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1. Advisability synonyms, Advisability pronunciation, Advisability translation, English dictionary definition of Advisability


2. Synonyms for Advisability: advisableness, desirability, desirableness, expedience, expediency, judiciousness, prudence, wisdom; Antonyms for Advisability: imprudence

Advisability, Advisableness, Antonyms

3. Advisability significado, definición, qué es Advisability: 1


4. Capability of evaluating the Company's strategic position or prospects, or the Advisability of the suggestions I have made


5. Morgan Talks to President on Advisability qt Government Bank, and Receives Spirited Answer

Advisability, And, Answer

6. Document findings; prepare independent recommendations on Advisability of granting credits for corporate lenders


7. Find 3 ways to say Advisability, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

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8. Modal Verbs For Advice (Advisability and Desirability) We use modal verbs like should, would, ought to, and had better to give advice to someone

Advice, Advisability, And

9. Up to date advice should be sought regarding the Advisability and permissibility of travelling into any of these countries

Advice, Advisability, And, Any

10. The cervix is one of the common sites for cancer, hence the Advisability of regular cervical smears


11. Second comes the question of feasibility and, more or less simultaneously, of Advisability.

And, Advisability

12. Advisability (usually uncountable, plural advisabilities) (uncountable) The quality of being advisable or prudent; advisableness

Advisability, Advisabilities, Advisable, Advisableness

13. 36f): Viggo assumed a cheery offhand manner, but I could see that he was worried, doubtful as to the Advisability of leaving me here alone.

Assumed, As, Advisability, Alone

14. A report compiled by lawyers commissioned to discuss the Advisability of filing a lawsuit concluded that the city could sue the state, saying the hosting of the Futenma base imposes unreasonable burdens on residents and runs counter to …

Advisability, And

15. Advisability: 1 n the quality of being advisable “they questioned the Advisability of our policy” Antonyms: inAdvisability the quality of being ill-advised Type of: soundness , wisdom , wiseness the quality of being prudent and sensible

Advisability, Advisable, Antonyms, Advised, And

16. What does Advisability mean? (uncountable) The quality of being advisable or prudent; advisableness

Advisability, Advisable, Advisableness

17. ‘many questioned the Advisability of this policy’


18. ‘Before these policies are adopted, the Advisability of no army modernisation deal can be justified.’

Are, Adopted, Advisability, Army

19. ‘Post-operative agility is a key factor in assessing the Advisability of a block for post

Agility, Assessing, Advisability

20. ‘many questioned the Advisability of this policy’


21. ‘Before these policies are adopted, the Advisability of no army modernisation deal can be justified.’

Are, Adopted, Advisability, Army

22. ‘Post-operative agility is a key factor in assessing the Advisability of a block for post-operative

Agility, Assessing, Advisability

23. Synonyms for Advisability include desirability, prudence, wisdom, appropriateness, aptness, expediency, judiciousness, soundness, suitability and fitness

Advisability, Appropriateness, Aptness, And

24. Another word for Advisability: wisdom, fitness, profitability, prudence, suitability Collins English Thesaurus

Another, Advisability

25. Data needed to determine the Advisability of booster shots of the Moderna Inc and Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccines is just weeks away, President Joe Biden's chief medical adviser, Dr

Advisability, And, Amp, Away, Adviser

26. "they questioned the Advisability of our policy".


27. He is doubtful about the Advisability of interference with the system

About, Advisability

28. 13 synonyms for Advisability: wisdom, fitness, profitability, prudence, suitability, propriety


29. Definition of Advisability noun in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary

Advisability, Advanced

30. Advisability means something is important, necessary and advisable for someone to do it; otherwise there will be a problem or danger for

Advisability, And, Advisable

31. {Ought to, should, had better, must, have to} are used to express Advisability

Are, Advisability

32. A) Should and ought to: Should and ought to have the same meaning: they express Advisability.

And, Advisability

33. "Advisability" of future rate moves would depend on inflation, manufacturing sector and lending dynamics and the state of the domestic financial market

Advisability, And

34. Regarding the Advisability of cholera insurance, Barjon, in an email, expressed the need for infrastructure as a …

Advisability, An, As

35. Its determination and Advisability is justified only as the logical mean in the media in line with the ethic norms in the spirit of the new technologies and not like "opinionmakers" or "spokesmen" and "creators of the public opinion".

And, Advisability, As

36. The only matter mentioned by those paragraphs was the Advisability of carrying out a study the results of which were in no way being prejudged


37. The most voted sentence example for Advisability is The governor, Mr Richard Pine,


38. Modals of Advisability Use modals to talk about actions and states that were advisable in the past, but did not happen

Advisability, About, Actions, And, Advisable

39. The Advisability of giving out information must [] be judged from case to case and an exact minimum age cannot be fixed

Advisability, And, An, Age

40. Advisability ( n.) the quality of being advisable; they questioned the Advisability of our policy

Advisability, Advisable

41. It has a chart with wind speeds and the Advisability of sailing by beginners and advanced

And, Advisability, Advanced

42. Stef's boss questioned the Advisability of delaying her journey when so many


43. The Commission therefore considers that, for the purposes of applying the market economy operator test, the assessment of the Advisability of entering into a commercial relationship with Ryanair (82) cannot ignore the consequences of the parallel conclusion of marketing agreements, and particularly their costs.

Applying, Assessment, Advisability, Agreements, And

44. The quality of being advisable -, Advisability meaning in english, Synonyms of Advisability, Antonyms of Advisability, Opposite of Advisability, Sentence of Advisability, Example of Advisability, similar word of Advisability, how to pronounce Advisability

Advisable, Advisability, Antonyms

45. M4.1 – Advisability-Should – 1 We start our series by introducing the use of should to give a suggestion (e.g


46. We then introduce the construction of I think you should… to express Advisability


47. In this lesson we will learn which modals show Advisability and how to use t

Advisability, And

48. Find 37 ways to say INAdvisability, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

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49. Learn how to say Advisability with EmmaSaying free pronunciation tutorials.Definition and meaning can be found here:

Advisability, And, Ad

50. The Advisability of setting up a provisional health post near the displaced persons should be considered


51. Several intergovernmental and non-governmental institutions have discussed the Advisability of a new legal instrument on cultural diversity.

And, Advisability




ADVISABILITY [ədˌvīzəˈbilədē]

advisability (noun)

Synonyms: Preferability . Preferableness . Desirability . Wisdom . Soundness . Prudence . Sensibleness . Sense . Appropriateness . Appropriacy . Aptness . Fitness . Suitability . Judiciousness . Expediency . Expedience . Helpfulness . Effectiveness . Advantage . Benefit . Merit . Value . Profit . Profitability . Gain .

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name advisable mean?

advisable(adj) worthy of being recommended or suggested; prudent or wise. "such action is neither necessary nor advisable"; "extreme caution is advisable"; "it is advisable to telephone first".

What does advisable mean?

Use advisable in a sentence. adjective. The definition of advisable is something that is a good idea to do, something that you are meant to do or something that would be beneficial to do. An example of an advisable decision is when it is raining and it becomes clear that it is better to take a taxi than to drive.

What is another word for advisable?

Synonyms for Advisable: adj. •expedient (adjective) tactical. •recommended, wise (adjective) expedient, seemly, sound, sensible, tactical, fitting, desirable, commendable, prudent, suitable, apt, suggested, appropriate, judicious, fit, politic.

What does advice Me Mean?

Advise is a verb. It means "to give advice" and therefore refers to the act of giving advice. I advise you to resign from your position. My lawyer has advised me to settle this matter out of court. She has a strictly advisory role in this project.

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