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1. Amateur definition is - one who engages in a pursuit, study, science, or sport as a pastime rather than as a profession

Amateur, As

2. Should Amateur only be used literally? Synonym Discussion of Amateur.


3. After he's recruited to an elite prep school, a 14-year-old basketball phenom is confronted by corruption and greed in Amateur sports

After, An, And, Amateur

4. Amateur definition, a person who engages in a study, sport, or other activity for pleasure rather than for financial benefit or professional reasons

Amateur, Activity

5. As the proliferation in recent years of Amateur sexual videos and live performances via webcams has demonstrated, though, more than a few of us are quite willing to amuse audiences by sharing our

As, Amateur, And, Are, Amuse, Audiences

6. It collects a whole mess of adult material, but the site focuses on Amateur uploads from its community

Adult, Amateur

7. Williams, who also was an Amateur Athletic Union champion in the 100 meter freestyle (1939) and an Olympics swimming finalist (1940), also portrayed Kellerman in the 1952 film Million Dollar Mermaid (titled as The One Piece Bathing Suit in UK)

Also, An, Amateur, Athletic, And, As

8. 29 synonyms of Amateur from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 76 related words, definitions, and antonyms

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9. Below are some of our favorite famous Amateur porn stars, for better or worse, right here and now - even if some of them would tell you they aren't real porn stars (looking at you, Farrah).

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11. An Amateur is a person who does something for enjoyment, not money, like an Amateur who paints as a hobby but earns a living another way.

An, Amateur, As, Another

12. Amateur synonyms, Amateur pronunciation, Amateur translation, English dictionary definition of Amateur


13. The look says it all: "Amateurs, observe how a professional works." 7103-VIVE LE ROUGE by LFDV1960.

All, Amateurs

14. An Amateur (/ ˈ æ m ə tj ər-tj ʊər /; French: ; lit

An, Amateur

15. Amateurs and their pursuits are also described as popular, informal, self-taught, user-generated, DIY, and hobbyist.

Amateurs, And, Are, Also, As

16. Browse 7,513 young Amateur stock photos and images available, or start a new search to explore more stock photos and images

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17. Winning football team cheering - young Amateur stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

Amateur, Amp

18. Portrait of young man holding football - young Amateur stock pictures, royalty-free


19. Find 23 ways to say Amateur, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

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20. Amateur (n.) 1784, "one who has a taste for some art, study, or pursuit, but does not practice it," from French Amateur "one who loves, lover" (16c., restored from Old French ameour), from Latin amatorem (nominative amator) "lover, friend," agent noun from amatus, past participle of amare "to love" (see Amy).

Amateur, Art, Ameour, Amatorem, Amator, Agent, Amatus, Amare, Amy

21. ‘As an Amateur, Uhalt turned down football scholarship offers to pursue professional baseball.’ ‘Ironically, Beaumont is the Amateur on this professional tour.’ ‘The top Amateur is recognized with a special green leader's jersey after each stage.’ ‘They insisted they were …

As, An, Amateur, After

22. Amateur is a 2018 American sports drama film about a young basketball future star struggling with his personal life in pursuit of his dream

Amateur, American, About

23. Amateur definition: An Amateur is someone who does something as a hobby and not as a job

Amateur, An, As, And

24. Amateur (comparative more Amateur, superlative most Amateur) Non-professional


25. Created, done, or populated by Amateurs or non-professionals


26. Amateur sports; Showing a lack of professionalism, experience or talent


27. • John Enright of the Olympic Club is one of the Amateurs


28. Amateur Amateur 2 adjective 1 doing something for pleasure, or done for pleasure, and not as a job OPP professional an Amateur golfer Amateur dramatics British English (= producing or acting in plays for pleasure) 2 Amateurish It was a very Amateur performance.

Amateur, Adjective, And, As, An, Acting, Amateurish

29. Amateur, in sports, one who engages in athletic competition without material recompense

Amateur, Athletic

30. The word Amateur is normally used to mean: somebody who does something (e.g


31. The word “Amateur” comes from a French word meaning


32. 'Hot Girls Wanted': A Shocking Look at How Teen Girls End Up in Amateur Porn Rachel Bernard said she answered a Craigslist ad for a modeling gig, and found herself doing adult entertainment.

At, Amateur, Answered, Ad, And, Adult

33. The 2022 Arnold Amateur Bodybuilding Championships Will Return March 3-5, 2022 To Columbus, Ohio

Arnold, Amateur

34. Amateur: One who engages in an art, science, study, or athletic activity as a pastime rather than as a profession.

Amateur, An, Art, Athletic, Activity, As

35. Music video by Molotov performing Amateur (Rock Me Amadeus)

Amateur, Amadeus

36. KENWOOD Amateur radio products are sold world-wide, building on a reputation for outstanding audio quality both on transmit and receive - since 1955.

Amateur, Are, Audio, And

37. Amateur freedivers in Spain have discovered one of the largest collections of gold Roman coins found in Europe


38. Your Favorite Celebs Who Are Also Amateur Porn Stars by Free Britney at March 24, 2014 8:11 pm

Are, Also, Amateur, At

39. The East Coast Amateur Radio Service, Inc has announced that it can provide financial support for worthy Amateur radio related initiatives.“The focus of this grant program is to support Amateur radio and other non-profit organizations with programs to educate, license and otherwise support Amateur radio activities — with emphasis on youth-based projects,” ECARS said.

Amateur, Announced, And, Activities

40. You need an Amateur licence to communicate on Amateur frequencies

An, Amateur

41. You must be qualified to apply for an Amateur licence

Apply, An, Amateur

42. The Radiocommunications Licence Conditions (Amateur Licence) Determination 2015 defines





AMATEUR [ˈamədər, ˈaməˌtər, ˈaməCHər]

amateur (noun) · amateurs (plural noun)

Synonyms: Nonprofessional . Nonspecialist . Layman . Layperson . Dilettante . Dabbler . Putterer . Trifler . Enthusiast . Devotee . Fan . … lover . Professional . Bungler . Blunderer . Incompetent . Bumbler . Expert .

amateur (adjective)

Synonyms: Nonprofessional . Nonspecialist . Lay . Dilettante . Incompetent . Inept . Useless . Unskillful . Inexpert . Clumsy . Maladroit . Gauche . Blundering . Bungling . Bumbling . Amateurish . Botched . Crude .

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