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1. Alert: [adjective] watchful and prompt to meet danger or emergency

Alert, Adjective, And

2. Synonyms for Alert: admonishment, admonition, alarm, caution, forewarning, heads-up, notice, warning; Antonyms for Alert: asleep, careless, heedless, incautious

Alert, Admonishment, Admonition, Alarm, Antonyms, Asleep

3. Alert definition, fully aware and attentive; wide-awake; keen: an Alert mind

Alert, Aware, And, Attentive, Awake, An

4. Find 81 ways to say Alert, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

Alert, Along, Antonyms, And, At

5. Welcome to Oregon's Immunization Information System: Posted on 11/01/2020: Alert IIS Help Desk 1-800-980-9431 Alert[email protected] Mon

Alert, Alertiis

6. Alert is intended to solicit help from the public in the safe and swift apprehension of violent suspects that have killed or seriously injured law enforcement officers and who continue to pose a threat to public safety

Alert, And, Apprehension

7. Wednesday at Stanford, according to a tweet Thursday from the CHP, which issued a silver Alert for …

At, According, Alert

8. The Alert () method in JavaScript is used to display a virtual Alert box


9. It displays an Alert dialog box that consists of some specified message (which is optional) and an OK button

An, Alert, And

10. $ ().Alert () Makes an Alert listen for click events on descendant elements which have the data-dismiss="Alert" attribute

Alert, An, Attribute

11. (Not necessary when using the data-api’s auto-initialization.) $ ().Alert ('close') Closes an Alert by removing it from the DOM

Api, Auto, Alert, An

12. If the .fade and .show classes are present on the element, the Alert will fade

And, Are, Alert

13. The Alert () method displays an Alert box with a specified message and an OK button

Alert, An, And

14. An Alert box is often used if you want to make sure information comes through to the user

An, Alert

15. Note: The Alert box takes the focus away from the current window, and forces the browser to read the message.

Alert, Away, And

16. Alert (Awareness and Localization of Explosives-Related Threats) is a multi-university Department of Homeland Security Center of Excellence (COE).

Alert, Awareness, And

17. One of 9 Centers of Excellence across the country, Alert is a multi-university, multi-institution, partnership that conducts transformational research, technology and educational development for effective response to explosives-related threats.

Across, Alert, And

18. Alert: noun A generic term for a warning call, alarm, or message which addresses concerns where urgent action may be needed to be provided by a health and social care

Alert, Alarm, Addresses, Action, And

19. Window.Alert () window.Alert () instructs the browser to display a dialog with an optional message, and to wait until the user dismisses the dialog

Alert, An, And

20. Alert (motorcycle), an English motorcycle manufactured 1903–1906

Alert, An

21. Alert messaging, machine-to-person communications such as reminders and notifications

Alert, As, And

22. To change how you get Alerts, click Settings check the options you want and click Save

Alerts, And

23. Next to the Alert you want to remove, click Delete


24. Optional: You can also delete an Alert by clicking Unsubscribe at the bottom of …

Also, An, Alert, At

25. Alert! Alert! Alert! Did I get your attention? When you are Alert, you are awake and ready

Alert, Attention, Are, Awake, And

26. When you issue an Alert you give warning, Alerting people to, or notifying them of, a concern.

An, Alert, Alerting

27. Owner Alert is a free service designed to help you protect your property from scams or fraud by notifying you if a document is received by BCPA changing the ownership of your property


28. Emergency Alert System (EAS) The Emergency Alert System (EAS) is a national public warning system that allows the president to address the nation within 10 minutes during a national emergency

Alert, Allows, Address

29. ‘She was quite Alert and was able to learn the English language rather quickly.’ ‘Surviving in a comatose state, his mind is still Alert and active.’ ‘Ms L was Alert and oriented and able to move both lower extremities at the time of transfer.’ ‘Everyone agreed that Mr Sage was an intelligent, Alert man, notwithstanding his years.’

Alert, And, Able, Active, At, Agreed, An

30. Alert Feat Grade: A + Is the Alert feat worth it? The answer is almost always a strong YES! 5E Alert is a stupidly effective feat that is powerful for almost every class of player as well as any party going through a 5E campaign

Alert, Answer, Almost, Always, As, Any

31. Bootstrap provides an easy way to create predefined Alert messages: × Success! This Alert box indicates a successful or positive action

An, Alert, Action

32. × Info! This Alert box indicates a neutral informative change or action

Alert, Action

33. × Warning! This Alert box indicates a warning that might need attention

Alert, Attention

34. Alert is an NGO that trains people in First Aid and life-saving techniques in real-life situations

Alert, An, Aid, And

35. Alert is driven by a few individuals who are passionate about their cause with a high level of dedication and determination

Alert, Are, About, And

36. We covered 3 browser-specific functions to interact with visitors: Alert


37. The Alert platform is the industry’s largest and most compliant online global database for the maintenance and communication of account and standing settlement instructions (SSIs)

Alert, And, Account

38. Alert enables a community of investment managers, brokers-dealers, custodian banks and prime brokers to share accurate account and SSI automatically worldwide.

