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1. Agitate: [verb] to excite and often trouble the mind or feelings of : disturb.

Agitate, And

2. Synonyms for Agitate: churn, stir, swirl, wash, whirl, ail, alarm, bother; Antonyms for Agitate: calm, compose, quiet, settle, soothe, tranquilize

Agitate, Ail, Alarm, Antonyms

3. Agitate synonyms, Agitate pronunciation, Agitate translation, English dictionary definition of Agitate


4. Agitate definition, to move or force into violent, irregular action: The hurricane winds Agitated the sea

Agitate, Action, Agitated

5. Find 75 ways to say Agitate, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

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6. At Agitate we combine decentralised identity, blockchain and Open Banking to deliver digital transactional infrastructure fit for the 21st century.

At, Agitate, And

7. Agitate 'Agitate' is a 7 letter word starting with A and ending with E Crossword clues for 'Agitate'

Agitate, And

8. We found 1 possible solution for the Agitate crossword clue: POSSIBLE ANSWER: ROIL

Agitate, Answer

9. On this page you will find the solution to Agitate crossword clue


10. The Crossword Solver found 132 answers to the Agitate crossword clue

Answers, Agitate

11. Agitate definition: If people Agitate for something, they protest or take part in political activity in order Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Agitate, Activity, And

12. If you watch a horror movie at bedtime, you may be too Agitated to sleep

At, Agitated

13. Movies like that can Agitate all sorts of adrenaline responses in the body.

Agitate, All, Adrenaline

14. This page shows answers to the clue Agitate, followed by 7 definitions like “ To move or actuate

Answers, Agitate, Actuate

15. ”, “ Cause to be Agitated ” and “ To discuss with great earnestness ”

Agitated, And

16. Agitate translate: 使担忧, 使焦虑;使躁动不安, 争论, (尤指公开)煽动,鼓动,大声疾呼, 摇动, 摇动;搅动


17. ‘In the morning, Agitate the water with a toilet brush and flush.’ ‘During and after settling, care should be taken not to Agitate the water.’ ‘As he had mentioned to Vanessa, they needed a really good blow to Agitate the sea, stir up its bed and move larger objects to the surface.’

Agitate, And, After, As

18. Agitate - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums

Agitate, And

19. Agitated: See: disordered , disorderly , unsettled , vehement


20. From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English → See Verb table Examples from the Corpus Agitate • He loses his train of thought; this Agitates him

Agitate, Agitates

21. • Ceremonial and precedence notably lost most of the power to Agitate rulers and governments which they had hitherto possessed

And, Agitate

22. • Mix the two solutions together and Agitate the

And, Agitate

23. Agitate against To provoke or encourage negative feelings or opinions about someone or something; to protest something

Agitate, Against, About

24. See also: Agitate Agitate for To encourage and build support for a cause, especially by actively campaigning for it

Also, Agitate, And, Actively

25. The story, though it will not greatly rouse or deeply Agitate, is yet sufficiently interesting to excite and prolong the attention of the reader; and the phraseology is at once correct and appropriate

Agitate, And, Attention, At, Appropriate

26. 77 synonyms for Agitate: protest, campaign, push, demonstrate, drive, crusade, cry out, stir, beat, mix


27. Agitate (v.) 1580s, "to disturb," from Latin agitatus, past participle of agitare "to put in constant or violent motion, drive onward, impel," frequentative of agere "to set in motion, drive, drive forward," figuratively "incite to action; keep in movement, stir up" (from PIE root *ag-"to drive, draw out or forth, move").

Agitate, Agitatus, Agitare, Agere, Action, Ag

28. Synonyms for Agitate include shake, stir, disturb, jolt, bucket, convulse, jerk, jiggle, joggle and jounce

Agitate, And

29. The journal, Agitate! emerged from the close sharing of dreams, ideas, and labors among a number of students, colleagues, artists, and activists between 2011 and 2017

Agitate, And, Among, Artists, Activists

30. Agitate! explores the possibilities and challenges of interweaving scholarship, creative writing, art, journalism, and activism

Agitate, And, Art, Activism

31. We invite contributors from diverse locations to engage the anti-disciplinary space of Agitate! to catalyze new conversations, visions, and narrative practices in multiple genres and languages, in order to advance

Anti, Agitate, And, Advance

32. Definition of Agitate in the dictionary


33. What does Agitate mean? Information and translations of Agitate in the most comprehensive dictionary …

Agitate, And

34. Agitate Spell 1 Enchantment Mental Nonlethal Source Gods & Magic pg

Agitate, Amp

35. Agitate each mixture for 30 sec by flicking the container with a finger or a vibrator


36. Agitate (for/against something) political groups agitating for social change; Some militant groups have been agitating for autonomy for the region

Agitate, Against, Agitating, Autonomy

37. Agitate to do something Her family are agitating to have her transferred to a prison in the UK

Agitate, Are, Agitating

38. Definitions and Meaning of Agitate in English Agitate verb

And, Agitate

39. Change the arrangement or position of Synonyms : commove, disturb, raise up, shake up, stir up, vex; cause to be Agitated, excited, or roused Synonyms : charge, charge up, commove, excite, rouse, turn on Example - The speaker charged up the crowd with his inflammatory remarks

Arrangement, Agitated

40. 3 ‘they were used as stirrers to help to Agitate the vast masses of fermenting vegetation’ SYNONYMS stir , whisk, beat, churn, shake, toss, blend, whip, whip up, fold, roil, jolt, disturb

As, Agitate

41. Because my son is a troublemaker, he likes to Agitate his younger sister by hiding her dolls


42. The protestors outside city hall hoped they were yelling loud enough to Agitate the close-minded mayor.


43. As a teenager, I'd constantly Agitate my friends to meet outside Woolworths on a Saturday afternoon or go drinking stolen amaretto in the woods.: Crime and the closure or downsizing of Hartlepool's bustling three-star hospital, not foxhunting or Iraq, Agitate most Hartlepudlians

As, Agitate, Afternoon, Amaretto, And

44. And we'll continue to Agitate for political parties to revise this bad bill in light of our evidence after …

And, Agitate, After

45. Maytag washers usually run without a problem, that is unless they won’t Agitate


46. ∎ [intr.] campaign to arouse public concern about an issue in the hope of prompting action: they Agitated for a reversal of the decision

Arouse, About, An, Action, Agitated

47. The Tesla Bot will 'Agitate' investors and distract the EV company from correcting key issues weighing on the stock, Wedbush says [email protected] (Emily Graffeo) 20 …

Agitate, And

48. Agitate (Instrumental) DOWNLOAD From : Rapidgator, Uploaded, Katfile, Mexashare, … [Single] 7ORDER – 雨が始まりの合図 / SUMMER様様 (2021.07.07/MP3/RAR)


49. Agitate 68.6M views Discover short videos related to Agitate on TikTok


50. Agitate for To encourage and build support for a cause, especially by actively campaigning for it

Agitate, And, Actively




AGITATE [ˈajəˌtāt]

agitate (verb) · agitates (third person present) · agitated (past tense) · agitated (past participle) · agitating (present participle)

Synonyms: Upset . Perturb . Fluster . Ruffle . Disconcert . Unnerve . Disquiet . Disturb . Distress . Unsettle . Bother . Concern . Trouble . Alarm . Work up . Flurry . Worry . Inflame . Incite . Provoke . Stir up . Calm . Campaign . Strive . Battle . Fight . Struggle . Crusade . Push . Press . Argue . Debate . Dispute . Wrangle . Stir . Whisk . Beat . Churn . Shake . Toss . Blend . Whip (up) . Fold . Roil . Jolt . Disturb .

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