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1. Abrupt: [adjective] characterized by or involving action or change without preparation or warning : sudden and unexpected

Abrupt, Adjective, Action, And

2. Synonyms for Abrupt: bluff, blunt, brusque, crusty, curt, downright, short, short-spoken; Antonyms for Abrupt: circuitous, mealymouthed, easy, anticipated, expected

Abrupt, Antonyms, Anticipated

3. Abrupt synonyms, Abrupt pronunciation, Abrupt translation, English dictionary definition of Abrupt


4. Unexpectedly sudden: an Abrupt change in the weather

An, Abrupt

5. Surprisingly curt; brusque: an Abrupt answer made in anger

An, Abrupt, Answer, Anger

6. Abrupt definition, sudden or unexpected: an Abrupt departure

Abrupt, An

7. An Abrupt halt is one the Road Runner comes to when reaching an Abrupt drop-off — you'd hear brakes squealing.

An, Abrupt

8. Find 49 ways to say Abrupt, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

Abrupt, Along, Antonyms, And, At

9. The Crossword Solver found 103 answers to the Abrupt crossword clue

Answers, Abrupt

10. Abrupt 'Abrupt' is a 6 letter word starting with A and ending with T Crossword clues for 'Abrupt' Clue Answer; Sudden and unexpected (6) Abrupt: Short in manner (6) Sudden, unexpected (6) Unceremonious (6) Synonyms, crossword answers and …

Abrupt, And, Answer, Answers

11. Abrupt definition: An Abrupt change or action is very sudden, often in a way which is unpleasant

Abrupt, An, Action

12. Abrupt adj adjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house." (act, event: sudden) improvviso agg aggettivo : Descrive o specifica un sostantivo: "Una persona fidata " - "Con un cacciavite piccolo " - "Questioni controverse "

Abrupt, Adj, Adjective, An, Act, Agg, Aggettivo

13. Abrupt (adj.) 1580s, "sudden, unceremonious, without notice," a figurative use from Latin Abruptus "broken off," also "precipitous, steep" (as a cliff), also "disconnected," past participle of abrumpere "break off," from ab "off, away from" (see ab-) + rumpere "to break," from a nasalized form of the PIE root *runp-"to snatch" (see corrupt (adj.))

Abrupt, Adj, Abruptus, Also, As, Abrumpere, Ab, Away

14. What does Abrupt mean? The definition of Abrupt is when something suddenly happens or changes suddenly, with no advance warning

Abrupt, Advance

15. Definition of Abrupt in the dictionary


16. What does Abrupt mean? Information and translations of Abrupt in the most comprehensive dictionary …

Abrupt, And

17. An Abrupt reversal caught the markets off-guard, requiring an immediate liquidation of leveraged long positions

An, Abrupt

18. Skylar narrowed his eyes in annoyance at the other teen's Abrupt behaviour

Annoyance, At, Abrupt

19. What's really going on here is more than annoyances over a missed transfer or frazzled nerves over an Abrupt stop during rush hour.

Annoyances, An, Abrupt

20. Underutilised officers, Abrupt reshuffles mar governance in Punjab Mansoor Malik Published November 15, 2021


21. ‘The sudden, Abrupt death from a heart attack of the 14-year-old from Strensall shattered all those who knew and loved him.’ ‘It was not a gradual shift but rather a sudden and Abrupt change.’ ‘The Abrupt change in subject startles them both.’ ‘Charlie …

Abrupt, Attack, All, And

22. The term Abrupt climate change arose in the study of past climate.

Abrupt, Arose

23. Rabett Run "No," she said, a word Abrupt and uncommon to her, putting the ka’athyra back on its shelf with finality.

Abrupt, And, Athyra

24. Ah Cho looked at him in Abrupt perplexity and said:

Ah, At, Abrupt, And

25. 71 synonyms for Abrupt: sudden, unexpected, hurried, rapid, surprising, quick, swift, rash, precipitate


26. His Abrupt manner makes him seem impatient or unsympathetic.That nurse is a bit too Abrupt in the way she interacts with patients.He was so Abrupt with me that couldn't get all the information I needed

Abrupt, All

27. • Nothing could be more Abrupt than the transition from childhood to school


28. • It was the Abrupt way he pulled up running out a ball in Game 2 that alerted everyone there was a problem

Abrupt, Alerted

29. • There are no Abrupt changes.! • The Abrupt change from legacy to trust is very striking.

Are, Abrupt

30. Abrupt with somebody She was very Abrupt with me in our meeting


31. Topics Personal qualities c2 Word Origin late 16th cent.: from Latin Abruptus ‘broken off, steep’, past participle of abrumpere , from ab- ‘away, from’ + rumpere ‘break’.

Abruptus, Abrumpere, Ab, Away

32. -- The Abrupt manner in which whole groups of species suddenly appear in certain formations, has been urged by several palaeontologists, for instance, by Agassiz, Pictet, and by none more forcibly than by Professor Sedgwick, as a fatal objection to …

Abrupt, Appear, Agassiz, And, As

33. Abrupt changes in Shannon’s index are mostly decreases (i.e., shifts to lower diversity), concentrated in the subtropics and driven by the decline of coccolithophore populations (Figs

Abrupt, Are, And

34. "The Abrupt dropping of the 16 indictments against 'Empire' actor Jussie Smollett during an unannounced court hearing on March 26, 2019, is the latest and most egregious example of the failure by you and your staff to hold offenders accountable," Mellema states in the letter.

Abrupt, Against, Actor, An, And, Accountable

35. "came to an Abrupt stop"; "an Abrupt change in the weather"

An, Abrupt

36. An Abrupt, last-minute change in one's professed beliefs, principles, or point of view in order to escape a serious threat or to increase one's chances of success

An, Abrupt

37. Not even TCU athletic director Jeremiah Donati envisioned such an Abrupt ending to Gary Patterson's more than two decades as head coach of the Horned Frogs

Athletic, An, Abrupt, As

38. In odd career move, Devin Nunes announces Abrupt departure from Congress

Announces, Abrupt

39. Synonyms for 'Abrupt': suddenly, immediately, at once, straight away, promptly, on-the-spot, headlong, right now, straight, on the spur of the moment

Abrupt, At, Away

40. Tillis to discuss the Abrupt firing of College of Arts and Sciences Dean Howard Marchitello last month, according to a press release.

Abrupt, Arts, And, According

41. Patterson's Abrupt ending at TCU unimaginable not long ago

Abrupt, At, Ago

42. Not even TCU athletic director Jeremiah Donati envisioned such an Abrupt ending to Gary Patterson's more than two decades as head coach

Athletic, An, Abrupt, As

43. 1 day ago · Magic Arena's Abrupt Shifts This Year Have Been Frustrating

Ago, Arena, Abrupt

44. Till he gave an introduction -- it was painfully Abrupt --

An, Abrupt

45. Abrupt Sell-Off To Begin Holiday-Shortened Week The day began with confirmation that Fed Chair Powell would be re-nominated for another term

Abrupt, Another



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