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1. As an exercise in Actorly transformation, joyless determination and uncompromising tone, this procedural whodunit set in the city's seediest precincts and arid, desolate …

As, An, Actorly, And, Arid

2. Synonyms for Actorly: actorish, actressy, dramatic, hammy, histrionic, melodramatic, stagy, theatrical, overacted, overdone

Actorly, Actorish, Actressy

3. Actorly definition: of, relating to, or characteristic of an actor Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Actorly, An, Actor, And

4. ‘she eschews the Actorly flourishes of her co-star’


5. ‘The film doesn't reek of Actorly vanity or the shameless pursuit of Oscar glory.’


6. ‘Thankfully it also comes across as an Actorly affectation and isn't written …

Also, Across, As, An, Actorly, Affectation, And

7. Definition of Actorly in the dictionary


8. What does Actorly mean? Information and translations of Actorly in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on …

Actorly, And

9. Synonyms for Actorly include actorish, actorlike, actory, theatrical, affected, melodramatic, artificial, exaggerated, forced and stagy

Actorly, Actorish, Actorlike, Actory, Affected, Artificial, And

10. Actorly ( comparative more Actorly, superlative most Actorly ) Pertaining or proper to an actor

Actorly, An, Actor

11. Stream It Or Skip It: ‘The Guilty’ on Netflix, in Which Jake Gyllenhaal is a One-Man Actorly Wrecking Crew


12. There are few insights into Mostel's Actorly art, his amazing transformation into a rhinoceros in Ionesco's "Rhinoceros" or his creation of Tevye's …

Are, Actorly, Art, Amazing

13. What does Actorly mean? Pertaining or proper to an actor

Actorly, An, Actor

14. What Actorly bad habits do you most deplore? By Sarah Kuhn Apr

Actorly, Apr

15. (There’s a witty touch about how very good Brühl is at the mysterious Actorly art of crying real tears.) The film skates over these ideas and lines of stagey dialogue rattle back and forth.

About, At, Actorly, Art, And

16. NewsBreak provides latest and breaking news about #Actorly Method

And, About, Actorly

17. The camera in Melville’s films is Actorly in precisely this sense: it doesn’t provide an objective viewpoint from which the viewer makes judgments

Actorly, An

18. For his part, the 30-year-old Franco, who grew up outside San Francisco in Palo Alto, California, has adopted the time-honored Actorly practice of seeking out opportunities that play against type—and this year, he appears to have found two such roles.

Alto, Adopted, Actorly, Against, And, Appears

19. A list of lyrics, artists and songs that contain the term "Actorly" - from the website.

Artists, And, Actorly

20. Strategic "Actorly transformation" as a way of reinvigorating an aging actor's career

Actorly, As, An, Aging, Actor

21. Many film actors regard Actorly trans formation for a role as an unnecessary, even unprofessional indulgence

Actors, Actorly, As, An

22. It's got a certain force-of-nature impact and a few canny jabs, but there's an unfortunate Actorly self-consciousness about Jamie's towering screed in the last act

And, An, Actorly, About, Act

23. "David Murin's costumes are as important in creating character as any Actorly inflection." - Ben Brantley, New York Times

Are, As, Any, Actorly

24. Ben Foster plays to his Actorly strengths—by suppressing them—in the moving 'Leave No Trace.' Ben Foster is making a career out of playing men who either can't or won't adhere to society's rules

Actorly, Adhere

25. And Moore can so exquisitely convey two emotions at once, the Actorly equivalent of patting a head and rubbing a stomach at the same time

And, At, Actorly

26. The Actorly Craft of the Adam Playwright 3 looks back to the perfect Garden

Actorly, Adam

27. Ma Rainey postures toward being an actor’s showcase, but its storytelling — and its Actorly pitfalls — prohibit that from being the reality

An, Actor, And, Actorly

28. She was from a line of Actorly types – as well as her father being in the business, her grandfather was the stage and film actor Charles Lloyd-Pack, and her mother Sheila Hughes was a theatrical agent who worked for Harold Pinter.

Actorly, As, And, Actor, Agent

29. It’s called acting, sure, but questions nag at these monuments to dedication and, yes, Actorly ego: Must the same small pool of beautiful people be tasked with portraying the full range of humanity? In a way, Chastain’s performance in The Eyes of Tammy Faye comes across like an accidental swan song for this immersive-impression method

Acting, At, And, Actorly, Across, An, Accidental

30. Critic’s Notebook: Max von Sydow, a Master of Actorly Gravitas and Versatility

Actorly, And

31. By the end, Venom ’s full-tilt embrace of action effectively undermines Tom Hardy’s flashes of Actorly idiosyncrasy

Action, Actorly

32. We've got 0 rhyming words for Actorly » What rhymes with Actorly? This page is about the various possible words that rhymes or sounds like Actorly.Use it for writing poetry, composing lyrics for your song or coming up with rap verses.

Actorly, About

33. With a studio on the line, an imaginative director in the pocket and an Actorly demon in tow, this supernatural slasher hit raked in a surreal profit

An, And, Actorly

34. He plays Harley Carter, a big TV star who’s now back in his small home town and bringing his Actorly ways to crime solving

And, Actorly

35. Benedict asks, “when he’s always moving?” — but the main attraction is the Actorly ping-pong of Hopkins and Pryce, respectively curmudgeonly and crinkle-eyed

Asks, Always, Attraction, Actorly, And




ACTORLY [ˈaktərlē]

actorly (adjective)

Synonyms: Stage . Dramatic . Thespian . Dramaturgical . Show-business . Histrionic . Theatric . Exaggerated . Ostentatious . Actressy . Stagy . Showy . Melodramatic . Overacted . Overdone . Overripe . Histrionic . Affected . Mannered . Artificial . Stilted . Unreal . Forced . Natural . Unaffected .

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