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1. Admission definition, the act of allowing to enter; entrance granted by permission, by provision or existence of pecuniary means, or by the removal of obstacles: the Admission of foreign aid workers into the zone of active conflict

Admission, Act, Allowing, Aid, Active

2. Admission access: Admission is on the side of the building.; entrance fee: For the price of Admission, you get to see two shows; confession of guilt: His Admission of the crime got him a lighter sentence

Admission, Access

3. A Princeton Admissions officer who is up for a major promotion takes a professional risk after she meets a college-bound alternative school kid who just might be the son she gave up years ago in a secret adoption.

Admissions, After, Alternative, Ago, Adoption

4. Admission Application Considerations for the Class of 2026 August 25th, 2021 1,962 admitted to the Class of 2025 June 6th, 2021 1,968 total accepted to the Class of 2025 as regular-decision letters go out April 6th, 2021 View all news

Admission, Application, August, Admitted, Accepted, As, April, All

5. Some Capella degree programs have additional Admission requirements

Additional, Admission

6. If you are admitted and accept an offer of Admission, you can then submit official military transcripts (e.g., ACE, SMAART) to the UC campus

Are, Admitted, And, Accept, An, Admission, Ace

7. The Office of Admissions is responsible for determining student eligibility for Admission to the university by a thorough evaluation of applications and transcripts

Admissions, Admission, Applications, And

8. Admission: an open declaration of something (as a fault or the commission of an offense) about oneself

Admission, An, As, About

9. Synonyms: acknowledgment, avowal, concession… Antonyms: disavowal, nonAdmission

Acknowledgment, Avowal, Antonyms

10. Admission to Class IX in a school shall be open only to such a student who has passed class VIII examination from an institution affiliated to this Board or any recognised Board or is recognised by the Education Department of the Government of the State/U

Admission, An, Affiliated, Any

11. If you do not fall into any of the student categories below, please visit the additional Admission types page for a list of categories

Any, Additional, Admission

12. Admission is a 2013 American romantic comedy-drama film directed by Paul Weitz and starring Tina Fey and Paul Rudd

Admission, American, And

13. Admission has a pair of immensely likable leads in Tina Fey and Paul Rudd, but it wastes them on a contrived (and clumsily directed) screenplay

Admission, And

14. An Admission is not to be confused with a confession of blame or guilt, but admits only some facts

An, Admission, Admits

15. Find 55 ways to say Admission, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

Admission, Along, Antonyms, And, At

16. Undergraduate Admission Graduate & Professional Admission

Admission, Amp

17. Nonresident students are also automatically considered for ASU's New American University Scholarship upon Admission to the university

Are, Also, Automatically, Asu, American, Admission

18. Find out about U of T’s undergraduate Admission requirements and what you will need to present based on your academic background

About, Admission, And, Academic

19. Learn about LMU's Admission deadlines and requirements

About, Admission, And

20. Admission decision reply deadline for all grades Non-Discrimination Policy Harvard-Westlake School is committed to building and sustaining a community that is free from discrimination of any kind

Admission, All, And, Any

21. Receive free general Admission for 4 adults with your PA ACCESS card or EBT card and photo ID

Admission, Adults, Access, And

22. PA ACCESS card Admission is a citywide initiative led by Art-Reach.

Access, Admission, Art

23. Whether you plan to enter SLU as a freshman or graduate student, talk to our international Admission counselors to learn about our highly ranked academic programs, as well as international need-based scholarships and financial aid

As, Admission, About, Academic, And, Aid

24. Whether you’re a prospective first-year, transfer, or international student, your pathway to campus starts here! Campus Graduate Admission


25. Learn about the Admission requirements, tuition and fees for SNHU's campus graduate programs.

About, Admission, And

26. Admission definition: Admission is permission given to a person to enter a place, or permission given to a Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Admission, And

27. Admission becomes selective when the number of qualified applicants exceeds the number of freshman spaces available

Admission, Applicants, Available

28. Minimum Requirements for Freshman Admission Consideration


29. In our comprehensive, holistic Admission process, we consider your academic background as well as your pursuits and interests outside the classroom

Admission, Academic, As, And

30. Admission & Financial Aid Become A Tiger! As a nationally ranked Lutheran-affiliated liberal arts college, Wittenberg University enjoys an outstanding reputation for excellent academic standards, vibrant coursework in the arts, sciences, and humanities, and distinctive pre-professional programs, including business and nursing.

Admission, Amp, Aid, As, Affiliated, Arts, An, Academic, And

31. The Admission process at Fairfield University is holistic

Admission, At

32. We seek to educate the whole person, and our Admission practices reflect that goal.

And, Admission

33. Admission Notifications 2021 – Latest Admission Notifications of Colleges and Universities in India for 2021

Admission, And

34. Check here the latest Medical, Law, MBA, MCA, Engineering, Hotel Management, PG Courses Admissions Notification 2021


35. Admission Dates, Application Deadlines and Free Admission 2021 Alerts.

Admission, Application, And, Alerts

36. To purchase general Admission tickets in advance, choose one of the The Met locations

Admission, Advance

37. Admission is free for a caregiver accompanying a visitor with a disability

Admission, Accompanying

38. Admission applications are also available and can be turned in at other LLCC locations

Admission, Applications, Are, Also, Available, And, At

39. Please note that there are specific Admission procedures for international students

Are, Admission

40. From visiting campus, to applying, to financial aid, we're to help you at every step of the Admission process

Applying, Aid, At, Admission

41. Admission Interested in AU Incoming Students Cost and Scholarship Information International Programs Office Meet Your Admission Counselor Transfer Students You're in! Admitted Student Information Academics Program Finder

Admission, Au, And, Admitted, Academics





admission (noun) · admissions (plural noun)

Synonyms: Acknowledgment . Acceptance . Recognition . Concession . Profession . Expression . Declaration . Confession . Revelation . Disclosure . Divulgence . Avowal . Claim . Unbosoming . Asseveration . Divulgation . Admittance . Entry . Entrance . Access . Ingress . Entrée . Acceptance . Ticket .

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