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1. With Affirm, you can pay over time at your favorite brands

Affirm, At

2. The meaning of Affirm is to say that something is true in a confident way


3. With Affirm's buy now, pay later flexibility, you can shop at the stores you love without the pressure to pay all at once

Affirm, At, All

4. Download Affirm: Buy now, pay over time and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

Affirm, And

5. ‎With the Affirm app, you can shop stress-free at any store and pay over time with flexible payments—there’ll be no late fees, penalties, or hidden costs of any kind.

Affirm, App, At, Any, And

6. Log into your Affirm account to buy now, pay later at your favorite stores and manage your payments.

Affirm, Account, At, And

7. How Does Affirm Work? Every buy now, pay later provider works a little differently, though the basic premise is the same: At the checkout point, under payment options, you are offered the option

Affirm, At, Are

8. Affirm savings accounts are held with Cross River Bank, Member FDIC

Affirm, Accounts, Are

9. California residents: Affirm Loan Services, LLC is licensed by the Department of Financial Protection and Innovation.

Affirm, And

10. Affirm savings accounts are held with Cross River Bank, Member FDIC

Affirm, Accounts, Are

11. California residents: Affirm Loan Services, LLC is licensed by the Department of Financial Protection and Innovation

Affirm, And

12. Affirm’s point-of-sale loans let you divide your purchase into monthly installments with 0% to 30% APR

Affirm, Apr

13. lets you shop stress-free at thousands of stores, with no late fees and no surprises

Affirm, At, And

14. Synonyms for Affirm: allege, assert, aver, avouch, avow, claim, contend, declare; Antonyms for Affirm: deny, gainsay

Affirm, Allege, Assert, Aver, Avouch, Avow, Antonyms

15. Affirm definition, to state or assert positively; maintain as true: to Affirm one's loyalty to one's country; He Affirmed that all was well

Affirm, Assert, As, Affirmed, All

16. Affirm’s members are leaders in the government, academic, and industry IT community

Affirm, Are, Academic, And

17. Sponsors support Affirm’s programs and events, which fund our scholarship and grant activities

Affirm, And, Activities

18. At the annual Leadership Awards, Affirm recognizes excellence in government IT

At, Annual, Awards, Affirm

19. Affirm is a buy-now-pay-later (BNPL) company that was launched in 2012 by Paypal co-founder Max Levchin


20. Affirm helps you make simple monthly payments for the things you love


21. Affirm Review - Use Credit To Buy From Your Favorite Retailers


22. Affirm lets you buy goods and services from online vendors and retail shops on credit

Affirm, And

23. If you have a small purchase you need to make, but just don’t have the cash, Affirm might be the answer

Affirm, Answer

24. Just select Affirm at checkout, then enter a few pieces of information for a real‑time decision

Affirm, At

25. To declare positively; assert to be true: a philosopher Affirming the existence of free will; a document Affirming that each student has completed the course

Assert, Affirming

26. To declare support for or belief in: Affirm the right to self-determination


27. What Is Affirm? Affirm is a way to quickly and easily finance purchases without a credit card

Affirm, And

28. Affirm financing is available at checkout at over 2,000 online merchants and also offers an Affirm virtual card that you can use almost anywhere online and in many physical stores.

Affirm, Available, At, And, Also, An, Almost, Anywhere

29. With Affirm you can get your order right away and split your purchase into multiple payments to pay back over time

Affirm, Away, And

30. When using Affirm to purchase your next PS4, Xbox, or Nintendo Switch, you can choose between up to three payment duration options from within the checkout area

Affirm, Area

31. Purchasing a console with Affirm Financing is easy, secure, and has no hidden fees.

Affirm, And

32. Affirm is a financial technology services company providing installment loans to consumers at the point of sale

Affirm, At

33. What is Affirm? Affirm is a financing alternative to credit cards and other credit-payment products

Affirm, Alternative, And

34. Affirm offers instant financing for online purchases to be paid in fixed monthly installments over 3, 6, or 12 months.


