How to Use Amplify in a sentence with examples

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1. Amplify Caminos al Conocimiento Esencial is an equitable Spanish language arts program that inspires K–5 students to become confident readers, writers, and thinkers

Amplify, Al, An, Arts, And

2. The perfect partner to Amplify CKLA, Caminos is built on the Science of Reading and helps students …

Amplify, And

3. The meaning of Amplify is to expand (something, such as a statement) by the use of detail or illustration or by closer analysis

Amplify, As, Analysis

4. Amplify definition, to make larger, greater, or stronger; enlarge; extend


5. Founded: 2014 Backed by Amplify: 2018 Read More Tristan, Drew, and Connor worked together as data analysts for years seeking to empower teams slowed down by brittle workflows

Amplify, And, As, Analysts

6. Amplify Credit Union provides digital-first financial solutions with world-class member care


7. 246 Amplify World jobs available in Palo Alto, CA on

Amplify, Available, Alto

8. That’s why I created Rock The Stage – a one-day event that will help you Amplify your message, extend your reach, and grow your business

Amplify, And

9. Still stuck? Contact us (800) 823-1969 or [email protected]


10. Synonyms for Amplify: develop, dilate (on or upon), elaborate (on), enlarge (on or upon), expand, flesh (out), accelerate, add (to); Antonyms for Amplify: abbreviate

Amplify, Accelerate, Add, Antonyms, Abbreviate

11. Amplify synonyms, Amplify pronunciation, Amplify translation, English dictionary definition of Amplify


12. Amplify brings organizations working in youth sexual health together to reach our shared goals more effectively


13. Amplify’s clean and intuitive mobile-first environment boosts employee engagement by making it easy for your people to stay connected and informed

Amplify, And

14. Find 55 ways to say Amplify, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

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15. Amplify is the first comprehensive life insurance platform that offers all types of life insurance plans including term, permanent, and cash value life insurance, all at a price that works for you

Amplify, All, And, At

16. Amplify goes beyond the traditional “iron triangle” of time, budget and scope by focusing on the achievement of business goals

Amplify, And, Achievement

17. Leading organizations globally trust Amplify to help them deliver their most critical transformations – including cost reductions, merger …


18. Working with Amplify means changing the world, one job at a time

Amplify, At

19. AWS Amplify is a set of purpose-built tools and services that makes it quick and easy for front-end web and mobile developers build full-stack applications on AWS, with the flexibility to leverage the breadth of AWS services to further customize applications

Aws, Amplify, And, Applications

20. Amplify supports popular languages, frameworks, and platforms, including JavaScript

Amplify, And

21. Amplify ® power with the appearance of smart, no-nonsense efficiency and comfort

Amplify, Appearance, And

22. Amplify is a unique catalyst, leading and uniting community leaders, residents, and partners with the behavioral health resources and prevention strategies they need the most

Amplify, And

23. What is Amplify? Amplify is a research study that will help find out the benefits of a healthy eating and exercise program

Amplify, And

24. Amplify Framework documentation - Learn how to use Amplify to develop and deploy cloud-powered mobile and web apps.

Amplify, And, Apps

25. The Amplify program focuses on: Exposure: Utilizing the Money20/20 global platform as a catalyst to present participants to the Fintech community

Amplify, As

26. Amplify is a curriculum and assessment company launched in July 2012

Amplify, And, Assessment

27. Amplify Curriculum was built on the foundation of Wireless Generation, the educational company News Corp bought in 2010


28. Amplify products and services provide assessment and analytics for data-driven instruction and next-generation digital curriculum based on the Common Core State Standards.

Amplify, And, Assessment, Analytics

29. Internet Palo Alto, California 2,677 followers gives brands AI-driven consumer engagement superpowers -- across the entire customer journey.

Amplify, Ai, Alto, Across

30. Amplify's Mobile Banking App and Tablet Banking App let you manage and organize your accounts, do transactions, pay bills, and deposit checks while at home, at the office, or on the go

Amplify, App, And, Accounts, At

31. Amplify Art is building a decentralized music platform empowering Artists and their Fans.

Amplify, Art, Artists, And

32. Amplify saves companies on average $1,185 per employee per year! For a 50 person company, that's $59,250 a year

Amplify, Average

33. With Amplify's full-service HR solution, you'll get administrative relief, access to better benefits, reduced liabilities and dedicated HR support

