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1. Since 1989, Admix has manufactured innovative mixing equipment that is designed to resolve a processor’s most challenging mixing, blending and milling issues

Admix, And

2. Recent Examples on the Web Clinical Apothecaries uses compounding -- the combining, Admixing, mixing, diluting, reconstituting, or otherwise altering of a drug or bulk drug substance -- to help treat patients in nonconventional medical practices

Apothecaries, Admixing, Altering

3. Admix hires Stefan Adamczyk as VP of Global Partnerships

Admix, Adamczyk, As

4. Admix synonyms, Admix pronunciation, Admix translation, English dictionary definition of Admix


5. Admix definition, to mingle with or add to something else

Admix, Add

6. Admix Pharmacy works closely with patients to treat various skin conditions


7. A liquid polymer Admix used in place of water to increase performance of cement mortar beds, non-modified thin-set mortars and cement-based grouts

Admix, And

8. Xypex Admix C-500 was used to waterproof and protect 4,000 cu.yds

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9. Admix raises $25M Series B to scale up in-game ads, and prep for metaverse gaming

Admix, Ads, And

10. Last year we covered adtech startup Admix’s $7 million …

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11. Admix - mix or blend; "Hyaline casts were Admixed with neutrophils" chemical science, chemistry - the science of matter; the branch of the natural sciences dealing with the composition of substances and their properties and reactions.

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12. Find 13 ways to say Admix, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

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13. Admix is experiencing hypergrowth driven by unprecedented inbound and direct sales and has doubled in size to more than 80 staff this year

Admix, And

14. Admix is the pioneer of In-Play, the infrastructure to monetize gaming and the metaverse.

Admix, And

15. Concrete combined with Xypex Admix used for the 3600yd3 (2750m3) required for the building’s façade and for structural columns

Admix, Ade, And

16. Games monetization company Admix announced that yesterday it raised $25 million in a Series B funding round

Admix, Announced

17. Admix pioneered In-Play, a tech solution that allows creators to monetize virtual experiences through non-intrusive brand placements

Admix, Allows

18. 1 day ago · Admix is an in-game monetization solution powering non-intrusive ads, similar to product placements, within games

Ago, Admix, An, Ads

19. 1 day ago · “Admix’s partnership with Ocean Outdoor UK is a watershed moment for the advertising industry, creating realistic ad experiences that merge physical and virtual worlds for the very first time

Ago, Admix, Advertising, Ad, And

20. Admix is a company that develops a programmatic immersive advertising platform in virtual and augmented reality

Admix, Advertising, And, Augmented

21. Admix is an advertising platform that offers programmatic brand placement solutions for mobile gamers

Admix, An, Advertising

22. Admix's headquarters is located in London, England, GB EC1M 3LN


23. Admix's Co-Founder & CEO, Samuel Huber, currently has a

Admix, Amp

24. With post-click and post-impression tracking, Admixt attributes conversions back to every ad variant

And, Admixt, Attributes, Ad

25. CWS Admix has a fixed dosage per cubic meter of concrete (0.8 kg/m3 or 22oz/yd 3 ), regardless of concrete mix design


26. Admix is a VR/AR monetisation service for integrating adverts seamlessly within mixed-reality applications

Admix, Ar, Adverts, Applications

27. Admix is a non-intrusive monetization platform for game publishers to monetise their games with advertisements integrated within the gameplay

Admix, Advertisements

28. To access Admix, publishers sign up to our platform for free, download and install our SDK and start generating revenue immediately.

Access, Admix, And

29. The Admix platform will then dynamically insert ads into those billboards to generate revenue, with the first official advertising partner being, an esports organization

Admix, Ads, Advertising, An

30. Come and chat with other game devs or throw your questions at the Admix team

And, At, Admix

31. 3702 Mortar Admix is a specially designed latex Admixture for use with cement mortar beds, grouts, and other cement mixes

Admix, Admixture, And

32. At Admix Management we understand having to choose between business and life and the desire to be successful in balancing both

At, Admix, And

33. PENETRON Admix is a non-toxic, 3rd generation crystalline Admixture in powder form that is added to new concrete during batching

Admix, Admixture, Added

34. Admix definition: to mix or blend Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Admix, And

35. Admix’s own research found that the money being invested in in-game ads is a lot smaller than the amount going into social media

Admix, Ads, Amount

36. MaCH-Admix is an extension to MaCH for faster and more flexible imputaiton, especially in Admixed populations

Admix, An, And, Admixed

37. All existing MaCH documentation applies to MaCH-Admix

All, Applies, Admix

38. For general input file preparation and haplotyping options, please see: MaCH tutorial Basically, in order to run MaCH-Admix, a user needs to go through the following steps:

And, Admix

39. Westpac's Acrylic Admix is a liquid additive specially formulated to increase bonding performance

Acrylic, Admix, Additive

40. Admix is a leader in advanced mixing technologies for many industries including food, beverage, dairy, meat and poultry, personal care and cosmetics, and pharmaceutical

Admix, Advanced, And

41. Admix In-Play Advertising Verified for the First Time by IAS

Admix, Advertising




ADMIX [adˈmiks]


Synonyms: .

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use admix in a sentence?

admix (third-person singular simple present admixes, present participle admixing, simple past and past participle admixed) To mingle with something else; to mix.

What is the origin of the word “ admixture”?

Examples of admix in a Sentence. Clinical Apothecaries uses compounding -- the combining, admixing, mixing, diluting, reconstituting, or otherwise altering of a drug or bulk drug substance -- to help treat patients in nonconventional medical practices.

What is the meaning of the word Mix?

Send us feedback . probably back-formation from admixt "mingled with," (taken as the past participle admixed ), going back to Middle English, borrowed from Latin admixtus, past participle of admiscēre "to add as an ingredient" — more at admixture “Admix.”

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