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1. The meaning of Accretion is the process of growth or enlargement by a gradual buildup


2. The Accretion rate is determined by dividing a bond's discount by the number of years in its term to maturity


3. In corporate finance, Accretion is the creation of value


4. Accretion synonyms, Accretion pronunciation, Accretion translation, English dictionary definition of Accretion


5. Accretion: a mass or quantity that has piled up or that has been gathered over a period of time


6. Accretion definition, an increase by natural growth or by gradual external addition; growth in size or extent

Accretion, An, Addition

7. Excluding municipals, the amount of annual Accretion is taxable on an original-issue discount bond even though only a small amount of interest or no interest at all is paid each year

Amount, Annual, Accretion, An, At, All

8. Accretion: The act of adding portions of soil to the soil already in possession of the owner by gradual deposition through the operation of natural causes

Accretion, Act, Adding, Already

9. Bond Accretion is the growth in the value of the bond as time lapses

Accretion, As

10. The term Accretion is used in real estate law to refer to an increase of land due to the accumulation of soil on the shoreline of a lake, stream, or the sea

Accretion, An, Accumulation

11. While Accretion is a gift bestowed on landowners by Mother Nature, land can also decrease in size through erosion and avulsion

Accretion, Also, And, Avulsion

12. To explore this concept, consider the following Accretion real estate definition.


13. Accretion is the periodic recognition of an expense associated with an increase in the present value of a liability over time

Accretion, An, Associated

14. In practice, Accretion expense is commonly recognized in relation to an asset retirement obligation (AROs).

Accretion, An, Asset, Aros

15. Accretion primarily means gradual or incremental growth


16. Bond Markets – Accretion refers to the change in the price of a bond bought at a discount price to the par value of the bond or the capital gains a bondholder receives when buy/sell of bond

Accretion, At

17. Accretion is the process in which material from the outer plate and trench (during the periods of discontinuous subduction) is removed and added to the outer continental margin or by other mechanisms such as imbricate thrusting or a combination of folding and thrusting (Karig, 1974; Karig and Sherman, 1975).

Accretion, And, Added, As

18. Accretion is the process of growth through attracting and accumulating more matter under the influence of gravity

Accretion, Attracting, And, Accumulating

19. Learn about the definition, process, and examples of Accretion, and explore

About, And, Accretion

20. In finance, the term Accretion refers to a positive change in value following a transaction; it is applied in several contexts.

Accretion, Applied

21. When trading in bonds, Accretion is the capital gain expected when a bond is bought at a discount to its par value, given that it is expected to mature at par.Accretion can be thought of as the antonym of amortization: see here also, Accreting swap vs Amortising …

Accretion, At, As, Antonym, Amortization, Also, Accreting, Amortising

22. The Accretion of discount is a reference to the increase in the value of a discounted security as its date of maturity closes in

Accretion, As

23. Accretion: 1 n an increase by natural growth or addition Synonyms: accumulation Types: show 7 types hide 7 types backup an accumulation caused by clogging or a stoppage buildup the result of the process of accumulation deposit , deposition the natural process of laying down a deposit of something electrodeposition the deposition of a

Accretion, An, Addition, Accumulation

24. Accretion Info Systems is an Innovative, Leading IT Solutions Provider

Accretion, An

25. Accretion Infofollows both the Agile and the waterfall methods

Accretion, Agile, And

26. Earth - Earth - Accretion of the early Earth: As the gas making up the solar nebula beyond the Sun cooled with time, mineral grains are thought to have condensed and aggregated to form the earliest meteoritic material

Accretion, As, Are, And, Aggregated

27. Accretion n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc


28. (build-up) concrezione nf sostantivo femminile: Identifica un essere, un oggetto o un concetto che assume genere femminile: scrittrice, aquila, lampada, moneta, felicità : There is an Accretion of grease on the top of the cooker.

