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1. The meaning of Advocate is a person who argues for or supports a cause or policy

Advocate, Argues

2. Benjamin Franklin Wasn't a Fan of Advocate Synonym Discussion of Advocate.


3. The Advocate is Louisiana's leading news source, providing award-winning local and regional news coverage.

Advocate, Award, And

4. As a Fitness Advocate you will provide excellent customer service to our members by providing clear, accurate instruction and service information

As, Advocate, Accurate, And

5. As a Member Experience Advocate you will provide excellent customer service to our members by providing clear, accurate instruction and service information

As, Advocate, Accurate, And

6. The Advocate obituaries and Death Notices for Baton Rouge Louisiana area

Advocate, And, Area

7. Advocate program, 509 Valley Way, Milpitas, CA 95035 2


8. The Child Advocate shall have access to the child and to available records and files of the Court, of the Social Services Agency, any school records and medical records regarding the above named child

Advocate, Access, And, Available, Agency, Any, Above

9. When an applicant has a knowledgeable disability Advocate to represent them, they are more likely to win their hearing

An, Applicant, Advocate, Are

10. View similar jobs: Domestic Violence Advocate jobs in Roseville, CA


11. Advocate Health Care, a faith-based nonprofit, is the largest health system in Illinois – and we're dedicated to serving our patients with 10 hospitals, more than 400 sites of …

Advocate, And

12. Advocate synonyms, Advocate pronunciation, Advocate translation, English dictionary definition of Advocate


13. To speak, plead, or argue in favor of: Advocate a vegan diet

Argue, Advocate

14. Synonyms for Advocate: advocator, apostle, backer, booster, champion, espouser, exponent, expounder; Antonyms for Advocate: adversary, antagonist, opponent

Advocate, Advocator, Apostle, Antonyms, Adversary, Antagonist

15. Advocate definition, to speak or write in favor of; support or urge by argument; recommend publicly: He Advocated higher salaries for teachers

Advocate, Argument, Advocated

16. An Advocate is a professional in the field of law.Different countries' legal systems use the term with somewhat differing meanings

An, Advocate

17. An Advocate (AD-və-kit) is someone who supports a cause, like an Advocate for outdoor recess

An, Advocate, Ad

18. Advocate (AD-və-kate) is also a verb meaning to speak in favor of, so you can Advocate for that outdoor recess by urging your school to play outside!

Advocate, Ad, Also

19. Inflections of 'Advocate' (v): (⇒ conjugate) Advocates v 3rd person singular advocating v pres p verb, present participle: -ing verb used descriptively or to form progressive verb--for example, "a singing bird," "It is singing." Advocated v past verb, past simple: Past tense--for example, "He saw the man." "She laughed." Advocated v past p verb, past participle: Verb form used descriptively

Advocate, Advocates, Advocating, Advocated

20. • The most substantive problem, which Advocates try to hide, is that the flat tax is a sop to the rich


21. Advocate of • She is a passionate Advocate of natural childbirth


22. Origin Advocate 2 ( 1300-1400 ) Old French avocat , from Latin , past participle of advocare “ to summon ” , from ad- “ to ” + vocare “ to call ”

Advocate, Avocat, Advocare, Ad

23. Advocate’s technology spend optimization process has been very eye-opening for me and an endeavor that was very worthwhile

Advocate, And, An

24. We leveraged Advocate’s Managed Services for technology procurement, inventory, financial and service management to reduce our overall costs by

Advocate, And

25. 65 synonyms for Advocate: recommend, support, champion, encourage, propose, favour, defend, promote


26. ‘He was a prime Advocate of arguments supporting the holding of terrorism suspects without access to courts.’

Advocate, Arguments, Access

27. ‘He is also an Advocate of strong financial support for graduate students and their research.’

Also, An, Advocate, And

28. The Advocate Aurora Safe Care Promise provides peace of mind at every step of your journey with us

Advocate, Aurora, At

29. Angel's Advocate One who looks for and argues in support of the positive aspects and benefits of a certain argument, whether or not they believe them to be true

Angel, Advocate, And, Argues, Aspects, Argument

30. It is the opposite of a "devil's Advocate," who argues against something for the sake of argument, not due to a personal opinion

Advocate, Argues, Against, Argument

31. The Advocate is the number one source for breaking news, sports, photos and videos in Newark and Licking County, Ohio

Advocate, And

32. Advocate Aurora Health is one of the top 12 not-for-profit health systems in the country

Advocate, Aurora

33. StamfordAdvocate: Local News & Information, Updated Weather, Traffic, Entertainment, Celebrity News, Sports Scores and More.

