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1. According to the word mavens, "all of the sudden" is considered a to-certainly-be-avoided mistake for the long-standing expression "all of a sudden" (meaning "suddenly," "sooner than expected," "at once").Considering how few examples of the mistake are found in edited sources, it seems most writers and their copy editors are diligently heeding the advice.

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2. All of a sudden is an idiom that is a more poetic way of saying “suddenly.” A common mistake to make, especially for English learners, is to write all the sudden or all of the sudden

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3. Currently, all of a sudden is the only accepted usage.

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4. Definition of all of a sudden in the Idioms Dictionary


5. What does all of a sudden expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary.


6. Synonyms for all of a sudden include suddenly, unexpectedly, abruptly, immediately, instantly, instantaneously, promptly, swiftly, without warning and without notice

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7. Find 20 ways to say ALL OF A SUDDEN, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

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8. Watch the official music video for "All Of A Sudden" by Lil Baby Feat


9. All of a sudden, there was a huge explosion down the street


10. All of a sudden : very quickly and unexpectedly, suddenly

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11. All of a sudden tends to describe something that took place unexpectedly or without warning


12. For example, I was just about to put the horses up for the night, when all of a sudden, a coyote howled nearby

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13. All of a sudden, twelve hooded druids appeared in …

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14. The expression is "all of a sudden" See a translation 0 likes Highly-rated answerer JimmyGoh1218

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15. All of a sudden is an adverb phrase that describes things that occur without warning or at once

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16. All of a sudden synonyms, all of a sudden pronunciation, all of a sudden translation, English dictionary definition of all of a sudden


17. All of a sudden definition at, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation

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18. 'All of a sudden' sounds like the kind of poetic version of 'suddenly' that would do justice to Shakespeare


19. Now all of a sudden your children are raised in what seems to everyone to be the lap of luxury

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20. It was a Sunday night and all of a sudden the dogs came howling and yelping back to their masters

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21. You just found out you're expecting a baby, and all of a sudden life has become a whirlwind of activity! 1.

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22. “All of a sudden” is the right way to say it, but when he heard it that way, apparently it bugged him

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23. The phrase all of a sudden is used to refer to an event that was unanticipated

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24. Synonyms for All Of A Sudden (other words and phrases for All Of A Sudden)

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25. 312 other terms for all of a sudden- words and phrases with similar meaning

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26. All of a sudden definition: If something happens all of a sudden , it happens quickly and unexpectedly

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27. “All of a Sudden” is the third track from Lil Baby’s Too Hard mixtape


28. There are no featured reviews for All of a Sudden because the movie has not released yet ()

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29. All of a sudden ( not comparable ) ( set phrase, colloquial) Suddenly, quickly, without warning


30. Synonyms for all of a sudden in English including definitions, and related words.

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31. All of a sudden my scalp felt extremely itchy, and I was not sure why

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32. If that was the case, then "All Of A Sudden" was Geffen records' attempt to unleash an Americanized "Armed Forces." The wordplay was certainly as wickedly funny and acidically ironic as Costello's or Graham Parker's, and the CD bookends with a pair of stone classics in "I …

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33. All of a sudden (you go out of sight) [Verse 2: Wiz Khalifa] (Uh) Ooh, wonder where you went to


34. All Of A Sudden, Things Are Starting To Get Really Weird As We Approach The End Of 2021

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35. All of a sudden ý nghĩa, định nghĩa, all of a sudden là gì: 1


36. All Of A Sudden, Things Are Starting To Get Really Weird As We Approach The End Of 2021

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37. All of a sudden I hear broadcasters everywhere saying, "That begs the question," when they mean, "That brings up or suggests the question." Begging the question is a false argumentative technique, but it's being used in this other sense so often, that it behooves old-fashioned rear-guard grammar activists like me to simply accept it and move on.

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38. What all of a sudden means in English, all of a sudden meaning in English, all of a sudden definition, explanation, pronunciations and examples of all of a sudden in English

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39. All of a Sudden (Hong Kong Movie); 惊变; Jing bian;; Simon Yam’s wife dies of an apparent suicide so he goes after her former lover, Alfred Cheung

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40. French Translation of “all of a sudden” The official Collins English-French Dictionary online


41. If there are flies in your house all of a sudden, your garden is one of the first areas you should inspect

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ALL OF A SUDDEN [all of a sudden]


Synonyms: Suddenly . Immediately . Instantaneously . Instantly . Straight away . At once . All at once . Promptly . Abruptly . In a trice . Swiftly . Unexpectedly . On the spur of the moment . Gradually .

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between all of a sudden and suddenly?

All of a sudden is an idiom that functions as an adverb phrase. It has the same meaning as suddenly, which means quickly or unexpectedly . All of a sudden is the correct spelling. All of the sudden is a misspelling of the phrase. Jun 24 2019

What does all of a sudden mean?

All of a sudden is a popular idiom. It functions as an adverb in sentences, much like the word suddenly. All of a sudden tends to describe something that took place unexpectedly or without warning.

What is a synonym for suddenly?

suddenly, all of a sudden, of a sudden(adverb) happening unexpectedly. "suddenly she felt a sharp pain in her side". Synonyms: on the spur of the moment, short, of a sudden, dead, abruptly, all at once, all of a sudden.

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