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1. Synonyms for Aficionado: addict, buff, bug, devotee, enthusiast, fan, fanatic, fancier; Antonyms for Aficionado: nonfan

Aficionado, Addict, Antonyms

2. Aficionado definition, an ardent devotee; fan, enthusiast

Aficionado, An, Ardent

3. Aficionado synonyms, Aficionado pronunciation, Aficionado translation, English dictionary definition of Aficionado


4. Find 4 ways to say Aficionado, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

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5. Aficionado ( plural Aficionados or Aficionadoes or (rare, hypercorrect) aficionadi ) ( obsolete) An amateur bullfighter

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6. From the editors of Cigar Aficionado, this semimonthly newsletter offers exclusive cigar ratings, fascinating interviews with cigar producers, up-to-the-minute news releases and much more

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7. Aficionado - sinónimos de 'Aficionado' en un diccionario de 200.000 sinónimos online


8. The Crossword Solver found 21 answers to the Aficionado crossword clue

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9. Aficionado - a serious devotee of some particular music genre or musical performer


10. Aficionado 'Aficionado' is a 10 letter word starting with A and ending with O Crossword clues for 'Aficionado' Clue Answer; Ardent enthusiast (10) Aficionado: Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for Aficionado We hope that the following list of synonyms for the word Aficionado will help you to finish your crossword today

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11. El público Aficionado al cine the cinema-going public

Aficionado, Al

12. ‘For the true Aficionado, a beer is a special type of travel souvenir, to be greedily consumed and tucked away with all its heady memories.’ ‘It's a clever thing to write a book that entertains the expert as much as the ignorant, that amuses the Aficionado as much as the amateur.’

Aficionado, And, Away, All, As, Amuses, Amateur

13. As nouns the difference between connoisseur and Aficionado is that connoisseur is a specialist of a given field whose opinion is valued; especially in one of the fine arts, or in a matter of taste while Aficionado is .

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14. Definition of Aficionado in the dictionary


15. What does Aficionado mean? Information and translations of Aficionado in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

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16. Aficionado (n.) 1845, from Spanish Aficionado "amateur," specifically "devotee of bullfighting," literally "fond of," from afición "affection," from Latin affectionem "relation, disposition," noun of state from past participle stem of afficere "do something" (see affect (n.))

Aficionado, Amateur, Afici, Affection, Affectionem, Afficere, Affect

17. Aficionado definition: If someone is an Aficionado of something, they like it and know a lot about it

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18. Aficionado Perfumes and Personal Care president and CEO Joel Cruz continues to lead his company towards growth as he recently renewed his partnership with Fil-Asiatico of Taiwan…

Aficionado, And, As, Asiatico

19. Founded in Northern California’s Emerald Triangle region, Aficionado has been custom tailoring highly exclusive designer cannabis for a small group of private clients for over 20 years


20. By uniting legendary heirloom genetics and visionary artisan-ship, Aficionado exemplifies the Emerald Triangle tradition of crafting boutique cannabis

And, Artisan, Aficionado

21. Aficionado is a conjugated form of the verb aficionar

Aficionado, Aficionar

22. Synonyms for Aficionado include fan, buff, devotee, enthusiast, fanatic, freak, lover, nut, admirer and addict

Aficionado, Admirer, And, Addict

23. ‘For the true Aficionado, a beer is a special type of travel souvenir, to be greedily consumed and tucked away with all its heady memories.’ ‘It's a clever thing to write a book that entertains the expert as much as the ignorant, that amuses the Aficionado as much as the amateur.’

Aficionado, And, Away, All, As, Amuses, Amateur

24. What does Aficionado mean? A person who is highly knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and supportive of some sport, art, etc

Aficionado, And, Art

25. A wine tasting Aficionado, Lynn is convinced that no one has sampled as many different types of vino as she has

Aficionado, As

26. My father is the art Aficionado of the family and prides himself on being able to identify the painter of any piece he sees

Art, Aficionado, And, Able, Any

27. Without an Aficionado to lead them through the process of building the

An, Aficionado

28. Eddie Current Aficionado is a vacuum tube headphone/ speaker amplifier amp

Aficionado, Amplifier, Amp

29. The slogan Aficionado then forayed into the world of advertising

Aficionado, Advertising

30. For the Aficionado or the neophyte, Comics is a useful overview of a richly creative period in a burgeoning art

Aficionado, Art

31. The longtime Brazilian bore Aficionado achieved an unbelievable record of surfing non-stop for 10.1 km down Brazil's famous river bore wave, called the Pororoca.

Aficionado, Achieved, An

32. Global Aficionado has started on a continuing chase of advancement throughout the value of surfacing means, enhancement tools, and impeccable quality service

Aficionado, Advancement, And

33. This site provides detailed information on Aficionado seeds and links to distributors who sell them as souvenirs

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34. From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Aficionado a‧fi‧cio‧na‧do / əˌfɪʃəˈnɑːdəʊ $ -doʊ / noun (plural Aficionados) [countable] INTERESTED someone who is very interested in a particular activity or subject and knows a lot about it Aficionado of an Aficionado of fine …

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35. 16 synonyms for Aficionado: fan, lover, enthusiast, admirer, supporter, nut, follower, addict

Aficionado, Admirer, Addict

36. Cannabis Aficionado brings you the most cutting-edge culture, science, products, arts and entertainment in the cannabis world.

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37. Learn how to say Aficionado with EmmaSaying free pronunciation tutorials.Definition and meaning can be found here:

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38. 1-48 of 111 results for "Aficionado perfume"


39. This finely-milled powder is a makeup Aficionado 's dream


40. I've always been a big time press release Aficionado

Always, Aficionado

41. Whether you're a bedding Aficionado or simply looking to stock up on a few comforter sets to tide you over for the next few years, you can count on …


42. Aficionado, nouvel extrait de l'album LONG COURRIER disponible sur réalisé par Sacha Barbin pour Ursus.En TOURNÉE dans toute la Fran

Aficionado, Album, Alis

43. A ballet Aficionado/an Aficionado of ballet; This coffee is regarded by Aficionados as one of the world’s finest

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44. Jazz Aficionados gathered at the Hollywood Bowl last night for a tribute concert.

Aficionados, At

45. Aficionado horse page with past performances, results, pedigree, photos and videos

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46. I say that not as a great Aficionado of foreign affairs, but I have to answer my constituents as to what does Europe add in value to us? Aficionado (also: inyección, amplificador, promotor, sobrealimentador, compresor, cohete, ladrón de tiendas, reforzador, reforzadora, refuerzo) volume_up

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47. How to say Aficionado in English? Pronunciation of Aficionado with 3 audio pronunciations, 24 synonyms, 4 meanings, 1 antonym, 14 translations, 3 sentences and more for …

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AFICIONADO [əˌfiSHəˈnädō, əˌfisyəˈnädō]

aficionado (noun) · aficionados (plural noun)

Synonyms: Connoisseur . Expert . Authority . Specialist . Pundit . Cognoscente . Devotee . Appreciator . Fan . Fanatic . Savant . Enthusiast . Lover . Addict .

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