How to Use Align in a sentence with examples

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1. The meaning of Align is to arrange things so that they form a line or are in proper position

Align, Arrange, Are

2. To bring into line or Alignment; to array on the side of or against a party or cause; to get or fall into line… See the full definition

Alignment, Array, Against

3. Align is a dietary probiotic supplement aiming to improve your overall gut health and daily wellness

Align, Aiming, And

4. Because we hold gut health to the highest standard at Align, we want to empower you on your journey to a healthy gut—starting with education.

At, Align

5. Align is a leading global provider of technology infrastructure solutions & managed IT services

Align, Amp

6. Align Technology is a global medical device company that is changing lives through better smiles


7. How to use Align Follow all directions on the product package

Align, All

8. Use Align (probiotic capsules) as ordered by your doctor

Align, As

9. The Align Financial Planning Group can provide comprehensive investment solutions that complement traditional saving options


10. †† Based on more than 1,612 Align user reviews from as of 3/31/2021

Align, Alignprobiotics, As

11. PO Box 8400, Edmond, OK 73083-8400 ©2021 AlignRx, LLC


12. Align is a guide for Americans who are ready and willing to act on their beliefs

Align, Americans, Are, And, Act

13. Align: verb accommodate , adapt , adjust , ameliorate , amend , attune , change , collimate, conform , correct , cure , improve , level , line up , make uniform

Align, Accommodate, Adapt, Adjust, Ameliorate, Amend, Attune

14. Align your teams with each other and to work that matters

Align, And

15. Learn more about using Align to get everyone on the same page.

About, Align

16. Align definition, to arrange in a straight line; adjust according to a line

Align, Arrange, Adjust, According

17. Align was launched in 2004 with a commitment to help others successfully achieve their career and organizational goals

Align, Achieve, And

18. Whether it’s a small, short-term project or a major long-term endeavor, Align clients benefit from our


19. Find 34 ways to say Align, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

Align, Along, Antonyms, And, At

20. Aligned: See: coextensive , concerted , concomitant , concordant


21. Align (oneself) with To support, agree with, or form an alliance with a particular person or idea

Align, Agree, An, Alliance

22. As soon as I explained how the plan would benefit the company financially, the CFO Aligned himself with the idea

As, Aligned

23. Heather Aligned herself with an animal rights group and began promoting veganism

Aligned, An, Animal, And

24. See also: Align the stars Align The current situation or set

Also, Align

25. Align is a daily probiotic supplement that fortifies your gut with good bacteria to help you maintain digestive balance.* Align contains the probiotic strain Bifidobacterium 35624 and is the #1 doctor and gastroenterologist recommended probiotic brand.‡ *THESE STATEMENTS HAVE NOT BEEN EVALUATED BY THE FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION.

Align, And, Administration

26. The purpose of the HTML Align attribute is to specify the Alignment of data and the justification of text in a cell of a table

Align, Attribute, Alignment, And

27. HTML Align attribute supports col, colgroup, tbody, td, tfoot, th, thead, tr elements

Align, Attribute

28. Usage of Align attribute for any other HTML elements is deprecated

Align, Attribute, Any

29. Align DualBiotic, Prebiotic + Probiotic for Men And Women, Help nourish and add good bacteria for digestive support, Natural Fruit Flavors, 60 Gummies

Align, And, Add

30. Align is a joint venture of three international and privately-owned infrastructure companies; Bouygues Travaux Publics, a subsidiary of Bouygues Construction, Sir Robert McAlpine, and VolkerFitzpatrick, a subsidiary of VolkerWessels

Align, And

31. Many new instructions require data that's Aligned to 16-byte boundaries


32. Additionally, by Aligning frequently used data to the processor's cache line size, you improve cache performance.

Additionally, Aligning

33. The Align Attribute in HTML is used to is used to specify the Alignment of text content of The Element

Align, Attribute, Alignment

34. 30 synonyms for Align: ally, side, join, associate, affiliate, cooperate, sympathize, line up, even, order

Align, Ally, Associate, Affiliate

35. ‡‡ Based on more than 1,612 Align user reviews from as of March 31, 2021

Align, Alignprobiotics, As

36. Align AEROSPACE The focus of Align Aerospace is to continue concentrating on our core values and strengths, as they are in the heart of the focus of our customers, and the right leverages for our growth.-- Jerome de Truchis, President and CEO of Align Aerospace

Align, Aerospace, And, As, Are

37. Non-Confidential PDF versionARM DUI0379H ARM® Compiler v5.06 for µVision® armasm User GuideVersion 5Home > Directives Reference > Align 12.5 Align The Align directive Aligns the current location to a specified boundary by padding with zeros or NOP instructions

Arm, Armasm, Align, Aligns

38. Syntax Align {expr{,offset{,pad{,padsize}}}} where: expr is a numeric expression evaluating to any …

Align, Any

39. Align Manpower is the premier Dubai manpower company in the UAE with staff of thousands deployed across multiple industries in Dubai and all over UAE

Align, Across, And, All

40. Align can take care of your staffing needs including accommodation, payroll management and much more.

Align, Accommodation, And


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42. Align Women's Prebiotic Probiotic Supplement Gummies, Cranberry 50 Ct


43. Align Women's Prebiotic Probiotic Supplement Gummies, Cranberry 50 Ct.


44. If anything, unions must Align with other unions for support and political activity

Anything, Align, And, Activity

45. Bridged in aluminum grating, they slice through each level and Align with skylights in the roof

Aluminum, And, Align

46. The forces that make a magnesium spin try to Align with its closest neighbours and disAlign with others lead to what physicists call

Align, And

47. Align’s doctor-directed weight loss program targets hormonal imbalances to determine sources of weight gain and provide a …

Align, And

48. Align Digestive Support contains the probiotic strain,* Bifidobacterium* 35624™


49. Align has been featured in more than 50 publications and abstracts

Align, And, Abstracts

50. We designed this collection to help Align your thoughts and movements

Align, And

51. Looking for online definition of Align or what Align stands for? Align is listed in the World's largest and most authoritative dictionary database of …

Align, And, Authoritative

52. Government or President could claim anyone was (directly Aligned with militants) e

Anyone, Aligned

53. The sun is shining, the air is fresh and your motivation is Aligned with the stars.

Air, And, Aligned

54. The Align environment is used for two or more equations when vertical Alignment is desired; usually binary relations such as equal signs are Aligned

Align, Alignment, As, Are, Aligned

55. American Mathematical Society, User's Guide for the amsmath Package For all intents and purposes, the Align environment is a replacement for the eqnarray environment and all its warts

American, Amsmath, All, And, Align

56. Align Books, the best billing software in India, offers you the ease to connect order, sales, and accounting with providing notification engine for email and SMS alerts

Align, And, Accounting, Alerts

57. Align is a leading global provider of technology infrastructure solutions, managed IT services, cybersecurity risk management and data center deployment

Align, And


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Align, At

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At, And, Align

60. The Align directive Aligns the next data element or instruction on an address that is a multiple of its parameter

Align, Aligns, An, Address

61. The parameter must be a power of 2 (for example, 1, 2, 4, and so on) that is less than or equal to the segment Alignment

And, Alignment

62. Align is the world’s largest manufacturer of custom 3D-printed materials


63. By joining Align, you will be part of a global, fast-growing company in one of the most dynamic industries.





ALIGN [əˈlīn]

align (verb) · aligns (third person present) · aligned (past tense) · aligned (past participle) · aligning (present participle)

Synonyms: Line up . Range . Marshal . Orient . Place . Position . Dispose . Situate . Set . Place . Position . Put . Dispose . Situate . Set . Orientate .

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