How to Use Adept in a sentence with examples

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1. Adept: [noun] a highly skilled or well-trained individual : expert.


2. Synonyms for Adept: accomplished, ace, compleat, complete, consummate, crack, crackerjack, educated; Antonyms for Adept: amateur, amateurish, inexperienced, inexpert

Adept, Accomplished, Ace, Antonyms, Amateur, Amateurish

3. Adept gives you a central platform that connects people located anywhere with the documents, metadata, and business processes they need

Adept, Anywhere, And

4. Adept is flexible and easy to scale from workgroups to large global deployments, across dozens of industries, and for hundreds of use cases

Adept, And, Across

5. Deploy Adept on-premise, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment.


6. Adept's skilled engineers and craftsmen provide mission and business critical support and technology development

Adept, And

7. Since 1995, Adept has built a proven reputation of tackling the toughest


8. Adept Life Sciences is the industry leader in contract manufacturing of health products and supplements

Adept, And

9. Adept Mobile Mechanic located at 139 Montebello Drive in Watsonville, CA services vehicles for Mobile Auto Repair, Truck Parts

Adept, At, Auto

10. Call (831) 247-3187 to book an appointment or to hear more about the services of Adept Mobile Mechanic.

An, Appointment, About, Adept

11. Adept Psychoeducational Assessment Services: School should be a place where students not only learn, but thrive

Adept, Assessment

12. She is Adept at working in multicultural and multilingual settings

Adept, At, And

13. We know about one company registered at this address — Adept Cloud, LLC

About, At, Address, Adept

14. Adept® is contraindicated in laparotomy, in cases involving bowel resection or repair, or appendectomy and in surgical cases with frank abdomino-pelvic infection

Adept, Appendectomy, And, Abdomino

15. Leakage of Adept® from port sites may lead to wound healing complications; meticulous fascial


16. Adept is a world class service provider of Aerospace Fasteners

Adept, Aerospace

17. Adept 2 Digilent Adept is a unique and powerful solution that allows you to communicate with Digilent system boards and a wide assortment of logic devices

Adept, And, Allows, Assortment

18. Adept is a commercial real estate company based in Oklahoma City providing brokerage advisory, development, and property management services

Adept, Advisory, And

19. Adept leverages its creative entrepreneurial culture and experience-engineered core to deliver client-tailored, goal-critical solutions to clients and partners at every size and at every stage of business

Adept, And, At

20. Adept Architects — we believe in generosity as the primary tool of creation and innovation

Adept, Architects, As, And

21. They are especially Adept at taking off from and landing on short airstrips.: They scrounged for pine cones for the fires, and both became Adept at chopping kindling.: Jerry Miculek is a fine rifleman, a wizard with a shotgun and Adept with any type of handgun.: Mentionably, professional woodcutters, who are Adept at handsawing of timber are hired by the timber smugglers to …

Are, Adept, At, And, Airstrips, Any

22. Find 54 ways to say Adept, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

Adept, Along, Antonyms, And, At

23. Adept definition, very skilled; proficient; expert: an Adept juggler

Adept, An

24. Adept specializes in the design and installation of mechanical systems and its project teams have delivered a diverse collection of new construction, renovation, and repair projects for multi-family, government, industrial and private customers

Adept, And

25. Adept (Autism Distance Education Parent Training) Interactive Learning is an original MIND Institute/CEDD 10-lesson interactive, self-paced, online learning module providing parents with tools and training to more effectively teach their child with autism and other related neurodevelopmental disorders functional skills using applied behavior

Adept, Autism, An, And, Applied

26. The Crossword Solver found 72 answers to the Adept crossword clue

Answers, Adept

27. Adept thoroughly proficient; an expert: He is Adept at landscaping difficult lots

Adept, An, At

28. Adept (Angus Delivery Efficiency Planning Tools) is a revolutionary method to trim your fleet, lower your insurance costs, and reduce wages and other variable costs

Adept, Angus, And

29. Adept™, is the only solution of its kind available to the petroleum industry

Adept, Available

30. Adept is an AWARD WINNING tattoo and body piercing studio with two locations located in the heart of Halifax and Bedford, NS

Adept, An, Award, And

31. Most recently Adept was named BEST TATTOO SHOP in The Coast’s Best Of Halifax readers choice awards for every year from 2012 to 2019.

