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1. Amazonian: [adjective] relating to, resembling, or befitting an Amazon or an amazon.

Amazonian, Adjective, An, Amazon

2. Amazonian definition, (of a woman) characteristic of or like an Amazon; powerful and aggressive; warlike

Amazonian, An, Amazon, And, Aggressive

3. The Amazonians are a race of gigantic, cavewomen like humanoids from the Planet Amazonia

Amazonians, Are, Amazonia

4. When the Planet Express crew visits Amazonia, The Femputer sentences the men to execution by "snu-snu", which is the Amazonian term for sexual intercourse

Amazonia, Amazonian

5. The Amazonian myths appeared to hold the key to the innermost neuroses of the Athenian male

Amazonian, Appeared, Athenian

6. Timandra - An Amazonian historian; In Other Media Television

An, Amazonian

7. Synonyms for Amazonian: butch, boyish, hoydenish, tomboyish, hairy-chested, hypermasculine, macho, ultramasculine, male, manlike


8. Amazonian synonyms, Amazonian pronunciation, Amazonian translation, English dictionary definition of Amazonian


9. Amazonian Magic Mushrooms are considered highly potent because they contain an absurdly high amount of psilocybin and psilocin.These two psychedelic compounds are the reason why you hallucinate after consuming shrooms.

Amazonian, Are, An, Absurdly, Amount, And, After

10. Ecological knowledge of local populations allows better control of Amazonian wildlife

Allows, Amazonian

11. Interviews on the LEK of local people in Amazonian forests


12. Increasing evidence suggests that the modern floristic composition and structure of Amazonian forests have been influenced by past human activity ().Seasonal forests and river margins are thought to have been modified more intensively than were wetter and less accessible forests (2, 3).At the basin scale, the magnitude to which pre-Columbian peoples transformed …

And, Amazonian, Activity, Are, Accessible, At

13. Definition of Amazonian in the dictionary


14. What does Amazonian mean? Information and translations of Amazonian in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

Amazonian, And

15. A study published in Science Advances suggests that Amazonian birds are shrinking in size whilst gaining longer wings, and scientists are blaming global warming for it

Advances, Amazonian, Are, And

16. Amazonian birds are shrinking in response to climate change, study shows

Amazonian, Are

17. Amazonian Meaning: "bold, warlike," generally of women, 1590s, from Amazon + -ian

Amazonian, Amazon

18. From 1847 in reference to the River… See definitions of Amazonian.


19. They have been hunted by Amazonian Indians with nets and harpoons for centuries

Amazonian, And

20. What does Amazonian mean? Of or relating to the Amazon River or to Amazonia

Amazonian, Amazon, Amazonia

21. Amazonian forests have lost ~12% of their original extent and are projected to lose another 9 to 28% by 2050 (1, 2).The consequences of ongoing forest loss in Amazonia (here all rainforests of the Amazon basin and Guiana Shield) are relatively well understood at the ecosystem level, where they include soil erosion (3, 4), diminished ecosystem services (5–8), altered climatic …

Amazonian, And, Are, Another, Amazonia, All, Amazon, At, Altered

22. What it does: Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Airbrush Foundation delivers flawless, natural-looking coverage that lasts, while the skintuitiveTM formula invigorates skintone and texture for a youthful complexion.

Amazonian, Airbrush, And

23. In the Radford Amazonian Research Expedition (RARE), Radford University students travel to the Amazon, explore the Peruvian rainforest and conduct personally-designed scholarly projects with global impact

Amazonian, Amazon, And

24. Amazonian definition: Amazonian means related to the area around the river Amazon

Amazonian, Area, Around, Amazon

25. The Amazonian manatee belongs to the same genus as the West Indian and West African manatees (Trichechus manatus and T

Amazonian, As, And, African

26. Get the perfect holiday flush with tarte's Best Of Blush Amazonian Clay Blush Set: 5 best-selling, travel-size Amazonian clay blushes & highlighters

Amazonian, Amp

27. These Amazonian Birds Are Shrinking Because of Climate Change Birds are growing smaller bodies and longer wings in reaction to …

Amazonian, Are, And

28. Climate Change Is Transforming the Bodies of Amazonian Birds


29. Lifestyle slows brain atrophy among indigenous Amazonian people

Atrophy, Among, Amazonian

30. About Us: The collection of Andean and Amazonian cultural artifacts was acquired by the Center for Latin American Studies (CLAS) in Autumn of 2015 through a series of donations and purchases supported by Title VI Federal Funds

About, Andean, And, Amazonian, Artifacts, Acquired, American, Autumn

31. Hans-ter-Steege_2013_Hyperdominance-in-the-Amazonian-Tree-Flora.pdf


32. Biased-corrected richness estimates for the Amazonian tree flora.


33. This change, together with reduced leaf area, results in decreased evapotranspiration (ET), less atmospheric moisture of Amazonian origin, and an increase in

Area, Atmospheric, Amazonian, And, An

34. Amazonian protected areas benefit both people and biodiversity

Amazonian, Areas, And




AMAZONIAN [ˌaməˈzōnēən]

Amazonian (adjective)

Synonyms: .

Amazonian (adjective)

Synonyms: .

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What does the name Amazonian mean?

Wiktionary(0.00 / 0 votes)Rate this definition: Amazonian(Noun) An Amazon. Amazonian(Adjective) Of or relating to the Amazons; aggressive and warlike. Amazonian(Adjective) Having to do with the Amazon River in South America, and its surrounding region.

What facts is there about Native Amazonians?

* Native people have lived in the forest for about 12,000 years, but today they are fighting for their right to simply continue living the way they always have lived. But in the 1960's this all changed. Farmers,loggers, and ranchers Followed the path into the Amazon region. This was just the beginning of the Native Amazonians battle for life.

Is Wonder Woman Amazonian?

Author. The long-awaited film version of Wonder Woman opens this week, starring Gal Gadot as the indomitable superhero. As Princess Diana of Themyscira, Wonder Woman is of Amazonian blue-blood. Formed from clay by her mother, Queen Hippolyta, and given life by the breath of Aphrodite, she is a demi-god.

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