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1. Amalgamating synonyms, Amalgamating pronunciation, Amalgamating translation, English dictionary definition of Amalgamating


2. Amalgamation: [noun] the action or process of uniting or merging two or more things : the action or process of Amalgamating

Amalgamation, Action, Amalgamating

3. The act of Amalgamating or the condition resulting from this act

Act, Amalgamating

4. Synonyms for Amalgamating include combining, blending, incorporating, integrating, intermixing, coalescing, fusing, melding, mingling and mixing

Amalgamating, And

5. The Amalgamating Corporations having made full disclosure each to the other of all their respective assets and liabilities, have determined that it is desirable that their amalgamation be effected and, acting under the authority contained in the Act, have agreed to amalgamate and continue as one corporation upon the terms and conditions set out

Amalgamating, All, Assets, And, Amalgamation, Acting, Authority, Act, Agreed, Amalgamate, As

6. In Amalgamating without the use of chemicals, finely divided iron, worn from the shoes and dies in the stamp-mill and the pan, decomposes cerargyrite and argentite, and the liberated silver is taken up by the quicksilver; the process is hastened by adding salt.

Amalgamating, And, Argentite, Adding

7. Amalgamation is the process whereby two or more companies are combined so that the property, rights, privileges, liabilities and obligations of the Amalgamating (discontinuing) companies are transferred to, and vest in, one amalgamated company

Amalgamation, Are, And, Amalgamating, Amalgamated

8. Definition of Amalgamating in the dictionary


9. What does Amalgamating mean? Information and translations of Amalgamating in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

Amalgamating, And

10. In amalgamation, shareholders of the Amalgamating companies get proportionate shareholding in the new amalgamated company.

Amalgamation, Amalgamating, Amalgamated

11. Self-Amalgamating tape is a rubber tape that is able to adhere to itself without any type of glue or adhesive

Amalgamating, Able, Adhere, Any, Adhesive

12. The lack of glue is why it often earns the nickname of “Magic Tape.” Self-Amalgamating tape, (or Magic Tape), works by pulling and stretching the tape so that as you place the stretched-out layer of tape over another layer of the tape it interweaves with itself, or it “self

Amalgamating, And, As, Another

13. Definition of Amalgamating with in the Idioms Dictionary


14. What does Amalgamating with expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary.


15. Self Amalgamating Tape (High Voltage Tape) is used in joints and terminations for insulation and sealing applications up to 66kV

Amalgamating, And, Applications

16. Self Amalgamating Tape when stretched and applied over its own layers, it amalgamates

Amalgamating, And, Applied, Amalgamates

17. In Amalgamating without the use of chemicals, finely divided iron, worn from the shoes and dies in the stamp-mill and the pan, decomposes cerargyrite and argentite, and the liberated silver is taken up by the quicksilver; the process is hastened by adding salt.

Amalgamating, And, Argentite, Adding

18. Notwithstanding this position, the respondent has proceeded with further proceedings qua impugned SCN and main impugned order dated 29.06.2021 again in the name of Amalgamating company which ceased to exist on and from 18.05.2020

And, Again, Amalgamating

19. To be noted, L&T Shipbuilding Limited is the Amalgamating company and writ petitioner herein Larsen and Toubro

Amp, Amalgamating, And

20. T&D stock and supply the complete range of 3M Scotch Self Amalgamating Tapes

Amp, And, Amalgamating

21. Scapa is one of the few European manufacturers of self Amalgamating tape


22. Built on a reputation of high quality and performance based on over 30 years of manufacturing expertise, Scapa builds self Amalgamating tapes that are constructed from extremely versatile rubber based materials that are non-tacky, which makes them a breeze to use and apply.