Assume, Aquila, An, Accretion

29. What are amortization and Accretion? When investors buy fixed-income securities, they often purchase them at prices above or below face (or par) value, depending on what has happened in the market

Are, Amortization, And, Accretion, At, Above

30. Find 15 ways to say Accretion, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

Accretion, Along, Antonyms, And, At

31. What is Accretion Dilution Analysis? Accretion and Dilution refer to a simple test that determines the impact of an acquisition or merger on the buying firm’s Earnings per Share (EPS) Earnings Per Share Formula (EPS) EPS is a financial ratio, which divides net earnings available to common shareholders by the average outstanding shares over a certain period of …

Accretion, Analysis, And, An, Acquisition, Available, Average

32. Definition of Accretion in the dictionary


33. What does Accretion mean? Information and translations of Accretion in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

Accretion, And

34. What does Accretion mean? Accretion is defined as the part of something that has been added

Accretion, As, Added

35. (noun) An example of an Accretion is the garage someo

An, Accretion

36. ‘Sponges grow by Accretion and therefore lack a fixed primary axis.’ ‘A quiet work that slowly gathers momentum through Accretion of personalities and individual histories, Homestead is the story of a small valley in Austria between 1906 and 1977.’ ‘The sheer Accretion of information about things is not enough.’

Accretion, And, Axis, Austria, About

37. Accretion is a term used to refer to a situation in which something is growing in size


38. Accretion process are constantly ongoing in a variety of locations around the Earth and the universe

Accretion, Are, Around, And

39. The Accretion of traffic accidents and drunk driving was attributed to …

Accretion, Accidents, And, Attributed

40. In astrophysics, the term Accretion refers to the growth in mass of any celestial object due to its gravitational attraction

Astrophysics, Accretion, Any, Attraction

41. Accretion is a process of a growth of a massive object by gravitationally attracting and collecting of additional material

Accretion, Attracting, And, Additional

42. Accretion will allow the beneficiary state to legitimately claim title to the new land so created

Accretion, Allow

43. For cases in which acquisition of territory by Accretion has arisen, see The Anna (1805) 5 C Rob 373 (Lord Stowell) and Secretary of State for India v Chellikani Rama Roa (1916) 32 TLR 652 (PC).

Acquisition, Accretion, Arisen, Anna, And

44. More information: Jessymol K Thomas et al, Large optical modulations during 2018 outburst of MAXI J1820+070 reveal evolution of warped Accretion disc through X-ray state change, Monthly Notices of

Al, Accretion

45. Accretion A growing together of parts naturally separate, as of the fingers or toes.; Accretion Concretion; coherence of separate particles; as, the Accretion of particles so as to form a solid mass.; Accretion (Law) Gain to an heir or legatee, by failure of a coheir to the same succession, or a co-legatee of the same thing, to take his share.; Accretion The act of increasing by natural …

Accretion, As, An, Act

46. Accretion definition: An Accretion is an addition to something, usually one that has been added over a period Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Accretion, An, Addition, Added, And

47. However, there is a slight difference between Accretion and Accretion expense

Accretion, And

48. The Accretion expense, similar to Accretion itself, is acknowledged when balance sheet liabilities are updated with an overall increase in the value of the liability over time.

Accretion, Acknowledged, Are, An

49. Accretion of land is of two kinds: By alluvion, i.e., by the washing up of sand or soil, so as to form firm ground; or by dereliction, as when the sea shrinks below the usual water mark

Accretion, Alluvion, As

50. The Accretion of sand by wind action Word Origin early 17th cent.: from Latin accretio(n-) , from accrescere ‘become larger’, from ad- ‘to’ + crescere ‘grow’

Accretion, Action, Accretio, Accrescere, Ad

51. See Accretion in the Oxford Advanced American Dictionary

Accretion, Advanced, American

52. "he scraped away the Accretions of paint"; "the central city surrounded by recent Accretions"

Away, Accretions

53. Supported by 8 fans who also own “Accretion” Disconnect is a bit more playful than the title would reveal

Also, Accretion




ACCRETION [əˈkrēSH(ə)n]

accretion (noun) · accretions (plural noun)

Synonyms: Accumulation . Collecting . Gathering . Amassing . Cumulation . Accrual . Growth . Formation . Enlargement . Increase . Gain . Augmentation . Rise . Mushrooming . Snowballing .

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