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1. The meaning of Absence is a state or condition in which something expected, wanted, or looked for is not present or does not exist : a state or condition in which something is absent

Absence, Absent

2. Synonyms for Absence: lack, need, needfulness, want, dearth; Antonyms for Absence: presence

Absence, Antonyms

3. Find 33 ways to say Absence, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

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4. Absence definition, state of being away or not being present: I acted as supervisor in his Absence

Absence, Away, Acted, As

5. Absence: (Nonattendance), noun abandonment , abstention , avoidance , defection , desertion , nonappearance , nonpresence , removal , truancy , withdrawal Associated

Absence, Abandonment, Abstention, Avoidance, Associated

6. makes it easy to keep track of your team's vacations, sick days or any other Absences

Absence, Any, Absences

7. Absence is the state of not being someplace, like school


8. Leave of Absence, a period of time away from a job; Absenteeism, the habitual pattern of Absence from work or duty; Absence rate, the ratio of workers with Absences to total employees; Sciences and philosophy

Absence, Away, Absenteeism, Absences, And

9. The (local) nonexistence of something Absence of evidence, a concept in informal logic; Absence seizure, one of several kinds of seizures; Arts and entertainment

Absence, Arts, And

10. 27 synonyms for Absence: time off, leave, break, vacation, recess, truancy, absenteeism, nonappearance

Absence, Absenteeism

11. Absence: ( ahb-sahns' ), This word, based on French Absence 'fit of abstraction', is correctly pronounced as in French, ahb-sahns' , as shown here

Absence, Ahb, Abstraction, As

12. What does Absence mean? The condition of being absent, or away

Absence, Absent, Away

13. Leave of Absence Request Sample (Text Version) I would like to request a thirty-day leave of Absence for personal reasons


14. • The Absence of mathematics eliminates any advance treatment, but it could serve as an introduction text and as a source document

Absence, Any, Advance, As, An, And

15. • Still, the hows and whys of their Absences are less important than the Absences themselves

And, Absences, Are

16. Absence of • There was a notable Absence of confidence among the boys.

Absence, Among

17. Absence Date(s): * Please visit each Facts (formerly Renweb) class page to find at home assignments as well as missed course work

Absence, At, Assignments, As

18. An Absence seizure causes a short period of “blanking out” or staring into space

An, Absence

19. An Absence seizure is a generalized onset seizure, which means it begins in both sides of the brain at the same time

An, Absence, At

20. Definition of in the Absence of in the Idioms Dictionary


21. What does in the Absence of expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary.


22. Absence (n.) "state of not being present," late 14c., from Old French Absence "Absence" (14c.), from Latin absentia, abstract noun from absentem (nominative absens), present participle of abesse "be away from, be absent," from ab "off, away from" (see ab-) + esse "to be" (from PIE root *es-"to be")

Absence, Absentia, Abstract, Absentem, Absens, Abesse, Away, Absent, Ab

23. Absence makes the heart grow fonder is a line from the song "Isle of Beauty" by English poet


24. ‘In the Absence of a decent World Cup anthem, we invited you to pen an official Guardian song.’ ‘Mr Wilkins said the Absence of a cinema in the town is a commonly raised issue.’ ‘Yes, the almost total Absence of rural policing is a major problem in urgent need of a solution.’

Absence, Anthem, An, Almost

25. The state of being absent-minded; inattentiveness: Absence of mind.

Absent, Absence

26. There was an Absence [= lack] of enthusiasm in the crowd

An, Absence

27. The information listed on this page is for a traditional leave of Absence


28. Student Absence and tardiness will be tracked on an individual student basis and addressed by the school’s administration, social workers and counselors with individual students and families as needed

Absence, And, An, Addressed, Administration, As

29. It is expected that parents will notify the school of a student's Absence.


30. Absence is of a fivefold kind: (1) A necessary Absence, as in banished or transported persons ; this is entirely necessary

Absence, As

31. Terence Blanchard's third studio album since returning to Blue Note in 2013, 2021's Absence is an ambitious and textural production that finds the trumpeter pulling together many of the seemingly disparate stylistic threads of his career

Album, Absence, An, Ambitious, And

32. 1 day ago · For some, state Absence across swathes of Mali are at the source of the country’s woes

Ago, Absence, Across, Are, At

33. This page is a spellcheck for word Absence.All Which is Correct spellings and definitions, including "Absence vs absense" are based on official English dictionaries, which means you can browse our website with confidence!Common searches that lead to this page: how to spell Absence, correct spelling of Absence, how is Absence spelled, spell check Absence, how do you spell Absence.

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34. Report ILLNESS Related Absence; Report OTHER Absence (non-illness related) Report ILLNESS Related Absence


35. French Translation of “Absence” The official Collins English-French Dictionary online


36. Acknowledge the Leave of Absence Policy and E-sign your request using your student password 7

Acknowledge, Absence, And

37. You are highly encouraged to speak with the Financial Services department for guidance when completing the Request for Leave of Absence form to ensure it’s completed properly and submitted on time

Are, Absence, And

38. Workday Absence Management is intuitive for both employees and managers

Absence, And

39. Absence can be both the state of being away as well as the duration when one is not present

Absence, Away, As

40. Absence also indicates quality or trait lacking in a person

Absence, Also

41. Absence is also a state of mind when a person is described as absent minded with the person being not attentive.

Absence, Also, As, Absent, Attentive

42. [uncountable, countable] the fact of somebody being away from a place where they are usually expected to be; the occasion or period of time when somebody is away in somebody's Absence The decision was made in my Absence (= while I was not there).; We did not receive any news during his long Absence

Away, Are, Absence, Any

43. Absence from… Absence from work repeated Absences from school

Absence, Absences

44. Axiom Medical manages Employee Absence Management (EAM) as a part of the Employee Occupational Health Program

Axiom, Absence, As

45. When employees are out on extended Absence because of personal health matters, our certified medical practitioners offer a concierge type experience through each stage of the leave …

Are, Absence

46. Gabby Petito case: Moab, Utah's top cop takes leave of Absence amid investigation into handling of 911 call Brian Laundrie, 23, and his 22-year-old fiancée, Gabby Petito, left in mid-June for a

Absence, Amid, And

47. Unexcused Absence [from a class] Fehlstunde {f} educ


48. In my Absence {adv} [his / her Absence, etc.] in meiner Abwesenheit [seiner / ihrer Abwesenheit etc.] Absence from duty

Absence, Adv, Abwesenheit




ABSENCE [ˈabsəns]

absence (noun) · absences (plural noun)

Synonyms: Nonattendance . Nonappearance . Absenteeism . Truancy . Truanting . Leave . Annual leave . Vacation . Sabbatical . Holiday . Wagging . Failing . In default of . Lacking . Wanting . Notwithstanding . Without . Presence . Attendance . Failing . In default of . Lacking . Wanting . Notwithstanding . Without .

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