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1. Adroit: [adjective] having or showing skill, cleverness, or resourcefulness in handling situations.

Adroit, Adjective

2. Synonyms for Adroit: artful, bravura, deft, delicate, dexterous, expert, masterful, masterly; Antonyms for Adroit: amateur, amateurish, artless, rude, unprofessional

Adroit, Artful, Antonyms, Amateur, Amateurish, Artless

3. Adroit definition, expert or nimble in the use of the hands or body


4. The Adroit cluster is intended for running smaller jobs, as well as developing, debugging, and testing codes

Adroit, As, And

5. Despite being one of our smaller clusters, Adroit is built like our larger clusters (such as Della or Tiger), and is therefore ideal to use as training for eventual work on the larger clusters.

Adroit, As, And

6. Some Technical Specifications: Adroit is a Beowulf cluster acquired through a partnership

Adroit, Acquired

7. Find 47 ways to say Adroit, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

Adroit, Along, Antonyms, And, At

8. The Adroit Health Group team of licensed agents are available Monday through Saturday, and our customer service team is always available Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 7 PM (Central)

Adroit, Agents, Are, Available, And, Always, Am

9. Why everyone loves Adroit! This isn't an add-on feature, it's the core of what we do

Adroit, An, Add

10. Adroit Leader and Team Development Inc works with leaders and teams to maximise performance and effectiveness

Adroit, And

11. Adroit help organisations innovate, embrace change and gain strategic advantage

Adroit, And, Advantage

12. Adroit help you tackle what has not been previously possible, and can help identify opportunities for growth

Adroit, And

13. Adroit International was established as a result of efforts to enhance the ideas of the Adroit Group Founders towards a more efficient business, particularly able to benefit the public

Adroit, As, Able

14. Adroit prioritizes business development and human capital by inspiring and helping everyone toward a better life and personal enrichment.

Adroit, And

15. Adroit synonyms, Adroit pronunciation, Adroit translation, English dictionary definition of Adroit


16. Adroit Partners is a leader in identifying and placing quality talent with top employers

Adroit, And

17. The Crossword Solver found 67 answers to the Adroit crossword clue

Answers, Adroit

18. Adroit Science AB Adroit Science AB, Sweden, is a company dedicated to the exploration and characterization of substances and formulations from a solid state point of view

Adroit, Ab, And

19. Adroit and Spark NZ announced today that they’ve partnered to deliver innovative Environmental IoT solutions utilising the Spark IoT Network

Adroit, And, Announced

20. Adroit is a New Zealand specialist in technology used to monitor environmental changes, and drive efficiency in sustainable industries such as farming, clean-water management and aquaculture.

Adroit, And, As, Aquaculture

21. Widely regarded as one of the most experienced and reputed names in the industry, Adroit Urban Developers was founded in the year 2006 and is an award-winning real estate developer in Chennai

As, And, Adroit, An, Award

22. Adroit North America is working to unify the business and food safety systems and processes within food companies and across the supply chain

Adroit, America, And, Across

23. Adroit Construction is an integrated team of individuals providing high value construction services

Adroit, An

24. From a rough start, he has proven Adroit at managing these public moments.: This is an Adroit sidestepping of the issue, but a sidestep all the same.: My hands are bigger, and more Adroit, with nimble fingers that can tie shoes, unwrap candies, and get the sand out from between my toes before we leave the beach.: You mentioned in your presentation that particularly younger people who are both

Adroit, At, An, All, Are, And

25. The Adroit Journal publishes poems, short stories, essays, interviews, reviews, and art, and hosts a free, online summer writing program for high school writers

Adroit, And, Art

26. Adroit Overseas is a multinational agro commodities export company, marketing grains, pulses, oil seeds, feed & woods worldwide