Alert, And, Accurate, Account, Automatically

39. An Alert can have an action, such as a close or undo button

An, Alert, Action, As

40. It is rendered after the message, at the end of the Alert

After, At, Alert

41. Alert the public To bring something to the attention of the public at large, especially as a warning of some kind

Alert, Attention, At, As

42. The purpose of her video was to Alert the public to the risks of eating too much sugar


43. We want to Alert the public that the business will be moving to a new location at the end of the month

Alert, At

44. When an Alert is in place, wood burning becomes illegal in Palo Alto

An, Alert, Alto

45. With the rise of frequent and severe wildfires, the wood-burning ban has been extended to include any days year-round when a Spare the Air Alert is in place.

And, Any, Air, Alert

46. Alert definition: If you are Alert , you are paying full attention to things around you and are able to Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Alert, Are, Attention, Around, And, Able

47. OR-Alert is an effort to ensure statewide access to receive Alerts, warnings, and notifications (AWN) systems, enabling real-time sharing of hazard information across Oregon’s 36 counties and tribal governments

Alert, An, Access, Alerts, And, Awn, Across

48. This technology also allows county emergency managers to access notification tools including FEMA’s Integrated Alerts and Warnings

Also, Allows, Access, Alerts, And

49. The Alert class subclasses the Dialog class, and provides support for a number of pre-built dialog types that can be easily shown to users to prompt for a response

Alert, And

50. Therefore, for many users, the Alert class is the most suited class for their needs (as opposed to using Dialog directly)

Alert, As

51. The Alert! Mass Warning Notification System sends registered users emergency warnings and other critical information, such as hazardous road conditions, reporting delays, and base closures due to severe weather

Alert, And, As

52. Whale Alert offers Alert and tracking services that help to make blockchain data more accessible and transparent

Alert, And, Accessible

53. Alert1 offers in-home and mobile medical Alert systems for seniors and others looking for the security and protection that a personal emergency button alarm provides

And, Alert, Alarm

54. Our affordable, easy to use medical Alert systems offer reliable peace of mind for you or your loved ones, 24/7/365

Affordable, Alert

55. Our page; the legitimate Alert T&T page DID NOT laugh at your comments

Alert, Amp, At

56. Alert missions are one-time, temporary Missions which appear randomly in place of any mission on a planet's map which a player has previously unlocked (though not necessarily completed)

Alert, Are, Appear, Any

57. They can be of any mission type (noted in top of description window) and often have vague references to the mission type explained under "description." Alerts are temporary, usually lasting between 30 and 70

Any, And, Alerts, Are

58. The Alert email may provide links to the list or library, Alert settings, the name of the user who created the Alert, a mobile view, and other information and commands

Alert, And

59. Go to the SharePoint library or list where you want to set the Alert.


60. The International Alert Academy is a unique Christian training and service organization whose mission is to equip individuals with the tools to prepare them for the specific callings God has placed on their lives.

Alert, Academy, And

61. Wirelessly syncs data to the i-Alert mobile app via Bluetooth Smart enabled devices

Alert, App




ALERT [əˈlərt]

alert (adjective) · alerter (comparative adjective) · alertest (superlative adjective)

Synonyms: Vigilant . Hypervigilant . Wide awake . Aware . Watchful . Attentive . Observant . Circumspect . Wary . Chary . Heedful . Canny . On one's toes . On the qui vive . Inattentive . Quick-witted . Sharp . Bright . Quick . Keen . Perceptive . Wide awake . Responsive . Agile . Acute . Astute . Slow .

alert (noun) · alerts (plural noun)

Synonyms: Vigilance . Watchfulness . Carefulness . Attentiveness . Guardedness . Care . Caution . Cautiousness . Wariness . Alertness . Hypervigilance . Circumspection . Prudence . Heedfulness . Heed . Mindfulness . Carelessness . Warning . Caution . Notification . Notice . Exhortation . Injunction . Siren . Alarm . Signal . Danger signal . Distress signal . Purr . Purring . Ring . Ringing . Note . Tone . Beep . Bleep . Meep . Warble . Signal . Alarm .

alert (verb) · alerts (third person present) · alerted (past tense) · alerted (past participle) · alerting (present participle)

Synonyms: Warn . Notify . Apprise . Caution . Forewarn . Arouse .

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