How to Use Accord in a sentence with examples

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1. The meaning of Accord is to grant or give especially as appropriate, due, or earned

Accord, As, Appropriate

2. The Accord features an ergonomically positioned 8-inch Display Audio touch-screen

Accord, An, Audio

3. Accord synonyms, Accord pronunciation, Accord translation, English dictionary definition of Accord


4. To give or grant, especially as being due or appropriate: Accorded the president the proper deference.

As, Appropriate, Accorded

5. At Accord™, we make it possible for people living with disabilities to achieve their personal and career goals and live life to the fullest

At, Accord, Achieve, And

6. The Accord introduced the world to our V-6 engine, became the first car to pass strict Ultra-Low Emission Vehicle standards, and raised the bar with our Honda Sensing® suite of safety and driver-assistive technologies

Accord, And, Assistive

7. The Honda Accord always stands out on the road, offering sophisticated style, sporty handling, and spacious seating

Accord, Always, And

8. An Accord is an agreement to accept, in extinction of an obligation, something different from or less than that to which the person agreeing to accept is entitled

An, Accord, Agreement, Accept, Agreeing

9. Description: Used 2018 Honda Accord 1.5T Sport FWD for sale - $28,354 - 23,022 miles with Adaptive Cruise Control, Alloy Wheels, Bluetooth, Backup Camera, CarPlay Certified Pre-Owned: Yes Transmission: Continuously Variable Transmission Color: White

Accord, Adaptive, Alloy

10. Whether you're looking for the Honda Accord, Honda CR-V, Honda Odyssey, or another of our reliable models, you'll find it on our lot

Accord, Another

11. The Honda Accord has long been a front-runner for people searching for a well-rounded midsize sedan


12. This current generation debuted for 2018, and the 2022 Accord carries on with impressive

And, Accord

13. Accord definition, to be in agreement or harmony; agree

Accord, Agreement, Agree

14. Accord Mortgages is a registered Trade Mark of Accord Mortgages Limited


15. If you do something of your own Accord, you do it without being asked…

Accord, Asked

16. The Accord.NET Framework is a .NET machine learning framework combined with audio and image processing libraries completely written in C#

Accord, Audio, And

17. Accord with: [phrasal verb] to be in agreement with (something).

Accord, Agreement

18. The World Health Organization is pushing for an international Accord to help prevent and fight future pandemics amid the emergence of a worrying new omicron COVID-19 variant GENEVA -- The World

An, Accord, And, Amid

19. Find 86 ways to say Accord, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

Accord, Along, Antonyms, And, At

20. Accord is a civil society organisation working throughout Africa to bring creative African solutions to the challenges posed by conflict on the continent.

Accord, Africa, African

21. The Charlottetown Accord (French: Accord de Charlottetown) was a package of proposed amendments to the Constitution of Canada, proposed by the Canadian federal and provincial governments in 1992

Accord, Amendments, And

22. ∙ 39 Hornbeck Rd, Accord, NY 12404 ∙ $1,100,000 ∙ MLS# H6153763 ∙ This ultra-modern home marries the warmth of wood with pristine surfaces of glass &

Accord, Amp




ACCORD [əˈkôrd]

accord (verb) · accords (third person present) · accorded (past tense) · accorded (past participle) · according (present participle)

Synonyms: Give . Grant . Tender . Present . Award . Hand . Vouchsafe . Concede . Yield . Cede .

accord (noun) · accords (plural noun)

Synonyms: Pact . Treaty . Agreement . Settlement . Deal . Entente . Concordat . Concord . Protocol . Compact . Contract . Convention . Agreement . Consensus . Unanimity . Harmony . Unison . Unity . Concord . Concert . Like-mindedness . Rapport . Conformity . Congruence . Settlement .

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name Accord mean?

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  • accord noun Agreement or concurrence of opinion, will, or action. ...
  • accord noun A harmony in sound, pitch and tone; concord. ...
  • accord noun Agreement or harmony of things in general. ...
  • accord noun An agreement between parties in controversy, by which satisfaction for an injury is stipulated, and which, when executed, prevents a lawsuit. ...
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    What does accord mean?

    n. 1. Agreement; harmony: act in accord with university policies. 2. A settlement or compromise between conflicting parties: The strikers and the owners reached an accord. 3. Spontaneous or voluntary desire to take a certain action: The children returned on their own accord.

    What's difference between Accord and accordance?

    Accordance is a derived term of accord. As nouns the difference between accordance and accord is that accordance is agreement; harmony; conformity; compliance while accord is agreement or concurrence of opinion, will, or action. As a verb accord is to make to agree or correspond; to suit one thing to another; to adjust.

    What is the legal definition of accord?

    Legal Definition of accord. Note: Accord in this sense is often used to introduce a case or an authority that accords with the case or authority just cited, as for example in a sentence like “… a decision based on equitable principles. Accord Smith v. Jones, 1 F.2d 2 (1900).”.

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