Adroit, Agro, Amp

27. An Adroit leader will be able to persuade people to go with his ideas

An, Adroit, Able

28. An Adroit sculptor can turn a lump of clay into an object of great beauty.

An, Adroit

29. The Cordis Adroit® Guiding Catheter is engineered with innovative hybrid braided wire technology.


30. The players from Team Adroit were invited to the Open Qualifiers and were able to secure a slot in the Sibol National Esports Team Training Pool

Adroit, And, Able

31. Because of the team great performances in the Bootcamp, Team Adroit was selected to represent Team Sibol and the Philippines for the Dota 2 SEA Games event [2] , together with 2 Subs, Van and Erice

Adroit, And

32. Adroit politicians flattered the king's vanity, defended his follies and taught him how to violate the spirit of the constitution while keeping the letter of the law

Adroit, And

33. Van Buren was the most Adroit politician of his time; and Jackson was in the hands of very astute men, who advised and controlled him

Adroit, And, Astute, Advised

34.Adroit’s trading technology provides seamless visibility and access to our leading data, analytics and liquidity pools, all in one consolidated view, which is a big benefit for our customers.”

Adroit, And, Access, Analytics, All

35. Welcome to Iligan City’s Online Freelancing Community! Alliance of Dependable and Resourceful Outsourced Iligan Talents (Adroit) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization of online workers in Iligan City

Alliance, And, Adroit

36. Adroit approaches advisory function in the same way as all our services: methodically and based on planning for the client’s actual needs

Adroit, Approaches, Advisory, As, All, And, Actual

37. Because Leonard is Adroit at mental calculations, he is able to effortlessly solve complicated math problems.

Adroit, At, Able

38. Adroit ( comparative Adroiter or more Adroit, superlative Adroitest or most Adroit ) Deft, dexterous, or skillful

Adroit, Adroiter, Adroitest

39. Adroit definition: Someone who is Adroit is quick and skilful in their thoughts, behaviour, or actions

Adroit, And, Actions

40. Adroit trained us very well to use it for matching candidate profiles with the job requirements and we are confident to improve the job performance and satisfaction of our future staff

Adroit, And, Are

41. 33 synonyms for Adroit: skilful, able, skilled, expert, bright, clever, tasty, apt, cunning, ingenious

Adroit, Able, Apt

42. Adroit 'Adroit' is a 6 letter word starting with A and ending with T Crossword clues for 'Adroit' Clue Answer; Clever or skilful (6) Adroit: Clever, skilful (6) Cleverly skilled (6) Skilful or adept (6) Skillful (6) Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for Adroit

Adroit, And, Answer, Adept, Answers

43. Adroit tends toward sinister figurative meanings: as, an Adroit rogue; but mental Adroitness may be simply address or tact

Adroit, As, An, Adroitness, Address

44. Find 47 ways to say Adroit, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus

Adroit, Along, Antonyms, And, At

45. ‘The Adroit and intelligent use of other men's work, says Prodwit, ‘leads to public applause and adequate remuneration.’’ ‘With an Adroit and intelligent adaptation, Ruiz has forced us to reflect on how we make our own lives into stories, and how we tell them to ourselves.’

Adroit, And, Applause, Adequate, An, Adaptation

46. +60-1159737010; [email protected]; 29-3, Jalan USJ9/5Q, Subang Business Centre, 47620, Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia


47. French Translation of “Adroit” The official Collins English-French Dictionary online





ADROIT [əˈdroit]

adroit (adjective) · adroiter (comparative adjective) · adroitest (superlative adjective)

Synonyms: Skillful . Adept . Dexterous . Deft . Agile . Nimble . Nimble-fingered . Handy . Able . Capable . Competent . Skilled . Expert . Masterly . Masterful . Master . Practiced . Polished . Slick . Proficient . Accomplished . Gifted . Talented . Peerless . Quick-witted . Quick-thinking . Quick . Clever . Intelligent . Brilliant . Bright . Smart . Sharp . Cunning . Artful . Wily . Resourceful . Astute . Shrewd . Canny . Ingenious . Inventive . Compleat . Rathe . Clumsy . Incompetent .

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