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1. Acquiesce: [verb] to accept, comply, or submit tacitly or passively.

Acquiesce, Accept

2. Acquiesce synonyms, Acquiesce pronunciation, Acquiesce translation, English dictionary definition of Acquiesce


3. Acquiesce definition, to assent tacitly; submit or comply silently or without protest; agree; consent: to Acquiesce halfheartedly in a business plan

Acquiesce, Assent, Agree

4. Acquiesce: 1 v agree or express agreement Synonyms: accede , assent Antonyms: dissent withhold assent Types: connive encourage or assent to illegally or criminally Type of: agree consent or assent to a condition, or agree to do something

Acquiesce, Agree, Agreement, Accede, Assent, Antonyms

5. Find 58 ways to say Acquiesce, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

Acquiesce, Along, Antonyms, And, At

6. What does Acquiesce mean? The definition of Acquiesce means to give in or go along with something without protesting, even if you don't really wan

Acquiesce, Along

7. The Crossword Solver found 55 answers to the Acquiesce crossword clue

Answers, Acquiesce

8. Acquiesce Winery offers estate grown award-winning premium Rhône style white and rosé wines lovingly created in small [email protected]Acquiescewinery

Acquiesce, Award, And, Acquiescewinery

9.Acquiesce” is a rocking tune that sees the Gallagher brothers share vocal duties


10. The link that you gave shows only one sense for Acquiesce: "to assent tacitly; submit or comply silently or without protest; agree; consent: [eg] to Acquiesce halfheartedly in a business plan", from which one might (but shouldn't) suppose Acquiescence is necessarily silent.However, other dictionaries, with senses like "To concur upon conviction; as, to Acquiesce in an

Acquiesce, Assent, Agree, Acquiescence, As, An

11. Inflections of 'Acquiesce' (v): (⇒ conjugate) Acquiesces v 3rd person singular acquiescing v pres p verb, present participle: -ing verb used descriptively or to form progressive verb--for example, "a singing bird," "It is singing." Acquiesced v past verb, past simple: Past tense--for example, "He saw the man." "She laughed." Acquiesced v past p verb, past participle: Verb form used

Acquiesce, Acquiesces, Acquiescing, Acquiesced

12. After a long negotiation, the company Acquiesced to the union's demands

After, Acquiesced

13. I don't want to relocate, and my husband finally Acquiesced to my wishes.

And, Acquiesced

14. Acquiesce is a verb which means to accept a situation, decision or condition, reluctantly but without objection or protest

Acquiesce, Accept

15. The noun formed from the word is ‘Acquiescence’, and the adjective is ‘Acquiescent’

Acquiescence, And, Adjective, Acquiescent

16. "Acquiesce" is a song by the English rock band Oasis, written by Noel Gallagher


17. Acquiesce definition: If you Acquiesce in something, you agree to do what someone wants or to accept what they Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Acquiesce, Agree, Accept, And

18. A broken-hearted man, Charles was compelled to Acquiesce in retreat (5th of December)


19. He was forced to Acquiesce in the first partition of Poland, and when Russia came off third best, Gregory Orlov declared in the council that the minister who had signed such a partition treaty was worthy of death

Acquiesce, And

20. ‘The police reluctantly Acquiesced to the proposals given no alternatives were offered.’

Acquiesced, Alternatives

21. ‘However, to understand is not to Acquiesce in or accept these developments.’.

Acquiesce, Accept

22. The verb “Acquiesce” is typically used in sentences with the prepositions “in” or “to”


23. For example: They had no option but to Acquiesce to our demands


24. The committee shall Acquiesce in any outcome it has no accurate information about

Acquiesce, Any, Accurate, About

25. Sue Tipton, owner and winemaker at Acquiesce offers a portfolio of white wine with a still and sparkling rosé.

And, At, Acquiesce

26. Acquiesce Winery & Vineyards With a passion for Rhône varietals and the word "Acquiesce" as her mantra, Winemaker Susan Tipton lovingly crafts a stellar lineup of unique Rhône-style white wines including Picpoul Blanc, Grenache Blanc, Roussanne, Viognier, Belle Blanc, and Grenache Rosé

Acquiesce, Amp, And, As

27. While I did not want to go to the show with Laura, her begging eventually caused me to Acquiesce


28. The administration decided to Acquiesce and let the students have a dance

Administration, Acquiesce, And

29. Even though it was her favorite purse, Jana decided to Acquiesce and hand it

Acquiesce, And

30. The Highs and Lows of Cybersecurity Integration Enterprises are building their own integrated cybersecurity architecture so technology vendors must Acquiesce or be publicly shunned.

