An, And, Also

21. Due to the demand for English skills worldwide, teaching jobs Abroad could take you to almost any corner of the globe!

Abroad, Almost, Any

22. Boston University Study Abroad offers world-class internship and study Abroad programs

Abroad, And

23. Syracuse Abroad consistently ranks among the highest-quality international study programs in the country and has been ranked #10 in Study Abroad on US News & World Report

Abroad, Among, And, Amp

24. Students who choose Syracuse Abroad’s programs prepare for the world in the world with invaluable internships, Signature Seminars, language study at all levels, homestays

Abroad, At, All

25. Abroad: 1 adv to or in a foreign country “they had never travelled Abroad ” adv in a place across an ocean Synonyms: overseas adv far away from home or one's usual surroundings Synonyms: afield adj in a foreign country “markets Abroad ” Synonyms: overseas foreign of concern to or concerning the affairs of other nations (other than your own)

Abroad, Adv, Across, An, Away, Afield, Adj, Affairs

26. ‘hospital inmates Abroad on the streets of the town’


27. ‘Some wonder why, if the police knew of the businessman's illegal activities, he was Abroad in the streets, in his luxury car or

Activities, Abroad

28. For issues/questions prior to arrival Abroad: Call the Syracuse Abroad office: 1 (800) 235-3472 or (315) 443-3471.You can also contact Syracuse Abroad via email: For problems/confidential counseling after arrival: Students should contact the student services advisor at their program location.When appropriate, medical …

Arrival, Abroad, Also, After, Advisor, At, Appropriate

29. By 1973, domestic US sources of oil were peaking, and the nation was importing more of its oil, depending on a constant flow from Abroad to keep cars on the road and machines running

And, Abroad

30. Work Abroad programs are a great way to earn more than just money

Abroad, Are

31. In or to a foreign country I’ve never lived Abroad before


32. Find a study Abroad program that fits your Major or academic track! Students can also fulfill General Education credits Abroad

Abroad, Academic, Also

33. SIGN UP for information about study Abroad SCHOLARSHIPS, programs, deadlines & more! View on Facebook.

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34. Studying Abroad for Indian students comes with a lot of perks; here is a list of reasons why students dream to study Abroad


35. Get acquainted with a new world: One of the biggest reasons why you should consider a study Abroad program is the opportunity to explore a new world.

Acquainted, Abroad

36. The Office of Study Abroad offers programs in over 40 countries – spanning every world region


37. The Office of Study Abroad sends approximately 600 students Abroad each year.

Abroad, Approximately

38. Choose to intern Abroad in public policy to the arts, business administration to marketing

Abroad, Arts, Administration

39. Education Abroad provides international, academically-based experiences in support of students’ personal, professional, and intellectual development

Abroad, Academically, And

40. Education Abroad inspires and informs students, equipping them with

Abroad, And

41. Choosing an internship Abroad allows you to balance your love for travel with a new experience that will help you learn and grow -- all while training you to become an ideal career candidate

An, Abroad, Allows, And, All

42. Whether paid or unpaid, short-term or long-term, interning Abroad holds great value.


43. The Abroad at AU program is open to international undergraduate students who plan to study in the capital of the United States for a semester or full year

Abroad, At, Au

44. With classes, campus activities, and experiences throughout DC, Abroad at AU offers a unique experience to all students wishing to spend time in the US.

Activities, And, Abroad, At, Au, All

45. Studying Abroad is an exciting journey for both you and your teenager

Abroad, An, And

46. Department of State and American Councils for International Education are pleased to announce the inaugural year of the Future Leaders Exchange Abroad (FLEX Abroad

And, American, Are, Announce, Abroad

47. The University is committed to making studying Abroad affordable, as well as accessible, to all students

Abroad, Affordable, As, Accessible, All

48. The costs of some USI study Abroad programs are based on tuition, room and board at USI.

Abroad, Are, And, At

49. Abroad - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums

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50. Patrick lived Abroad for a couple of years after college.Patrick vivió en el extranjero por unos años después de la universidad

Abroad, After

51. If you're going to go on vacation Abroad, you need a passport.Si vas a tomar vacaciones fuera del país, necesitas un pasaporte.


52. In collaboration with Diversity Abroad, Education in Ireland is pleased to announce the creation of a new scholarship program: the Inclusive Ireland Scholarships, which will support BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) students to study Abroad in Ireland

Abroad, Announce, And

53. With a commitment to providing academically rigorous and culturally immersive study Abroad experiences for …

Academically, And, Abroad

54. Whether you go Abroad for a few days or a full year, in most cases financial aid can help you pay for your program and you can still graduate on time

Abroad, Aid, And

55. 15 synonyms for Abroad: overseas, out of the country, beyond the sea, in foreign lands, about, everywhere, circulating, at large, here and there, current

Abroad, About, At, And




ABROAD [əˈbrôd]

abroad (adverb)

Synonyms: Overseas .

abroad (noun)

Synonyms: .

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