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1. The meaning of Accredit is to give official authorization to or approval of

Accredit, Authorization, Approval

2. Synonyms for Accredit: ascribe, attribute, chalk up, credit, impute, lay, put down, authorize; Antonyms for Accredit: disqualify, knock, pan, slam, decline, deny

Accredit, Ascribe, Attribute, Authorize, Antonyms

3. Accredit definition, to provide or send with credentials; designate officially: to Accredit an envoy

Accredit, An

4. Accredit (one) with (something) To attribute an action or achievement to someone

Accredit, Attribute, An, Action, Achievement

5. We did write that song together, but I Accredit my brother with the catchy melody—that was all his idea

Accredit, All

6. She has been Accredited with saving the company from bankruptcy


7. See also: Accredit Accredit (something) to (someone) To

Also, Accredit

8. Accreditation [ah-kred″ĭ-ta´shun] a process that a health care institution, provider, or program undergoes to demonstrate compliance with standards developed by an official agency. Accreditation for institutions and agencies in the United States and Canada is voluntary

Accreditation, Ah, An, Agency, And, Agencies

9. Accredit something toAttribute an action, saying, or quality to

Accredit, An, Action

10. ‘the discovery of distillation is usually Accredited to the Arabs’

Accredited, Arabs

11. ‘In his autobiography he Accredits the story to Neil Collins, Bennett's Daily Telegraph counterpart.’

Autobiography, Accredits

12. ‘And even though he rather sportingly Accredited his success to the

And, Accredited

13. What does Accredit mean? The definition of Accredit means to give someone or something an honor or to assign credentials

Accredit, An, Assign

14. Accredit something/somebody to officially approve something/somebody as being of an accepted quality or standard

Accredit, Approve, As, An, Accepted

15. Institutions that do not meet the standards will not be Accredited for teacher training


16. Hire professional journalists to "Accredit" excellent citizen journalism and train citizen journalists.Dan Froomkin: What Google Can Do for Journalism

Accredit, And

17. Webster's defines "Accredit" to mean, to authorize; certify, to believe in; an attribute.The Daily News Transcript Homepage RSS

Accredit, Authorize, An, Attribute

18. Hire professional journalists to "Accredit" excellent citizen journalism and train citizen journalists.

Accredit, And

19. Find 33 ways to say Accredit, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

Accredit, Along, Antonyms, And, At

20. Accredit definition: If an educational qualification or institution is Accredited , it is officially declared Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Accredit, An, Accredited, And

21. 48 synonyms for Accredit: approve, support, back, commission, champion, favour, guarantee, promote

Accredit, Approve

22. Accredit (v.) 1610s, "vouch for, bring into credit," from French accréditer, earlier acrediter, from à "to" (see ad-) + créditer "to credit" (someone with a sum), from crédit "credit" (see credit (n.))

Accredit, Accr, Acrediter, Ad

23. You must pass this exam before the board can Accredit you as a medical professional

Accredit, As

24. Kayla worked really hard in the hopes that her parents would Accredit her with the label of successful


25. The council refuses to Accredit any academic program that doesn't meet its …

Accredit, Any, Academic

26. That’s why we created Accredit, to give you access to business credit reports you need when you need them

Accredit, Access

27. Accredit ( third-person singular simple present Accredits, present participle Accrediting, simple past and past participle Accredited ) ( transitive) To ascribe; attribute; credit with

Accredit, Accredits, Accrediting, And, Accredited, Ascribe, Attribute

28. During the ceremony, the dean will Accredit students who met the graduation requirements


29. The federal school council will not Accredit any academic program that does not meet its standards

Accredit, Any, Academic

30. Before the board of pharmacy technicians will Accredit you as a medical professional, you must pass its exam.

Accredit, As

31. is a premium one-word exact match domain name that's short, pronounceable and memorable

Accredit, And

32. Accreditation is the independent, third-party evaluation of a conformity assessment body (such as certification body, inspection body or laboratory) against recognised standards, conveying formal demonstration of its impartiality and competence to carry out specific conformity assessment tasks (such as certification, inspection and testing)

Accreditation, Assessment, As, Against, And

33. Accredit horse page with past performances, results, pedigree, photos and videos

Accredit, And

34. In 8% of cases Accredit with is used We are company Accredited with ISO 9001, a standard we are proud to be associated with to serve our customer better with excellence and professionalism

Accredit, Are, Accredited, Associated, And

35. Once Accredited with membership, you will be recognised worldwide as a structural engineer working at the highest level of technical and professional expertise.

Accredited, As, At, And

36. Install and Accredit Systems 对系统实施安装和授权

And, Accredit

37. The words credit and Accredit have each expanded separately into different uses.Credit dominates financial contexts, while Accredit dominates authorization contexts:; credit

And, Accredit, Authorization

38. Accredit Solutions provide Accreditation software for all your major live events, including sports, music and political events

Accredit, Accreditation, All, And

39. Our venue, stadium and major events Accreditation is delivered using our flexible and intelligent solution

And, Accreditation

40. Ken and Sarah Ramsey's Accredit cruised through the slop May 2 to win the seven-furlong Churchill Downs Handicap (gr

And, Accredit

41. English Polish Contextual examples of "Accredit" in Polish


42. In this regard, there is no way that the EU should Accredit Mugabe's unilaterally appointed envoy …

Accredit, Appointed

43. The Giants SABIC and Aramco Accredit Jazeera Paints’ Products

And, Aramco, Accredit

44. We Accredit postsecondary, degree-granting programs offered by regionally Accredited institutions in the United States and nationally Accredited institutions outside the United States

Accredit, Accredited, And

45. We do not Accredit certification, training or doctoral programs


46. Find Accredited programs on our ABET-Accredited Program Search page.

Accredited, Abet

47. Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education – Setting the standard in pharmacy education


48. Practice Gap and Opportunity for ACPE-Accredited Providers Pharmacists Authorized to Order and Administer COVID-19 Therapeutics under PREP Act Declaration Learn More CPE Webinar - Certificate Program

And, Acpe, Accredited, Authorized, Administer, Act

49. This page contains websites for the following four discipline-specific postsecondary Accrediting associations, the Accreditation initiative for community and precollegiate arts schools, and information about associated entities and institutional research projects.

Accrediting, Associations, Accreditation, And, Arts, About, Associated

50.; California Council for Interior Design Certification; These links are provided for your convenience and do not constitute an endorsement by EDD

Accredit, Are, And, An

51. ACPE is the only agency recognized by the United States Department of Education (USDE) to Accredit programs of Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) in the United States

Acpe, Agency, Accredit

52. ACPE currently Accredits over 300 CPE programs offered in hospitals, prisons, churches, seminaries, community-based organizations, and other settings

Acpe, Accredits, And

53. Welcome to AccreditAT, the international TEFL/TESOL Accreditation site for TEFL/TESOL Providers and TEFL/TESOL Students

Accreditat, Accreditation, And

54. AccreditAT is registered under the UKRLP (UK Register of Learning Providers), Number 10065351


55. Welcome to Version 2.0 BETA of for the Accreditation Committee of the Florida Catholic Conference (EAS-ED)


56. Welcome to Version 2.0 BETA of for the Accreditation Committee of the Florida Catholic Conference (EAS-ED).





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