How to Use Accomplish in a sentence with examples

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1. The meaning of Accomplish is to succeed in doing (something)


2. Synonyms for Accomplish: achieve, bring off, carry off, carry out, commit, compass, do, execute

Accomplish, Achieve

3. Accomplish synonyms, Accomplish pronunciation, Accomplish translation, English dictionary definition of Accomplish


4. Accomplish definition, to bring to its goal or conclusion; carry out; perform; finish: to Accomplish one's mission


5. Find 53 ways to say Accomplish, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

Accomplish, Along, Antonyms, And, At

6. Accomplish - put in effect; "carry out a task"; "execute the decision of the people"; "He actioned the operation" carry out , carry through , fulfil , fulfill , action , execute complete , finish - come or bring to a finish or an end; "He finished the dishes"; "She completed the requirements for her Master's Degree"; "The fastest runner

Accomplish, Actioned, Action, An

7. Accomplish Health is a telehealth metabolic care clinic made up of expert physicians, dietitians, and wellness coaches

Accomplish, And

8. Accomplish is a God-centred business community committed to growing together in truth, competence and care

Accomplish, And

9. Accomplish® LM is our proven biocatalyst that contains many plant beneficial compounds which improve nutrient availability and stimulate microbial activity

Accomplish, Availability, And, Activity

10. People usually Accomplish things that are sources of pride — like goals or records

Accomplish, Are

11. But people Accomplish immoral acts as well — like scandals or cons.

Accomplish, Acts, As

12. Accomplish is a To-do list that takes task management one step further


13. To Accomplish this effectually she required to have her hands free, and the composition' of her longoutstanding differences with Denmark by the Treaty of Stettin on the 13th of December 1570 (see Denmark: History), which put an end to the Dano-Swedish war of 1563-1570, the chief political event of the reign of Eric XIV.

Accomplish, And, An

14. Accomplish translations: 完成;實現;達到;做到


15.Accomplish is for all the "want to-do's" in your life

Accomplish, All

16. Accomplish - Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions

Accomplish, And

17. Principal Translations: Inglés: Español: Accomplish [sth] ⇒ vtr transitive verb: Verb taking a direct object--for example, "Say something." "She found the cat." (reach a goal) lograr⇒ vtr verbo transitivo: Verbo que requiere de un objeto directo ("di la verdad", "encontré una moneda")


18. Accomplish - Traduzione del vocabolo e dei suoi composti, e discussioni del forum.


19. To Accomplish this, he pressed for nongraded classes, open education, greater flexibility in programming, and personal counselling.: As a batsman or bowler any player has to Accomplish certain things to be in the team.: He portrays a sensitivity and gentleness that few actors can Accomplish so perfectly.: We often think of heroes as people who Accomplish extraordinary feats which earn them fame.

Accomplish, And, As, Any, Actors

20. Synonyms for Accomplish include achieve, attain, fulfil, fulfill, realise, realize, complete, consummate, execute and effect

Accomplish, Achieve, Attain, And

21. Accomplished definition, completed; done; effected: an Accomplished fact

Accomplished, An

22. Accomplish definition: If you Accomplish something, you succeed in doing it


23. The Baby Lock Accomplish sewing machine is built for speed and ready to help you make projects like quilts and purses, but it’s also tough enough to sew on thicker fabrics for upholstery and costuming

Accomplish, And, Also

24. Accomplish ep is a unified hcm platform to help your teams adapt, scale, and work better

Accomplish, Adapt, And

25. Definition of Accomplish in the dictionary


26. What does Accomplish mean? Information and translations of Accomplish in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

Accomplish, And

27.Accomplish” and “achieve” overlap in meaning

Accomplish, And, Achieve

28.Accomplish the form completely in your own handwriting.’ ‘Please Accomplish the form at the back and have your biometric data captured digitally.’ ‘You can Accomplish the form digitally or by hand.’

Accomplish, At, And

29. Even though I used to be pretty bad at mathematics, through hard work and dedication I was able to Accomplish my goal of getting an A in the class as my final grade

At, And, Able, Accomplish, An, As

30.Accomplish the form completely in your own handwriting.’ ‘Please Accomplish the form at the back and have your biometric data captured digitally.’ ‘You can Accomplish the form digitally or by hand.’

Accomplish, At, And

31. To succeed in doing something, especially after trying very hard SYN achieve We have Accomplished all we set out to do

After, Achieve, Accomplished, All

32. Mission Accomplished (=we have done what we intended to do)


33. See thesaurus at succeed → See Verb table Examples from the Corpus Accomplish • Amy's very proud of what she's Accomplished.

At, Accomplish, Amy, Accomplished

34. What did foreign economic aid Accomplish in Afghanistan? Some US$150 billion in nonmilitary U.S

Aid, Accomplish, Afghanistan

35. Accomplish something to succeed in doing or completing something synonym achieve

Accomplish, Achieve

36. The first part of the plan has been safely Accomplished


37. Mission Accomplished (= we have done what we aimed to do).; Topics Success b2

Accomplished, Aimed

38. Accomplish is a To-do list that takes task management one step further


39. 33 synonyms for Accomplish: realize, produce, effect, finish, complete, manage, achieve, perform

Accomplish, Achieve

40. Additionally, Accomplishments may include other achievements or recognition achieved during the performance year and training and developmental needs

Additionally, Accomplishments, Achievements, Achieved, And

41. 3 Steps to Accomplish Your Investment Goals Taking a few minutes to implement a simple, effective financial plan goes a long way.


42. Subscribe for only $1* per mo.! All of us have dreams that we would love to Accomplish during our life

All, Accomplish

43. Complete, finish, end, close, conclude, terminate, Accomplish


44. They have Accomplished [= done, achieved] much in a very short period of time

Accomplished, Achieved

45. He finally felt like he had Accomplished [= done] something important


46. There are several different ways to Accomplish the same task

Are, Accomplish

47. Accomplish Group provides specialist support for people with Autism, Mental Health needs, Learning Disabilities and Acquired Brain Injuries

Accomplish, Autism, And, Acquired

48. Kyle Larson has a chance to Accomplish two feats this weekend that hasn’t been done since Jimmie Johnson in 2007


49. Accomplish is the market leader in client experience (CX) benchmarking for investment firms for whom, on average, CX has become THE reliable differentiator

Accomplish, Average

50. We've got 47 rhyming words for Accomplish » What rhymes with Accomplish? This page is about the various possible words that rhymes or sounds like Accomplish.Use it for writing poetry, composing lyrics for your song or coming up with rap verses.

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accomplish (verb) · accomplishes (third person present) · accomplished (past tense) · accomplished (past participle) · accomplishing (present participle)

Synonyms: Fulfill . Achieve . Realize . Attain . Manage . Bring about . Bring off . Carry out . Carry off . Carry through . Execute . Conduct . Effect . Fix . Engineer . Perform . Do . Perpetrate . Discharge . Complete . Finish . Consummate . Conclude . Effectuate . Give up .

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