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1. If Amour propre is a virtue, then this actress's memoirs are among the greatest declarations of love ever written

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2. Amour propre®️ (which means "self-love in French) is in business to encourage our customers to practice self-love by experiencing the joy of utilizing natural, organic and aromatheraputic wellness and beauty products

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3. Amour propre®️ strives to make the world a better place, one person and one natural product at a time

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4. Amour propre Boudoir is certified with the Association of International Boudoir Photographers

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5. ‘A sense of what is due one can easily degenerate into that Amour propre which is the enemy of the sort of extended sociable and friendly amour-de-soi which Hume, like Rousseau, sees as the moral ideal for human beings.’

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6. Amour propre: 1 n feelings of excessive pride Synonyms: conceit , self-love , vanity Type of: pride , pridefulness a feeling of self-respect and personal worth

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7. The Amour propre suffers a distinct pain in this acknowledgment

Amour, Acknowledgment

8. Henry Candy will run both Amour propre and Dinkum Diamond while Epsom Dash winner Stone Of Folca is also there in the line-up

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9. Definition of Amour propre in the dictionary


10. What does Amour propre mean? Information and translations of Amour propre in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

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11. Amour propre (uncountable) Self-regard, self-esteem


12. 345: St Petersburg was endeavouring to restore its Amour propre in Central Asia following the hurried departure of its mission from Afghanistan and the disappointing outcome of its recent war with Turkey.

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13. Learn how to say Amour propre with EmmaSaying free pronunciation tutorials.Definition and meaning can be found here:

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14. Amour propre specializes in skin and body treatments that help people look and feel their best

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15. Amour propre Boudoir is a New Haven, Indiana-based business specializing in intimate boudoir photography


16. Amour propre specializes in skin and body treatments that help people look and feel their best

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17. The first was amour de soi, or the intrinsic love of being, and Amour propre, or pride

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18. (Amour propre) Amour propre means having self-love, self-respect


19. Calvin Rafah founded Amour propre on the idea of anti-bullying

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20. Synonyms for Amour propre include conceit, pride, conceitedness, ego, egotism, pomposity, pridefulness, pompousness, smugness and vanity

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AMOUR PROPRE [ˌämo͝or ˈprôpr(ə)]

amour propre (noun)

Synonyms: Self-centredness . Egocentricity . Egomania . Self-interest . Selfishness . Self-seeking . Self-serving . Self-regard . Self-absorption . Self-obsession . Self-love . Narcissism . Self-admiration . Self-adulation . Vanity . Conceit . Conceitedness . Self-conceit . Pride . Self-esteem . Self-importance . Boastfulness . Boasting . Bragging . Braggadocio . Altruism . Modesty .

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of the name amour propre?

Meaning of amour propre in English. amour propre. noun [ U ] literary uk. Your browser doesn't support HTML5 audio. / ˌæm.ʊə ˈprɒ.prə / us. Your browser doesn't support HTML5 audio. / ˌɑː.mʊr ˈproʊ.prə /. a belief and confidence in your own ability and value.

What is a good sentence for Amour Propre?

Examples of amour propre in a Sentence. if amour propre is a virtue, then this actress's memoirs are among the greatest declarations of love ever written. Recent Examples on the Web. Fundamental to Chinese amour propre is the belief that the language is too difficult for foreigners, who will never master its complete set of characters.

What does Rousseau mean by amour propre?

Rousseau Amour Propre. It is the need for self-love and the intrinsic need to feel a sense of importance within society. Rousseau suggests this trait is the fundamental drive in all human beings. It gives way for the need to be recognised as a rational human being.

Is amour-propre a modification of Amour de soi?

He believes that amour-propre is a modification of our amour de soi. The two are very different by virtue of their nature; if amour de soi could be described as the wellbeing of self, amour-propre could be described as the wellbeing of social status.

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