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1. Acclimatize synonyms, Acclimatize pronunciation, Acclimatize translation, English dictionary definition of Acclimatize


2. Synonyms for Acclimatize: acclimate, accommodate, adapt, adjust, condition, conform, doctor, edit

Acclimatize, Acclimate, Accommodate, Adapt, Adjust

3. Acclimatize definition: When you Acclimatize or are Acclimatized to a new situation , place, or climate, you Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Acclimatize, Are, Acclimatized, And

4. Find 16 ways to say Acclimatize, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

Acclimatize, Along, Antonyms, And, At

5. This page shows answers to the clue Acclimatize.Acclimatize may be defined as “Get used to a certain climate”, “Acclimatise get used to a certain climate” and “To inure or habituate to a climate different from that which is natural”

Answers, Acclimatize, As, Acclimatise, And

6. Acclimatize is a €9.2 million project that will bridge the knowledge gap in relation to the pollution of at-risk urban and rural bathing waters in Ireland and Wales by identifying and quantifying pollution streams and determining the impact on these waters through a dynamic period of climate change.

Acclimatize, At, And

7. Viral symbiosis: A process by which organisms and ecosystems Acclimatize to changing conditions by assembling with different viruses

And, Acclimatize, Assembling

8. Acclimatize ý nghĩa, định nghĩa, Acclimatize là gì: 1


9. The terms acclimate and Acclimatize are used primarily in American English but acclimate is found to be the older word

Acclimate, And, Acclimatize, Are, American

10. 36 synonyms for Acclimatize: adapt, prepare, adjust, accommodate, accustom, familiarize, inure

Acclimatize, Adapt, Adjust, Accommodate, Accustom

11. To Acclimatize children will take longer so longer warm-ups may be required


12. The technologies themselves Acclimatize students and teachers to the tools commonly used in today's academic and business practices

Acclimatize, And, Academic

13. However, is a very common and mild condition that can be overcome if the body is given enough time to Acclimatize

And, Acclimatize

14. Acclimatize (someone or something) to (something) To help a person or thing to adjust to a new environment, role, etc

Acclimatize, Adjust

15. ‘it's unknown whether people will Acclimatize to increasingly warm weather’


16. ‘Having Acclimatized to the less-than-welcoming conditions, the Royals moved on to the tactical phase of the training.’


17. Acclimatize: 1 v get used to a certain climate “They never Acclimatized in Egypt” Synonyms: acclimate , acclimatise Type of: adapt , adjust , conform adapt or conform oneself to new or different conditions

Acclimatize, Acclimatized, Acclimate, Acclimatise, Adapt, Adjust

18. Definition of Acclimatize in the dictionary


19. What does Acclimatize mean? Information and translations of Acclimatize in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

Acclimatize, And

20. Synonyms: adapt, prepare, adjust, accommodate More Synonyms of Acclimatize

Adapt, Adjust, Accommodate, Acclimatize

21. Acclimatize ( third-person singular simple present Acclimatizes, present participle acclimatizing, simple past and past participle Acclimatized ) ( intransitive) To get used to a new climate

Acclimatize, Acclimatizes, Acclimatizing, And, Acclimatized

22. Acclimatize meaning, definition, what is Acclimatize: to become used to a new place, situation: Learn more.


23. Acclimatize (v.) 1824, "modify a living thing to suit a foreign climate" (transitive); see acclimate + -ize.A more recent formation than acclimate and generally replacing it in this sense

Acclimatize, Acclimate, And

24. Related: Acclimatized; acclimatizing.Simple climatize is attested …

Acclimatized, Acclimatizing, Attested

25. Napus inflorescences were unable to Acclimatize to the increased temperatures as seed production was inhibited throughout the HTS periods, regardless of the duration of the stress.’ ‘Several new studies point to evidence that some organisms with limited capacities to Acclimatize to thermal or hydric change may be limited in their

Acclimatize, As

26. Acclimatize provides ABA services to families who are looking for help and support

Acclimatize, Aba, Are, And

27. To Acclimatize workers, gradually increase their exposure time in hot environmental conditions over a 7-14 day period


28. New workers will need more time to Acclimatize than workers who have already had some exposure

Acclimatize, Already

29. T.) To habituate to a climate not native; to Acclimatize


30. It does take time to Acclimatize, especially for guys who haven't grown up in an urban environment.

Acclimatize, An

31. 36 synonyms for Acclimatize: adapt, prepare, adjust, accommodate, accustom, familiarize, inure

Acclimatize, Adapt, Adjust, Accommodate, Accustom

32. Best practice to Acclimatize properly is that travel gradually keeping in mind about the altitude of the place

Acclimatize, About, Altitude

33. So planning a proper itinerary can help you to Acclimatize properly on Ladakh tour


34. • The body will Acclimatize to the level of work demanded of it


35. Doing light or brief physical work in the heat will Acclimatize you ONLY to light, brief work


36. Acclimatize yourself (to something) She was fine once she had Acclimatized herself to the cold

Acclimatize, Acclimatized

37. Word Origin mid 19th cent.: from French acclimater ‘Acclimatize’ + -ize

Acclimater, Acclimatize

38. Some people Acclimatize quickly, and can ascend rapidly; others Acclimatize quickly, and can ascend rapidly; others Acclimatize slowly and have trouble staying well even on a slow ascent

Acclimatize, And, Ascend, Ascent

39. Definition and synonyms of Acclimatize from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education

And, Acclimatize

40. This is the British English definition of Acclimatize.View American English definition of Acclimatize

Acclimatize, American

41. As verbs the difference between Acclimatize and acclimate is that Acclimatize is to get used to a new climate while acclimate is {{contexttransitivechieflyuslang=en}} to habituate to a climate not native; to Acclimatize.

As, Acclimatize, And, Acclimate

42. Homesick for California and unable to fully Acclimatize to the program's upper middle class milieu, he only completed 12 credits out of the 30 required for a M.A

And, Acclimatize

43. Marching artists should Acclimatize to heat, just as other athletes preparing for late summer and fall athletic activities

Artists, Acclimatize, As, Athletes, And, Athletic, Activities

44. Fresh from sea level and running on about 6.5 hours of sleep, the beastly David Wherry and I set off with a friend on a Friday morning to Acclimatize for our Whitney hike back in September

And, About, Acclimatize

45. Definition of Acclimatize (someone or something) to (something) in the Idioms Dictionary


46. Acclimatize (someone or something) to (something) phrase


47. What does Acclimatize (someone or something) to (something) expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary.





ACCLIMATIZE [əˈklīməˌtīz]

acclimatize (verb) · acclimatizes (third person present) · acclimatized (past tense) · acclimatized (past participle) · acclimatizing (present participle) · acclimatise (verb) · acclimatises (third person present) · acclimatised (past tense) · acclimatised (past participle) · acclimatising (present participle)

Synonyms: Adjust . Adapt . Attune . Accustom . Accommodate . Habituate . Assimilate . Acculturate . Harden . Condition . Reconcile . Come to terms with . Integrate . Domesticate . Find one's feet . Acclimate . Acclimate . Adjust . Adapt . Attune . Accustom . Accommodate . Habituate . Assimilate . Acculturate . Harden . Condition . Reconcile . Come to terms with . Integrate . Domesticate . Find one's feet . Acclimate .

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