Adept, Awards

32. The Adept is the ultimate biotic, able to affect the physical world with the power of the mind

Adept, Able, Affect

33. Adepts are durable and powerful manipulators of mass effect fields; they can use biotics to violently manipulate objects in the environment, including nearby enemy targets

Adepts, Are, And

34. *Adept® is not indicated asadlvery system for intrprtna rg uha antibiotics and chemnotherapeutic agents

Adept, Asadlvery, Antibiotics, And, Agents

35. • The effectiveness of Adept®e has not been established for longer term clinical outcomes following gynecological surgery, e.g


36. Adept printing 790 Elsie San Leandro, CA 94577 US (510) 352-3979


37. Adept printing Adept printing 790 Elsie San Leandro, CA 94577 US (510) 352-3979.


38. Adept 'Adept' is a 5 letter word starting with A and ending with T Crossword clues for 'Adept'

Adept, And

39. In addition to traditional CNC machining, Adept can also provide small hole EDM machine work

Addition, Adept, Also

40. For additional information on the machining services offered by Adept Corporation, contact Adept Sales at 1-800-451-2254 or 717-266-3606.

Additional, Adept, At

41. CBP-Adept-03 Creating Effective Engagements with CBP CBP-Adept-03 presentations are now available for download

Adept, Are, Available

42. Date and Time: The CBP-Adept-03 Workshop was held virtually on Tuesday, November 16 and Wednesday, November 17, 2021 from 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM ET on both days.

And, Adept, Am

43. Adept Packaging is the leading expert for packaging engineering and serialization, delivering best in class processes for packaging and supply chain management to optimize packaging functions for the Food, Beverage, CPG, Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Industries.

Adept, And

44. Adept-15® has been proven by over 8 million global administrations, is backed by 50 years of research, and is built upon a database of 350,000 unique items

Adept, Administrations, And

45. Adept has over 30 years of experience developing and constructing high quality products in Southern California and beyond

Adept, And

46. Adept TM (ACORD Data Exchange Platform & Translator) is a platform for real-time data exchange, translation, and transformation

Adept, Acord, Amp, And

47. Adept provides a next-generation market capability to increase the timeliness, accuracy, and security of your data.

Adept, Accuracy, And

48. Adept / Hamburg Thedestraße 2 22767 Hamburg +49 40 5563 5554


49. Adept produces many products for the Building Industry and has experience with PVC, Polypropylene, ASA, ABS, as well as cPVC (cellular PVC) products

Adept, And, Asa, Abs, As

50. Stampings: Adept has a line of stamped Window Hardware and also produces custom stampings for many other industries

Adept, And, Also

51. Products: Adept is a Design/Build custom machinery builder


52. Adept in/at, followed by the noun of, the result is different

Adept, At

53. After these two that are pretty clear I looked at Adept at/in noun and here it gets

After, Are, At, Adept, And

54. Adept have released three EPs and four studio albums to date, including Another Year of Disaster in 2009, Death Dealers (which saw

Adept, And, Albums, Another

55. ‘an Adept negotiator’ ‘Other countries are more Adept at keeping their judges in check.’ ‘She has never driven a car but was very Adept at handling a pony and cart.’ ‘Emergency nappy changing is a skill most mothers become quite Adept at.’

An, Adept, Are, At, And

56. Κύριες μεταφράσεις: Αγγλικά: Ελληνικά: Adept at doing [sth] adj adjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house." (skilled)

Adept, At, Adj, Adjective, An




ADEPT [adept]

adept (adjective)

Synonyms: Expert . Proficient . Accomplished . Skillful . Talented . Gifted . Masterly . Virtuoso . Consummate . Peerless . Adroit . Dexterous . Deft . Nimble-fingered . Handy . Artful . Able . Capable . Competent . Brilliant . Splendid . Marvelous . Formidable . Outstanding . First-rate . First-class . Excellent . Impressive . Fine . Compleat . Habile . Inept . Mediocre .

adept (noun) · adepts (plural noun)

Synonyms: Expert . Past master . Master . Genius . Virtuoso . Maestro . Doyen . Artist . Professional . Veteran . Old hand . Grandmaster . Champion . Star . Winner . Wunderkind . Amateur .

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name Adept mean?

An adept is an individual identified as having attained a specific level of knowledge, skill, or aptitude in doctrines relevant to a particular author or organization. ad-ept', or ad'ept, adj. completely skilled ( in ).- n. a proficient.- n. Adep'tion ( Bacon ), attainment.

What does adept means?

The noun ADEPT has 1 sense: 1. someone who is dazzlingly skilled in any field. Familiarity information: ADEPT used as a noun is very rare. • ADEPT(adjective). The adjective ADEPT has 1 sense: 1. having or showing knowledge and skill and aptitude. Familiarity information: ADEPT used as an adjective is very rare.

How do you use adept in a sentence?

use "adept" in a sentence. There is nothing, which so much depends upon habit, as a systematicmode of performing duty; and, where no such habit has been formed, itis impossible for a novice to start, at once, into a universal mode ofsystematizing, which none but an adept could carry through.

Is adept a noun?

  • an adept, skillful person
  • an inductee to an order, a secret society or a science
  • ( historical) an alchemist
  • a very knowledgeable person
  • (by extension, derogatory) a know-it-all, a self-declared expert
  • a student of a craft
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