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1. The meaning of Acclamation is a loud eager expression of approval, praise, or assent

Acclamation, Approval, Assent

2. Acclamation synonyms, Acclamation pronunciation, Acclamation translation, English dictionary definition of Acclamation


3. Acclamation definition, a loud shout or other demonstration of welcome, goodwill, or approval

Acclamation, Approval

4. Synonyms for Acclamation: applause, cheer, cheering, ovation, plaudit(s), rave(s), réclame; Antonyms for Acclamation: booing, hissing

Acclamation, Applause, Antonyms

5. Longtime environmental activist Peter Drekmeier was named Palo Alto mayor for 2009 by Acclamation Monday night, recieving and standing applause by fellow City Council members and an audience of

Activist, Alto, Acclamation, And, Applause, An, Audience

6. Based on social Acclamation and mainstream trends, this will just stop at existentialism and nihilism

Acclamation, And, At

7. VICE PRESIDENT, Optometry Unit – Joan Mah (by Acclamation) The officers were all sworn in at the October 25th, 2021 Executive Board meeting

Acclamation, All, At

8. What does Acclamation mean? The process of electing a person to a post in the absence of other nominees

Acclamation, Absence

9. An Acclamation is a “shout or salute of enthusiastic approval.” For example, By Acclamation I would like to introduce the next President of the United States

An, Acclamation, Approval

10. The young pianist has received Acclamation from audiences worldwide

Acclamation, Audiences

11. After scoring the game-winning touchdown, the stadium was brought to its feet in Acclamation.

After, Acclamation

12. Find 20 ways to say Acclamation, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

Acclamation, Along, Antonyms, And, At

13. Acclamation definition: Acclamation is a noisy or enthusiastic expression of approval for someone or something

Acclamation, Approval

14. The legislation was passed by Acclamation, without a vote because enough ruling party members were present to outnumber the opposition.: It was the third volume of the trilogy which received the greatest popular and critical Acclamation at the time of publication.: Curley won Rankin Inlet North by Acclamation, when no one else was nominated for Jack Anawak's former seat.

Acclamation, And, At, Anawak

15. Acclamation is acclaim or recognition for some achievement

Acclamation, Acclaim, Achievement

16. A major league baseball team might have to win the World Series to get Acclamation, but a t-ball team might get Acclamation simply for finishing an entire game.

Acclamation, An

17. Keep using acclimation instead of Acclamation? Check out Ginger's spelling book and make sure you never confuse acclimation and Acclamation again!

Acclimation, Acclamation, And, Again

18. ‘The Acclamation had been nearly unanimous: shouts of the imperial troops at Rome, seconded wholeheartedly by the Senate, the rabble, the clergy.’ ‘The Acclamation that followed his death from colon cancer early this year strangely mirrored his ghostly omnipresence during life.

Acclamation, At

19. Acclamation (n.) 1540s, "act of shouting or applauding in approval," from Latin Acclamationem (nominative acclamatio) "a calling, exclamation, shout of approval," noun of action from past-participle stem of acclamare "to call to, cry out at, shout approval or disapproval of," from assimilated form of ad "to, toward" (see ad-) + clamare "cry out

Acclamation, Act, Applauding, Approval, Acclamationem, Acclamatio, Action, Acclamare, At, Assimilated, Ad




ACCLAMATION [ˌakləˈmāSH(ə)n]

acclamation (noun) · acclamations (plural noun)

Synonyms: Praise . Applause . Cheers . Ovation . Tribute . Accolade . Acclaim . Salutes . Plaudits . Approval . Admiration . Approbation . Congratulations . Commendation . Welcome . Flattery . Kudos . Adulation . Homage . Compliment . A pat on the back . Eulogy . Encomium . Panegyric . Bouquets . Laurels . Testimonial . Extolment . Laudation . Eulogium . Shouting . Shouts .

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