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34. What does Advocate mean? Advocate is defined as to speak, write or stand up for something or someone

Advocate, As

35. Advocate definition: If you Advocate a particular action or plan , you recommend it publicly

Advocate, Action

36. Americans for the Arts provides tools, research, and training that help arts professionals and regular citizens alike become seasoned arts Advocates

Americans, Arts, And, Alike, Advocates

37. Advocate: Directed by Philippe Bellaiche, Rachel Leah Jones


38. Advocate翻譯:主張;擁護;支持;提倡, 律師, 辯護律師, 支持者, 主張人;擁護人;支持者;提倡者。了解更多。


39. The Crossword Solver found 162 answers to the Advocate crossword clue

Answers, Advocate

40. Become an Advocate Partner; Donate to the Advocate; Full Editions

An, Advocate

41. Meet the staff and board; Submit an article or photo; Advocate Awareness Sunday: May 15, 2022; Scholarship

And, An, Article, Advocate, Awareness

42. Call today to schedule an appointment or find a doctor at one of our nearly 400 sites of care.1-800-3-Advocate

An, Appointment, At, Advocate

43. Advocate is the largest magazine in the United States for plaintiffs' trial attorneys

Advocate, Attorneys

44. Advocate is owned by the Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles (CAALA) and published for the benefit of plaintiffs' trial attorneys in Southern California.

Advocate, Attorneys, Association, Angeles, And

45. The Constituent Services Associates of the Public Advocate‘s office assists with complaints and inquiries involving government-related services and regulations

Associates, Advocate, Assists, And

46. Advocate is a full service commercial real estate company that provides advisory and financial services to a wide variety of industries while focusing on the needs of tenants.

Advocate, Advisory, And

47. Advocate in Scotland, a member of the faculty of Advocates

Advocate, Advocates

48. (Note, however, that in Aberdeen solicitors call themselves Advocates.) An Advocate is the Scottish equivalent of a BARRISTER.Advocates have the exclusive right to represent parties in the higher courts, subject, since legislation first introduced in 1990, to the provision that a SOLICITOR Advocate is …

Aberdeen, Advocates, An, Advocate

49. Advocate - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums

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ADVOCATE [advocate]

advocate (noun) · advocates (plural noun)

Synonyms: Champion . Upholder . Supporter . Backer . Promoter . Proponent . Exponent . Protector . Patron . Missionary . Reformer . Pioneer . Pleader . Propagandist . Apostle . Apologist . Booster . Critic . Barrister . Lawyer . Counsel . Counselor . Legal practitioner . Attorney . Counselor-at-law .

advocate (verb) · advocates (third person present) · advocated (past tense) · advocated (past participle) · advocating (present participle)

Synonyms: Recommend . Prescribe . Commend . Advise . Favor . Support . Back . Uphold . Champion . Stand up for . Speak for . Urge . Promote . Espouse . Endorse . Sanction .

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name advocate mean?

1. One that argues for a cause; a supporter or defender: an advocate of civil rights. 2. One that pleads in another's behalf; an intercessor: advocates for abused children and spouses. 3. A lawyer .

What does being an advocate mean?

According to Merriam-Webster, an advocate is someone who:

  • Pleads the cause of another,
  • Defends or maintains a cause or proposal, or
  • Supports or promotes the interests or cause of group.
  • What does an advocate do?

    Some common Advocate duties and responsibilities include:

  • Becoming a confidante for a client and keeping their information confidential
  • Contacting and supporting victims and their families
  • Providing crisis intervention for victims
  • Educating caregivers about sexual or physical abuse
  • Performing safety assessments
  • What is the biblical meaning of advocate?

    The word sometimes translated in the Bible as ‘advocate’ denoted a person who came and stood beside someone to help in a time of need. People today usually think of an advocate as one who pleads on behalf of another in a court of law, but only occasionally does the Bible use the word in this legal sense (e.g. 1 John 2:1).

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