And, Are, Architecture, Acquiesce

31. Acquiesce Acquiesce was established in 2012, and owner/winemaker Sue Tipton and her husband Rodney were on hand at the tasting

Acquiesce, And, At

32. I thought that a couple of the Acquiesce wines I tasted were highlights.


33. Oasis - 'Acquiesce' (Official Video)Taken from album: 'Stop The Clocks'Directed by Robert Hales.SUBSCRIBE ︎ to ‘Sto

Acquiesce, Album

34. La conjugaison du verbe Acquiescer sa définition et ses synonymes


35. Conjuguer le verbe Acquiescer à indicatif, subjonctif, impératif, infinitif, conditionnel, participe, gérondif.


36. But if we again Acquiesce we will be reduced to sad and pathetic footnotes in our accelerating transformation from a democracy to a totalitarian corporate state.

Again, Acquiesce, And, Accelerating

37. Off the top of my head, "Acquiesce" is pretty cool.Archive 2005-09-01

Acquiesce, Archive

38. Off the top of my head, "Acquiesce" is pretty cool.questions questions too many questions


39. However, he did Acquiesce to their request for a hearing to decide whether or not to ban research on the system.: It noted that he had sent a succession of emails to the mother clearly indicating that he did not Acquiesce in the retention.: Balcombe L


40. Argued that to Acquiesce there should be an informed acceptance of the infringement of rights.: This is the way things would go if

Argued, Acquiesce, An, Acceptance

41. Acquiesce (v.) 1610s, "remain at rest" (a sense now obsolete); 1650s as "agree tacitly, concur," from French Acquiescer "to yield or agree to; be at rest," (14c.), from Latin Acquiescere / adquiescere "become quiet, remain at rest, rest, repose," thus "be satisfied with, be content," from ad "to" (see ad-) + quiescere "become quiet," from quies (genitive quietis) "rest, quiet" (from PIE root

Acquiesce, At, As, Agree, Acquiescer, Acquiescere, Adquiescere, Ad

42. • The Maccabees fought rather than Acquiesce in the placing of a statue of Zeus in the Temple


43. • City officials eventually Acquiesced to the protesters ' demands


44. Origin Acquiesce ( 1600-1700 ) French Acquiescer , from Latin Acquiescere , from ad- “ to ” + quiescere “ to be quiet ”

Acquiesce, Acquiescer, Acquiescere, Ad

45. Contact Julie on 027 651 7080, [email protected]


46. If the minority will not Acquiesce, the majority must, or the Government must cease.


47. Acquiesce by Dryft and Tangent, released 05 November 2021 1

Acquiesce, And

48. Acquiesce verb conjugation to all tenses, modes and persons

Acquiesce, All, And

49. Search the definition and the translation in context for “ Acquiesce ”, with examples of use extracted from real-life communication

And, Acquiesce

50. As a verb it means to express approval or agreement. Acquiescence connotes surrender

As, Approval, Agreement, Acquiescence

51. For example: Despite her reservations, Jane Acquiesced and assented to the court's judgment.

Acquiesced, And, Assented

52. Sellers That Acquiesce And Don’t Place Their Home On The Market Leave Substantial Money On The Table

Acquiesce, And

53. Acquiesce (in/to something) to accept something without arguing, even if you do not really agree with it Senior government figures must have Acquiesced in the …

Acquiesce, Accept, Arguing, Agree, Acquiesced

54. County council refuse today defend me from the seraphs attempt at intimidation but encourageed me to Acquiesce to her california public wurb rbs act demand despite the fact that current california law is very clear that communications from personal e-mails and text messages are not subject to disclosure and communication with lawyers are

Attempt, At, Acquiesce, Act, And, Are

55. Physical therapists who Acquiesce to the steepest discounts receive the vast majority of referrals from MedRisk


56. Definition of Acquiesce in the dictionary


57. What does Acquiesce mean? Information and translations of Acquiesce in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

Acquiesce, And




ACQUIESCE [ˌakwēˈes]

acquiesce (verb) · acquiesces (third person present) · acquiesced (past tense) · acquiesced (past participle) · acquiescing (present participle)

Synonyms: Permit . Allow . Accept . Respect . Stand by . Tolerate . Brook . Bow to . Suffer . Forbid .

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