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1. Afterwards synonyms, Afterwards pronunciation, Afterwards translation, English dictionary definition of Afterwards


2. Soon Afterwards, it became impossible for people to read Old English, and the texts became useless

Afterwards, And

3. Shortly Afterwards, Cuthbert removed to Inner Farne island off the Northumbrian coast, where he gave himself up to a life of great austerity

Afterwards, Austerity

4. Both players described the game as the greatest they had been involved in Afterwards.

As, Afterwards

5. The Crossword Solver found 20 answers to the Afterwards crossword clue

Answers, Afterwards

6. Specialties: Afterwards is the peninsula's premier consignment store for high end furniture, designer women's and men's clothing and accessories

Afterwards, And, Accessories

7. We invite you to come and discover all that Afterwards offers

And, All, Afterwards

8. Afterwards appears to be slightly more common than afterward in British English

Afterwards, Appears, Afterward

9. You can remember to reserve Afterwards for British audiences since it is spelled with the same S that appears three times in Sussex.

Afterwards, Audiences, Appears

10. What is the difference between afterward or Afterwards?

Afterward, Afterwards

11. The words afterward and Afterwards have the same definition, and we use them as adverbs to modify other adjectives, verbs, phrases, or adverbs in a sentence

Afterward, And, Afterwards, As, Adverbs, Adjectives

12. The main difference between the two words is that “Afterwards” is standard English for the United Kingdom, while “afterward” is more common for the United States.

Afterwards, Afterward

13. There is no difference between afterward and Afterwards

Afterward, And, Afterwards

14. Find 7 ways to say Afterwards, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

Afterwards, Along, Antonyms, And, At

15. Afterwards definition at, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation

Afterwards, At, And

16. Afterwards definition: If you do something or if something happens Afterwards , you do it or it happens after a Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Afterwards, After, And

17. Haldane was Afterwards present at the relief of Gibraltar, but at the peace of 1783 he finally left the navy, and soon Afterwards settled on his estate of Airthrey, near Stirling

Afterwards, At, And, Airthrey

18. 0 In 1816 he visited the continent, and first at Geneva and Afterwards in Montauban (1817) he lectured and interviewed large numbers of theological students with

And, At, Afterwards

19. Afterwards is a dark yet spiritual drama that follows the journey of a man who's been abandoned in the frozen north for thirty years after his death.

Afterwards, Abandoned, After

20. 20 synonyms for Afterwards: later, after, then, after that, subsequently, thereafter, following that, at a later date or time, after, afterward, later, latterly

Afterwards, After, At, Afterward

21. Afterward/Afterwards, put the liquid chocolate in moulds - English Only forum Afterwards vs afterward - English Only forum Dont work up any more brawn there than you can use every day afterward - English Only forum give you a sticker afterward - English Only forum "I needed not write to him because he phoned me yesterday afterward." - English

Afterward, Afterwards, Any

22. Definition of Afterwards in the dictionary


23. What does Afterwards mean? Information and translations of Afterwards in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

Afterwards, And

24. Audits, either in situ or otherwise, may be performed at any time during the implementation of the project and for up to five years Afterwards

Audits, At, Any, And, Afterwards

25. ‘Shortly Afterwards two men approached the wire gate but left a few seconds later.’ ‘Then she heard a cracking noise and shortly Afterwards the smoke detector sounded.’ ‘He showed no concern or remorse but one witness saw him smiling shortly Afterwards.’

Afterwards, Approached, And

26. Afterwards, the California court will approve the Application and enter the Notice of Entry of Sister-State Judgment

Afterwards, Approve, Application, And

27. That is, subjects may experience distress while the questionnaire is being completed, and possibly for some time Afterwards

And, Afterwards

28. He took his family to supper at a restaurant, and soon Afterwards, he …

At, And, Afterwards

29. Afterwards may refer to: Afterwards (1928 film), a British silent drama film


30. Afterwards (2008 film), a psychological thriller film


31. After an event or time that has already been mentioned Charles arrived shortly Afterwards

After, An, Already, Arrived, Afterwards

32. Days/weeks etc Afterwards The experience haunted me for years Afterwards


33. See thesaurus at after Examples from the Corpus Afterwards • His wife fell ill in June and died

At, After, Afterwards, And

34. The best 22 synonyms for Afterwards, including: later, eventually, following, afterward, thereupon, latterly, ulteriorly, after a while, by-and-by, later-on, subsequently and …

Afterwards, Afterward, After, And

35. Learn more about Afterwards, luxury consignment in Menlo Park, CA

About, Afterwards

36.Afterwards by Thomas Hardy is a five stanza poem that is separated into sets of four lines, known as quatrains

Afterwards, As

37. Together with the data further above, this demonstrates that Afterwards is an intransitive preposition — meaning a preposition which doesn’t take a complement

Above, Afterwards, An

38. Taken from Arca new album KiCk I ORDER NOW Patreon: Arca - Nonb

Arca, Album

39. Look through examples of Afterwards translation in sentences, listen to pronunciation and learn grammar.

Afterwards, And

40. Fox West Coast quickly bought the San Mateo Theater's lease and soon Afterwards purchased the building

And, Afterwards

41.Afterwards is an exceptional literary thriller that resonates with depth and despair

Afterwards, An, And

42. Afterwards, she and her father secured their first business meeting with a supermarket owner, who finally agreed to sell Moore's product—cancandy

Afterwards, And, Agreed

43. Afterwards (Bring Yo Friends) (Explicit Version) [feat


44. Provided to YouTube by Beggars Group Digital Ltd.Afterwards · Arca · BjörkKiCk i℗ 2019 Arca under exclusive license to XL Recordings LtdReleased on: 2020-06-

Afterwards, Arca

45. 6 reviews of Afterwards Handyman "Art Wickberg, owner and operator of Afterwards Handyman, is the BEST

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AFTERWARDS [ˈaftərwərdz]

afterwards (adverb) · afterward (adverb)

Synonyms: Later . Subsequently . Then . After . Next . Eventually . In due course . Thereupon .

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name afterward mean?

"Afterward" means at a subsequent or later time and usually relates to events that occur relatively close together. Typically, "afterward" is used to refer to events that occur one right after the other.

Is afterward an adjective?

As adverbs the difference between afterward and then. is that afterward is (us) subsequently to some other action while then is (label) at that time. As an adjective then is. being so at that time.

What is the adverb for afterwards?

adverb. /ˈɑːftəwədz/. /ˈæftərwərdz/. (especially British English) ( North American English usually afterward) jump to other results . at a later time; after an event that has already been mentioned. Afterwards she was sorry for what she'd said. Let's go out now and eat afterwards.

What is the definition of after?

The definition of after is a time that is later than some other time. An example of the word after is when something happens subsequent to something else. After is defined as something that leads to a result. An example of the word after is when a child may not have a dessert as a consequence of not finishing dinner.

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