And, Amalgamating, Are, Apply

23. Proposals include Amalgamating Berwick and Tweedmouth's middle schools with Berwick High to create a large single centre

Amalgamating, And

24. Plans on the table Amalgamating ambulance services is an unnecessary risk

Amalgamating, Ambulance, An

25. Self-Amalgamating tapes are rubber based, extremely versatile, non-tacky materials, making them very easy to use and apply

Amalgamating, Are, And, Apply

26. Scapa utilises three types of rubber in our self-Amalgamating tapes – EPR (ethylene propylene), PIB


27. Self Amalgamating tapes are a non-tacky, silicon rubber tape that will bond or fuse to itself when stretched

Amalgamating, Are

28. These tapes do not contain any glue or adhesive ingredients.Amalgamating means combined so self Amalgamating means these

Any, Adhesive, Amalgamating

29. Self Amalgamating tape, also known as self fusing tape, is a self bonding rubber or silicone tape used for electrical insulation applications

Amalgamating, Also, As, Applications

30. Self Amalgamating tapes are commonly used for waterproofing

Amalgamating, Are

31. Scapa 2517 is an insulating, self-Amalgamating tape based on EPR (Ethylene Propylene Rubber)

An, Amalgamating

32. Silicone Tape 67N is a self-Amalgamating silicone elastomer which provides high temperature and mechanical protection.

Amalgamating, And

33. Self-Amalgamating materials in the form of tape will provide such protection by forming a unitary protective layer over such repairs


34. An environmentally secure seal is established by wrapping a self-Amalgamating tape around the affected area whereupon a unitary covering is achievable

An, Amalgamating, Around, Affected, Area, Achievable

35. A Sosmetal Product Demonstration on the various uses of Amalgamating Tape.



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37. Scapa 2501 Self Amalgamating Tape 10M 0.02" X 2" Individual Rolls C636


38. Splicing and Insulating Tapes – Self Amalgamating 3M offers a range of highly conformable self Amalgamating tapes that seal out moisture and insulate low and medium voltage connections up to 69 kV

And, Amalgamating

39. 3M Scotch 23 Tape is a highly conformable 0.76mm thick, high voltage jointing and an EPR (Ethylene Propylene Rubber) based self Amalgamating tape.

And, An, Amalgamating

40. Http:// Waterproof Amalgamating tape, suitable for use outdoors.

Accessories, Amalgamating

41. The proposed by-laws, indicating whether they are new or consist of the by-laws of one of the Amalgamating corporations; and.

Are, Amalgamating, And

42. A new military law, practically Amalgamating the Finnish with the Russian forces, followed in July 1901; Russian officials and the Russian language were forced on Finland wherever possible, and in April 1903 the Russian governor, General Bobrikov, was invested with practically dictatorial powers.

Amalgamating, And, April

43. Find listing of self Amalgamating tape, self Amalgamating tape manufacturers, suppliers, dealers & exporters from India

Amalgamating, Amp

44. Get self Amalgamating tape at best price from listed companies as …

Amalgamating, At, As

45. • Worries have been expressed about the current trend of Amalgamating sales teams

About, Amalgamating

46. The Amalgamating companies must prepare an amalgamation proposal containing all the relevant consideration and preparation

Amalgamating, An, Amalgamation, All, And


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 · The S1081 is a polyolefin based Self-Amalgamating Harness Tape, non-flame retarded


48. Self Amalgamating Tape Self Adhesive Self Amalgamating Tape Electric Insulation 5kV High Voltage Resistant Rubber Electrical Tape

Amalgamating, Adhesive




AMALGAMATING [əˈmalɡəˌmāt]


Synonyms: Combine . Merge . Unite . Integrate . Fuse . Blend . Mingle . Coalesce . Consolidate . Meld . Intermingle . Mix . Intermix . Incorporate . Affiliate . Join forces . Get together . Link (up) . Unify . Commingle . Separate .

Frequently Asked Questions

What does amalgamating mean?

Definition of amalgamate. transitive verb. : to unite in or as if in an amalgam especially : to merge into a single body They amalgamated the hospital with the university.

What does amalgamated mean?

• AMALGAMATED (adjective) The adjective AMALGAMATED has 1 sense: 1. joined together into a whole Familiarity information: AMALGAMATED used as an adjective is very rare.

What does amalgamation mean?

Definition of amalgamation. 1a : the action or process of uniting or merging two or more things : the action or process of amalgamating an opportunity for the amalgamation of the two companies. b : the state of being amalgamated. 2 : the result of amalgamating : amalgam Opera is an amalgamation of singing, acting, and stagecraft.

What does amalgam mean?

Pronunciation (US): • AMALGAM (noun) The noun AMALGAM has 2 senses: 1. an alloy of mercury with another metal (usually silver) used by dentists to fill cavities in teeth; except for iron and platinum all metals dissolve in mercury and chemists refer to the resulting mercury mixtures as amalgams 2.

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