How to Use Abundance in a sentence with examples

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1. The meaning of Abundance is an ample quantity : an abundant amount : profusion

Abundance, An, Ample, Abundant, Amount

2. Synonyms for Abundance: barrel, basketful, boatload, bucket, bunch, bundle, bushel, carload; Antonyms for Abundance: ace, bit, dab, dram, driblet, glimmer, handful, hint

Abundance, Antonyms, Ace

3. Abundance definition, an extremely plentiful or oversufficient quantity or supply: an Abundance of grain

Abundance, An

4. Abundance synonyms, Abundance pronunciation, Abundance translation, English dictionary definition of Abundance


5. The condition of being in rich supply: bananas growing in Abundance


6. Pursue your passion! Experience Abundance on all platforms

Abundance, All

7. Abundance is a manifesting blend that helps you attract wealth and health in your life

Abundance, Attract, And

8. Attached two car garage with workbench and an Abundance of storage is almost 500sf

Attached, And, An, Abundance, Almost

9. Gorgeous Stanford within reach and arboreal Abundance

And, Arboreal, Abundance

10. Abundance means plenty, or a very large quantity of something


11. Abundance: The Future is Better Than You Think is a book by Dr


12. Abundance chronicles many of these stories and the emerging tools driving us towards an age of Abundance

Abundance, And, An, Age

13. This is an audacious and powerful read!”—Jeff Skoll “Abundance provides proof that the proper combination of technology, people and capital can meet any grand challenge.”—Sir Richard Branson, Chairman of the Virgin Group

An, Audacious, And, Abundance, Any

14. What does Abundance mean? The definition of Abundance is to have a large amount of something, or to have wealth

Abundance, Amount

15. Find 26 ways to say Abundance, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

Abundance, Along, Antonyms, And, At

16. Abundance ( n.) the property of a more than adequate quantity or supply; an age of Abundance

Abundance, Adequate, An, Age

17. Abundance ( n.) (physics) the ratio of the number of atoms of a specific isotope of an element to the total number of isotopes present; Abundance ( n.)

Abundance, Atoms, An

18. And an Abundance mindset can transform your life by motivating you to take powerful, aligned action toward your goals

And, An, Abundance, Aligned, Action

19. If you want to experience more Abundance or more success in your life, start by shifting your thoughts with positive affirmations

Abundance, Affirmations

20. Here are 60 Abundance Affirmations to transform your mindset: Abundant Success Affirmations

Are, Abundance, Affirmations, Abundant

21. Abundance Foundation has partnered with leaders of the Lancet Commission for Reparations and Redistributive Justice in order to advance targeted efforts to promote human rights and structural change in support of environmental and social justice.

Abundance, And, Advance

22. To have an Abundance of something is to have more than you need

An, Abundance

23. It's often used to describe positive qualities, such as "an Abundance of love."

As, An, Abundance

24. Abundance Restaurant is the destination in the Grande Dunes area for modern cuisine paired with art, spirits, and wine

Abundance, Area, Art, And

25. At Abundance, you will find fine dining with unmatched individualized service, and fine art combined with culinary magic to create an experience not soon to be forgotten.

At, Abundance, And, Art, An

26. Abundance in mathematics is a property of abundant numbers

Abundance, Abundant

27. In chemistry: Abundance (chemistry), when a substance in a reaction is present in high quantities


28. Abundance of the chemical elements, a measure of how common elements are

Abundance, Are

29. Natural Abundance, the natural prevalence of different isotopes of an element on Earth.

Abundance, An

30. The property of a more than adequate quantity or supply; "an age of Abundance"

Adequate, An, Age, Abundance

31. The investments on Abundance include debentures or bonds and peer to peer loans — Abundance’s service in relation to loans is not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS)

Abundance, And

32. Abundance Investment Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (no

Abundance, Authorised, And, Authority

33. An Abundance of friends? An Abundance of good health? An Abundance of career opportunities and creative projects? An Abundance of material goods — a house you love to live in, delicious food, etc

An, Abundance, And

34. An Abundance of personal growth experience? Most of these things are difficult to put numerical figures on

An, Abundance, Are

35. Natural Abundance stable isotope ratios (δ 15 N and δ 18 O) in nitrate (NO 3 ‐) and nitrous oxide (N 2 O) were used to evaluate the importance of nitrification over longer time scales

Abundance, And

36. Abundance definition: An Abundance of something is a large quantity of it

Abundance, An

37. Here is a list of Abundance affirmations for you to repeat daily so that you transform your life by changing your perspective on life

Abundance, Affirmations

38. The Abundance and distribution of microplastic (<5 mm) has become a growing concern, particularly over the past decade

Abundance, And

39. 61 synonyms for Abundance: plenty, heap, bounty, exuberance, profusion, plethora, affluence

Abundance, Affluence

40. 2 days ago · Abundance: It’s enough, plus some

Ago, Abundance

41. Plus Sizes, women's clothing plus, Los Angeles, Sherman Oaks, LA, Plus Size, Abundance, size 12 and up, plus women clothing, Plus size women clothing.

Angeles, Abundance, And

42. Abundance express more, and gives the idea of superfluity or excess; e.g., the Abundance of riches, an Abundance of wit and humor Exuberance expresses even more, and implies a bursting forth on every side, producing an enormous amount of superfluity or redundancy ; e.g

Abundance, And, An, Amount

43. ‘The dramatic colours, earthy Abundance and fruitful generosity accentuate the passionate spirit that is essentially Corsican.’ ‘This is a land of Abundance with a wealth of spirit and in spiritual terms we have been forced to make mudpies and eat the soulless cardboard package.’

Abundance, And, Accentuate

44. Abundance Restaurant is the newest destination in Grande Dunes for modern cuisine paired with art, spirits, and wine

Abundance, Art, And

45. At Abundance, you will find fine dining with unmatched individualized service, and fine art combined with culinary magic to create an experience not soon to be forgotten.

At, Abundance, And, Art, An

46. Abundance Plus offers an auto-renewing Monthly Subscription with a Free Trial

Abundance, An, Auto

47. Filiformis Abundance increased slightly in 2011–2012 and returned to pre-2011 numbers in 2019

Abundance, And

48. Find out what the community is saying and what dishes to order at Abundance.

And, At, Abundance

49. With its Abundance of natural beauty, stunning coastline, and rich history, California provides a wide range of locations for planning your next event

Abundance, And

50. The Abundance prayer opens up our minds to receive unexpected Abundance


51. Most importantly, the Abundance prayer shifts our state of mind into one of Abundance


52. Abundance has not been immune to all of the problems created by the pandemic

Abundance, All

53. The Abundance in which iron is found in so many places, its great strength, its remarkable ductility and malleability in a red-hot state, and the ease with which two heated surfaces of iron can be welded together under the hammer combine to make it specially suitable for works on a large scale where strength with lightness are required - things

Abundance, And, Are

54. Abundance’s version, other than being on the pricey side at $6.90, was a credible version which got a good balance of the savoury pork belly, sweet peanuts and tangy pickles

Abundance, At, And




ABUNDANCE [əˈbəndəns]

abundance (noun) · abundances (plural noun)

Synonyms: Avalanche . Deluge . Rush . Flood . Spate . Torrent . Cluster . Flurry . Wave . Outbreak . Outpouring . Profusion . Plethora . Superabundance . Glut . Mass . Trickle . Dearth . Profusion . Plentifulness . Profuseness . Copiousness . Amplitude . Affluence . Lavishness . Infinity . Opulence . Exuberance . Luxuriance . Host . Plenitude . Cornucopia . Riot . Plenty . Mass . Quantities . Scores . Millions . Multitude .

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