How to Use Adjunct in a sentence with examples

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1. Adjunct: [noun] something joined or added to another thing but not essentially a part of it.

Adjunct, Added, Another

2. Synonyms for Adjunct: adjutant, aid, aide, apprentice, assistant, coadjutor, deputy, helper

Adjunct, Adjutant, Aid, Aide, Apprentice, Assistant

3. Adjunct synonyms, Adjunct pronunciation, Adjunct translation, English dictionary definition of Adjunct


4. Adjuncts are parts of a sentence that are used to elaborate on or modify other words or phrases in a sentence.

Adjuncts, Are

5. Adjunct definition, something added to another thing but not essential to it

Adjunct, Added, Another

6. Adjunct Adjuncts are parts of a sentence that are used to elaborate on or modify other words or phrases in a sentence

Adjunct, Adjuncts, Are

7. Along with complements, subjects, verbs, and objects, Adjuncts are one of the five main components of the structure of clauses

Along, And, Adjuncts, Are

8. A distinguishing feature of Adjuncts is that their removal from sentences does not alter the grammatical

Adjuncts, Alter

9. An Adjunct is a word, a phrase, or a clause that can be removed from a sentence without making the sentence grammatically wrong

An, Adjunct

10. An Adjunct is usually an adverb used to modify a verb

An, Adjunct, Adverb

11. When used as an adverb, an Adjunct will usually indicate a time, a manner, a place, a frequency, a reason, or a degree

As, An, Adverb, Adjunct

12. Adjuncts - English Grammar Today - a reference to written and spoken English grammar and usage - Cambridge Dictionary

Adjuncts, And

13. In English grammar, an Adjunct (pronounced A-junkt) is a word, phrase, or clause—usually, an adverbial—that is integrated within the structure of a sentence or clause (unlike a disjunct) and yet can be omitted without making the sentence ungrammatical.Adjective: Adjunctive or Adjunctival

An, Adjunct, Adverbial, And, Adjective, Adjunctive, Adjunctival

14. Also known as Adjunctival, adverbial Adjunct, Adjunct adverbial, and …

Also, As, Adjunctival, Adverbial, Adjunct, And

15. An Adjunct is a word or group of words that gives extra information to a sentence; but, when removed makes no harm to its grammar

An, Adjunct

16. "in our school garden" is the first Adjunct.


17. Adjunct means something added on, but not part of the whole

Adjunct, Added

18. An Adjunct professor is someone who is hired by a college to teach but isn't a full member of the faculty.

An, Adjunct

19. A subjunct is distinguishable from an Adjunct in that it performs a subordinate role in the clause

An, Adjunct

20. In the foregoing, Adjuncts and subjuncts are both exemplified but there is a distinction in terms of how they behave syntactically and semantically

Adjuncts, And, Are

21. Adjunct (grammar) In linguistics, an Adjunct is an optional, or structurally dispensable, part of a sentence, clause, or phrase that, if removed or discarded, will not structurally affect the remainder of the sentence

Adjunct, An, Affect

22. Example: In the sentence John helped Bill in Central Park, the phrase in Central Park is an Adjunct.

An, Adjunct

23. An Adjunct professor must teach between 17 and 24 classes a year to afford a home and utilities in Boston

An, Adjunct, And, Afford

24. An Adjunct professor would need to teach up to four classes per year to cover the cost of groceries for a family

An, Adjunct

25. An Adjunct professor would need to teach three to four classes to afford care for a heart attack at certain Boston hospitals.

An, Adjunct, Afford, Attack, At

26. Adjunct: [ ad´junkt ] an accessory or auxiliary agent or measure.

Adjunct, Ad, An, Accessory, Auxiliary, Agent

27. Adjunct professor definition, a professor employed by a college or university for a specific purpose or length of time and often part-time

Adjunct, And

28. An Adjunct can modify a verb to describe such things as degree, manner

An, Adjunct, As

29. An Adjunct adverbial is a word, phrase, or clause that modifies an entire clause by providing additional information about time, place, manner, condition, purpose, reason, result, and concession

An, Adjunct, Adverbial, Additional, About, And

30. The five grammatical forms that can function as the Adjunct adverbial in the English language are adverb phrases, prepositional phrases, adverb

As, Adjunct, Adverbial, Are, Adverb

31. An Adjunct professor is a part-time professor who is hired on a contractual basis rather than being given tenure and a permanent position

An, Adjunct, And

32. Many universities hire large numbers of Adjunct faculty members because they are flexible and cheaper to maintain than traditional full-time faculty members

Adjunct, Are, And

33. My math teacher was Adjunct faculty and did not work for the school full time

Adjunct, And

34. At the family reunion, I felt like an Adjunct member because I was not blood related to anyone

At, An, Adjunct, Anyone

35. I was part of the Adjunct jury, in the event that an actual member was dismissed

Adjunct, An, Actual

36. From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Adjunct ad‧junct / ˈædʒʌŋkt / noun [countable] 1 ADD something that is added or joined to something that is bigger or more important Adjunct to Online instruction is a useful Adjunct to the real thing

Adjunct, Ad, Add, Added

37. Find 16 ways to say Adjunct, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

Adjunct, Along, Antonyms, And, At

38. ‘He is also an Adjunct assistant professor of psychology at Case Western Reserve University and consults with summer camps and camp organizations.’ ‘She is a licensed nutritionist, family wellness specialist, Adjunct professor at the University of North Dakota School of Medicine and author of 11 books.’

