How to Use Among in a sentence with examples

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1. Among: [preposition] in or through the midst of : surrounded by.


2. Among definition, in, into, or through the midst of; in association or connection with; surrounded by: He was Among friends

Among, Association

3. Forest Willard, Among us play online, also known as ForteBass online, 31, is a game developer and a co-founder of InnerSloth, the three-person indie game company that created the viral hit “Among Us,” which counted at its peak late last year half a billion players worldwide

Among, Also, As, And, At

4. New Merch Collab: Among Us x BT21! Among US Collab Cosmicube November 12, 2021.


5. Download Among Us on PC with BlueStacks and get in on the hit multiplayer action game about subterfuge and …

Among, And, Action, About

6. We already touched on the difference between between and Among when we talked about the difference between Among and Amongst.But let’s take a closer look at these two commonly confused words.We might even dispel a grammar myth in the process

Already, And, Among, About, Amongst, At

7. There’s a common and oddly persistent belief that between should be used only when there are two elements, and Among should …

And, Are, Among

8. Among Us is a paid online multiplayer game that was released in 2018 but gained a massive online following in 2020


9. Developed by the team at InnerSloth, Among Us offers hours of fun in a minimalistic gaming environment

At, Among

10. The online version of the Among Us game is a modern reincarnation of the well-known game Mafia


11. Play Among Us Online, join in a battle to survive and escape from the imposters or play as an imposter, kill the spaceship crew and sabotage their mission.

Among, And, As, An

12. Among us is a free online social game with 10 players dropping into a foreign spacecraft, base planet or headquarters in the sky


13. Among, on the other hand is the best word to use when referring to things collectively and imprecisely: for this reason, Among many others; no honor Among thieves

Among, And

14. Ultimately, Among Us is a fun, exciting, and competitive game that you will definitely enjoy playing

Among, And

15. Let’s discuss in detail the gameplay of Among Us PC


16. If you’re expecting a tutorial when you play Among Us PC, you’ll be disappointed since the game doesn’t have one.


17. Among: adverb amid , amidst , between, in the middle of , parenthetically

Among, Adverb, Amid, Amidst

18. Overall, Among is more commonly used in both American and British English

Among, American, And

19. In British English, while Amongst is acceptable in most uses, Among is generally preferred

Amongst, Acceptable, Among

20. Some British publications, including major newspapers, issue style guides that insist on using Among


21. While some older grammar guides insist that Amongst is the appropriate choice

Amongst, Appropriate

22. Among is the older version of the word, tracing its roots back to Old English


23. Amongst, whilst, whence, and amidst may sound dated to

Amongst, And, Amidst

24. Everyone’s suspicious in Among Us!, a fascinating multiplayer game set aboard a damaged spaceship

Among, Aboard

25. Among Us is a social online game that provides a unique experience that no other title can offer





AMONG [əˈməNG]


Synonyms: Amid . In the middle of . Between . Amidst . In the midst of . Out of .

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name among mean?

among (Preposition) Denotes a mingling or intermixing with distinct or separable objects. (See Usage Note at amidst) How can you speak with authority about their customs when you have never lived among them? Etymology: From ongemang. among (Preposition) Denotes a belonging of a person or a thing to a group.

What does between or among mean?

Thus, by etymology, “between” means “by two”, or, more specifically, “adjacent to two”. For this reason, “between” refers to a location related to two others. “Among” does not have a number specified.

Are among and amongst synonyms?

Among and amongst are synonyms, sharing the same meaning. Both are propositions that refer to being surrounded by or in the middle of something that serves as the object of the preposition. You could say, “We’re among friends here,” or “She stood among the ruins of an ancient civilization” to express these meanings.

Does "among" and "between" mean the same thing?

Between is typically used when referring to two things, like "between a rock and a hard place," while among is used for a greater number. However, these rules should be reconsidered if the sentence sounds awkward or overly pretentious.

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