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1. Acrid: [adjective] sharp and harsh or unpleasantly pungent in taste or odor : irritating.

Acrid, Adjective, And

2. Acrid definition, sharp or biting to the taste or smell; bitterly pungent; irritating to the eyes, nose, etc.: Acrid smoke from burning rubber


3. Synonyms for Acrid: acrimonious, bitter, embittered, hard, rancorous, resentful, sore, acerb; Antonyms for Acrid: unbitter

Acrid, Acrimonious, Acerb, Antonyms

4. Acrid synonyms, Acrid pronunciation, Acrid translation, English dictionary definition of Acrid


5. Acrid is almost always used to describe a smell, and it ain't a pretty one

Acrid, Almost, Always, And, Ain

6. Acrid is the nasty sting that you feel in your nose when you walk by a building that …


7. A macabre, poison-spewing ex-prisoner, Acrid fights with a potent array of damage-over-time effects and self-sustaining melee ability, as well as a mix of long-range and crowd control options for any situation

Acrid, Array, And, Ability, As, Any

8. Find 35 ways to say Acrid, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

Acrid, Along, Antonyms, And, At

9. The Acrid is a Grineer weapon firing Toxin-filled flechettes


10. Acrid's Poison can't kill on its own, it takes enemies down to 1hp


11. Acrid’s secondary is arguably more important than his primary

Acrid, Arguably

12. Acrid - Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions

Acrid, And

13. Principal Translations: Inglés: Español: Acrid adj adjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house." (sharp, pungent) (sabor, olor) acre adj mf adjetivo de una sola terminación: Adjetivos de una sola terminación en singular ("amable", "constante") pero que sí

Acrid, Adj, Adjective, An, Acre, Adjetivo, Adjetivos, Amable

14. Acrid 'Acrid' is a 5 letter word starting with A and ending with D Crossword clues for 'Acrid' Clue Answer; Bitterly pungent (5) Acrid: Sharp-tasting (5) Unpleasantly bitter (5) Irritating to the nose (5) Like thick smoke (5) Having a sharp taste (5) Offensively pungent (5) Biting, pungent (5)

Acrid, And, Answer

15. Acrid (adj.) 1712, "sharp and bitter to the taste," formed irregularly (perhaps by influence of acrimonious) from Latin acer (fem

Acrid, Adj, And, Acrimonious, Acer

16. An Acrid smell or taste is strong and bitter and causes a burning feeling in the throat: 2

An, Acrid, And

17. Nouns for Acrid include Acridities, Acridity, Acridness, acritude and acritudes

Acrid, Acridities, Acridity, Acridness, Acritude, And, Acritudes

18. For some reason, the orange had an Acrid taste I found quite bitter

An, Acrid

19. Sulfur has an Acrid smell that is quite similar to the odor of rotten eggs

An, Acrid

20. Because the firemen wore masks, they did not have to deal with the Acrid fumes coming from the burning building.


21. ‘Smith, who lives above the damaged flat, said the hallway had been filled with smoke and an Acrid smell of burning.’

Above, And, An, Acrid

22. ‘The air possessed a pungent, Acrid smell because the cigarette had burned through a filter stub in the overflowing

Air, Acrid

23. Acrid definition: An Acrid smell or taste is strong and sharp, and usually unpleasant

Acrid, An, And

24. ‘an Acrid smell’ ‘Smith, who lives above the damaged flat, said the hallway had been filled with smoke and an Acrid smell of burning.’ ‘The air possessed a pungent, Acrid smell because the cigarette had burned through a filter stub in the overflowing ashtray.’

An, Acrid, Above, And, Air, Ashtray

25. Acrid: Unpleasantly sharp, pungent, or bitter to the taste or smell


26. Looking for online definition of Acrid or what Acrid stands for? Acrid is listed in the World's largest and most authoritative dictionary database of …

Acrid, And, Authoritative

27. An Acrid smell is strong and unpleasant, especially the smell of smoke or burning, but not the smell of food

An, Acrid, And

28. A(n) bitter/ pungent/ sour/ Acrid/ sharp/ acid taste/ flavour; a(n) bitter/ pungent/ Acrid/ sharp/ acid smell/ odour; a(n) bitter/ sour/ sharp/ acid fruit; pungent/ sharp cheese; pungent/ Acrid smoke

Acrid, Acid

29. Gordon Walker (FunGuy)(@fascinatedbyfungi), Acrid on YT(@Acridgg), Acrid on YT(@Acridgg), Acrid.cryptid fanpage(@allhailkeith), Davaghn Whiting(@davaghnmdw)