35. The best alternative to Affirm financing is the method Affirm was meant to substitute in the first place: credit cards

Alternative, Affirm

36. To give you some perspective, the average credit card interest rate is at 15.91% right now, while Affirm’s rates can get up to 30%! 1, 2 That’s almost twice as much! And don’t forget, the longer you take to pay off that loan, the more the interest you pay

Average, At, Affirm, Almost, As, And

37. Interest rates for Affirm loans can range from 0% to 30%, which is greater than the highest APR on most credit cards

Affirm, Apr

38. 43% of loans taken out at Affirm have a 0% APR, according to the company

At, Affirm, Apr, According

39. Even if not approved for the promotional rate, many applicants will still enjoy financing through Affirm with great rates on 3, …

Approved, Applicants, Affirm

40. How Affirm Works: When paying for your travel, select Affirm, provide five simple pieces of information 1 and receive a credit decision in seconds.; Once approved, you have the option to spread out the cost of your trip over 6, 12 or 18 monthly installments, 2 with any interest shown in simple dollars rather than as a hard-to-calculate interest rate

Affirm, And, Approved, Any, As

41. Affirm stock gains after company nabs buy-now, pay-later deal with American Airlines MarketWatch 10/27/2021 Affirm Holdings Inc

Affirm, After, American, Airlines

42. We researched all 1,070 stores that accept Affirm financing and offer Affirm financing support in 2021

All, Accept, Affirm, And

43. Quickly check if any online store accept Affirm financing using our convenient Affirm financing search tool

Any, Accept, Affirm

44. See all the top brands that offer Affirm financing support Search Affirm financing offers by category.

All, Affirm

45. Affirm is one of the best known installment payment options


46. Affirm Holdings is a financial services company that builds a proprietary technology platform for digital and mobile-first commerce

Affirm, And

47. Affirm is built directly into the checkout of thousands of online retailers specializing in fashion, travel, home, electronics and more

Affirm, And

48. Depending on the loan size and retailer, Affirm offers financing terms that range between one and 48 months, with interest rates starting at 0%

And, Affirm, At

49. Affirm always shows you the exact terms (subject to your eligibility) and the total amount of interest you will pay, never charging you anything extra

Affirm, Always, And, Amount, Anything

50. Affirm does not charge any late fees, prepayment fees, annual fees, hidden fees, or service fees to open or close your Affirm account.

Affirm, Any, Annual, Account

51. Affirm lets you get your order now, then split your purchase into multiple payments to pay back over time to fit your budget


52. Over 1,300 merchants now offer Affirm for financing


53. Here is the list of 400+ online stores that accept Affirm for payment to buy now and pay later (the top stores that I recommend are bolded ):

Accept, Affirm, And, Are

54. To state publicly that something is true SYN confirm The general Affirmed rumors of an attack

Affirmed, An, Attack

55. Affirm that A spokesman for the company Affirmed that a merger was likely

Affirm, Affirmed

56. To strengthen a feeling, belief, or idea He claims that modern physics Affirms his


57. Affirm is an American financial technology company based in San Francisco founded by PayPal founder Max Levchin

Affirm, An, American

58. Affirm lets users take out microloans at the point of sale with participating

Affirm, At

59. The Affirm Conditioning Relaxer System conditions hair before, during and after relaxing

Affirm, And, After

60. When inspiration strikes, Affirm helps you say yes without giving up financial control


61. Select Affirm at checkout to pay over time—and never pay a penny more than you agree to on day one

Affirm, At, And, Agree

62. I Affirm the soul in each person I Affirm the soul in each person It’s clean as a bone with the vocal tone Who is still suffering? The flow is simple but the skill is still singular Kaas, Hess, Olie, Dab the best of the Peninsula Your supremacy is fake like the triple K Dust and breath, MCs step this way In life the lesson comes after the

Affirm, As, And, After




AFFIRM [əˈfərm]

affirm (verb) · affirms (third person present) · affirmed (past tense) · affirmed (past participle) · affirming (present participle)

Synonyms: Declare . State . Assert . Aver . Proclaim . Pronounce . Attest . Swear . Avow . Vow . Guarantee . Promise . Certify . Pledge . Asseverate . Deny . Uphold . Support . Defend . Maintain . Confirm . Ratify . Endorse . Sanction . Corroborate . Bear out . Verify . Prove . Validate . Authenticate . Substantiate . Justify . Vindicate . Give credence to . Support . Uphold . Back up . Contradict . Repudiate . Swear . Pledge . Promise . Avow . Undertake . Engage . Commit . Guarantee . Depose . Plight . Asseverate .

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