Also, An, Adjunct, Assistant, At, And, Author

39. An Adjunct teaching position can be the perfect fit for many types of teachers

An, Adjunct

40. Adjunct Faculty Development Fund – Introduced by the Office of the Provost in 2016, the Adjunct Faculty Development Fund is designed to support professional development, professional travel and research opportunities for Webster University (United States) Adjunct faculty

Adjunct, And

41. Adjunct Adjuncts are parts of a sentence that are used to elaborate on or modify other words or phrases in a sentence

Adjunct, Adjuncts, Are

42. Along with complements, subjects, verbs, and objects, Adjuncts are one of the five main components of the structure of clauses

Along, And, Adjuncts, Are

43. A distinguishing feature of Adjuncts is that their removal from sentences does not alter the grammatical

Adjuncts, Alter

44. An Adjunct island is a type of island formed from an Adjunct clause

An, Adjunct

45. Louie had been working at the Academy as an Adjunct for astronomy

At, Academy, As, An, Adjunct, Astronomy

46. Adjunct definition: Something that is an Adjunct to something larger or more important is connected with it Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Adjunct, An, And

47. Please be advised that the Adjunct Fall 2021 Enrollment Period is will open from August 16, 2021 through September 25, 2021

Advised, Adjunct, August

48. We will be accepting Adjunct Benefit Enrollment Applications for newly eligible Adjuncts only

Accepting, Adjunct, Applications, Adjuncts

49. Our Adjunct faculty add depth of research to the department and also provide opportunities for research for our graduate students

Adjunct, Add, And, Also

50. Adjunct Account: An account in financial reporting that increases the book value of a liability account

Adjunct, Account, An

51. An Adjunct account is a valuation account from which credit balances are added to another

An, Adjunct, Account, Are, Added, Another

52. ‘It assumes that the virtual is a substitute for the material realm, rather than an Adjunct to it.’

Assumes, An, Adjunct

53. ‘Staff members were instructed to use this tool solely for their daily routine, as an Adjunct to, rather than an alternative to, formal

As, An, Adjunct, Alternative

54. I have been a full-time tenure track professor, a full-time contract professor, and an Adjunct professor at the American University, Washington, DC

And, An, Adjunct, At, American

55. And Johns Hopkins has just hired me an Adjunct Professor

And, An, Adjunct

56. Monmouth University Adjunct Department: Chemistry And Physics Position Summary: Monmouth University is seeking applications for an Adjunct Professor in Chemistry

Adjunct, And, Applications, An

57. Most Adjunct positions require a Master’s degree in the discipline or a related discipline


58. To learn more please visit minimum qualifications for Adjunct teaching positions


59. Definition of Adjunct noun in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary

Adjunct, Advanced

60. Adjunct Assistant Professor - Department of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering Adjunct Assistant Professor - Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering [email protected]

Adjunct, Assistant, And, Aerospace

61. Adjunct appointments are for a set period of up to five years and are specific to a particular faculty (or area within the central portfolios)

Adjunct, Appointments, Are, And, Area

62. An Adjunct may, in addition to their Adjunct appointment be employed by the university to perform paid work outside the scope of their Adjunct appointment.

An, Adjunct, Addition, Appointment

63. Definition of Adjunct in the dictionary


64. What does Adjunct mean? Information and translations of Adjunct in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

Adjunct, And

65. The Adjunct faculty member will employ a variety of strategies to foster student artistic development, learning and discussions, as well as encourage active learning in all students, maintain proper course-related records, and evaluate student work and provide students with feedback as to the progress toward meeting the objectives of the course.

Adjunct, Artistic, And, As, Active, All




ADJUNCT [ˈaˌjəNGkt]

adjunct (noun) · adjuncts (plural noun)

Synonyms: Supplement . Addition . Accompaniment . Complement . Companion . Extra . Add-on . Additive . Accessory . Appurtenance . Attachment . Appendage . Addendum . Affix . Auxiliary .

adjunct (adjective)

Synonyms: Additional . Supplementary . Supplemental . Extra . Reserve . Backup . Emergency . Fallback . Spare . Substitute . Other . Subsidiary . Accessory .

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