Acrid, Acridgg, Allhailkeith

30. Explore the latest videos from hashtags: #Acrid, #Acridofobia, #Acridgaming .

Acrid, Acridofobia, Acridgaming

31. Acrid, Rotten-egg Smell, Noxious Gas, Headaches, Stomach Pain: Tale Of A City In U.S


32. Find 35 ways to say Acrid, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus

Acrid, Along, Antonyms, And, At

33. An Acrid smell or taste is strong and unpleasant and stings your nose or throat a cloud of Acrid smoke 2 formal

An, Acrid, And

34. An Acrid remark expresses anger and criticizes someone strongly Examples from the Corpus Acrid • The air was stale and Acrid, and a cluster of black flies hovered over the bed.

An, Acrid, Anger, And, Air

35. The burning heavy plastic caused Acrid smoke which left a thick layer of soot on over everything in the room and means an awful lot of cleaning up.: The leaves and latex have an Acrid taste and are mildly poisonous to grazing animals.: Oxidative-rancidity odors are generally sharp and Acrid and usually may be described as linseed-oil-like, tallowy, fishy, or perfumelike.

Acrid, And, An, Awful, Are, Animals, As

36. The Acrid has written in Grineer near the barrel, this translates to "Obey"


37. The Acrid also has written in Grineer near the bottom of the weapon, this translates to "Rot"

Acrid, Also

38. Inside of a Chem Lab, a holographic Acrid can be seen, similar to many other Grineer weapons


39. The Acrid is the only non-Infested weapon available via the Bio Lab.

Acrid, Available

40. Bitter, Acrid smoke billowed out of the warehouse as the fire gained strength

Acrid, As

41. The firefighters used their masks to keep the Acrid, burning fumes out of their lungs, but breathing was still difficult near the entrance engulfed by black smoke.The few employees still remaining in the building coughed and choked on the biting, Acrid smoke as they ran toward the exits.

Acrid, And, As

42. Sammie kept having uneasy dreams of her house in flames and smelling something Acrid and strong

And, Acrid

43. The bark of the tree contains a thick, resinous, Acrid sap which blackens on exposure to the air

Acrid, Air

44. The odour of cubebs is agreeable and aromatic; the taste, pungent, Acrid, slightly bitter and persistent

Agreeable, And, Aromatic, Acrid

45. 60 synonyms for Acrid: pungent, biting, strong, burning, sharp, acid, bitter, harsh, stinging, irritating

Acrid, Acid

46. For those who may not have played the first game in the series, Acrid is a returning character from the original Risk of Rain


47. Players also don’t have access to Acrid from the beginning.

Also, Access, Acrid

48. Not to be confused with the first game's version, the Acrid


49. Acrid is a melee-range hybrid who uses powerful poisons to melt tanky enemies


50. Poison can not apply more than once from multiple Acrid players

Apply, Acrid

51. Acrid [8 Mod Combo] (13.2k SUS DPS) 6 Forma /w Reactor 55,490 Endo No Rivens No Exilus


52. Acrid: Bad Medicine is a challenge in Risk of Rain 2


53. It is completed by landing the final blow on a Scavenger as Acrid

As, Acrid

54. Early Access Artifacts Content Update Major Content Added New Acrid Challenge: Bad Medicine

Access, Artifacts, Added, Acrid

55. What does Acrid mean? The definition of Acrid is a thing or person that is bitter and/or harsh

Acrid, And

56. Definition of Acrid adjective in Oxford Advanced American Dictionary

Acrid, Adjective, Advanced, American

57. Provided to YouTube by Carpark RecordsAcrid · The BethsJump Rope Gazers℗ 2020 Carpark RecordsAuto-generated by YouTube.

58. Acrid can cause double-trouble by adding gasoline attacks to his deadly poison bolts

Acrid, Adding, Attacks

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Acrid, Argumentative

60. Their Support is real Acrid Business Plan people, and they are always friendly and supportive

Acrid, And, Are, Always

61. Acrid - Dictionary definition and meaning for word Acrid

Acrid, And




ACRID [ˈakrəd]

acrid (adjective)

Synonyms: Pungent . Bitter . Sharp . Sour . Tart . Harsh . Acid . Acidic . Acidulated . Vinegary . Acerbic . Acetic . Acetous . Stinging . Burning . Irritating . Nauseating . Noxious . Strong . Malodorous . Odorous . Burnt . Sooty . Mephitic . Acidulous . Miasmic . Miasmal . Sweet .

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