Amplify, Administrative, Access, And

34. Amplify Research is a qualitative facility, field management and consulting firm focused on enhancing the research process for market research professionals who are ready to redefine their project experience

Amplify, And, Are

35. Located in the SF Bay Area, Amplify Research’s focus group facility offers state-of-the-art digital recording technology, client

Area, Amplify, Art

36. Amplify Research Partners is a qualitative facility, field management and consulting firm focused on enhancing the research process for market research professionals who are ready to redefine their project experience

Amplify, And, Are

37. Amplify Technology, LLC (“Amplify”) is not an investment adviser

Amplify, An, Adviser

38. Please consult a registered investment adviser before using Amplify and its services.

Adviser, Amplify, And

39. With exciting stories, application reports, interviews and country-specific stories, the online magazine “Amplify—The Pepperl+Fuchs Magazine“ offers infotainment and emotional content

Application, And, Amplify

40. Amplify Marketing is a one-stop shop for real estate marketing


41. Altice Amplify is a smart connected home device and speaker system with Alexa-enabled voice command that can connect to your TV and other internet-connected devices

Altice, Amplify, And, Alexa

42. The system includes a main Altice Amplify speaker device, along with power supply, power cord, and 3.5 audio to optical audio cord that can connect to your TV.

Altice, Amplify, Along, And, Audio

43. Amplify is an IT services company where delivering exceptional work for clients starts with intentional development of team members

Amplify, An

44. Welcome to Amplify; where we know that a truly premium live event is an experience you’ll want to remember, long after the lights go down

Amplify, An, After

45. By visiting Amplify salon + spa, you voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure of covid-19.

Amplify, Assume, All

46. Amplify is a student voice, agency and leadership practice guide

Amplify, Agency, And

47. Amplify is a practice guide for school leaders and teachers

Amplify, And

48. Amplify Hair Studio offers Goldwell as their premier product line offering services that include, cuts, styles, color and highlights, texturizing, and extensions

Amplify, As, And

49. • It should explicitly Amplify policies which have been agreed as part of the business plan

Amplify, Agreed, As

50. • Other spots are characterized by their ability to modify or Amplify sound, even to the point of acoustical saturation

Are, Ability, Amplify, Acoustical

51. • The reverse acoustic ceilings Amplify the din to a decibel range appropriate for a wind tunnel.

Acoustic, Amplify, Appropriate

52. Amplify Clearwater is the epitome of an amazing Chamber of Commerce for a business owner of any size! The staff goes above and beyond with every event, every function, and goes out of their way to make each member and business feel welcomes and represented! I joined 2 years ago and have made both business connections and personal friends that I

Amplify, An, Amazing, Any, Above, And, Ago

53. 71 synonyms for Amplify: expand, raise, extend, boost, stretch, strengthen, increase, widen, intensify





AMPLIFY [ˈampləˌfī]

amplify (verb) · amplifies (third person present) · amplified (past tense) · amplified (past participle) · amplifying (present participle)

Synonyms: Louden . Turn up . Increase . Boost . Step up . Raise . Magnify . Intensify . Escalate . Swell . Heighten . Add to . Augment . Supplement . Reduce . Quiet . Escalate . Step up . Boost . Increase . Raise . Sharpen . Strengthen . Augment . Add to . Concentrate . Reinforce . Pick up . Build up . Heighten . Deepen . Broaden . Widen . Extend . Expand . Magnify . Aggravate . Exacerbate . Worsen . Inflame . Compound . Lessen . Abate . Expand . Enlarge on . Add to . Develop . Embroider . Supplement . Augment . Reinforce . Condense .

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to amplify something?

Definition of amplify. transitive verb. 1 : to expand (something, such as a statement) by the use of detail or illustration or by closer analysis. 2a : to make larger or greater (as in amount, importance, or intensity) : increase.

What is a sentence with word amplify?

Amplify in a sentence

  • She refused to amplify further.
  • You may need to amplify this point.
  • The new manager wants to amplify the company.
  • This landscape seemed to trap and amplify
  • We must amplify our effort by working a lot harder.
  • A funeral can amplify the feelings of regret and loss for the relatives.
  • We must ask you to amplify your statement.
  • More items...

    What is the noun for amplify?

    Noun amplification (countable and uncountable, plural amplifications) The act, or result of amplifying, enlarging, extending or adding. (physics) The act, or result of independently increasing some quantity, especially voltage, power or current.

    What is another word for amplification?

    amplification, gain(noun) the amount of increase in signal power or voltage or current expressed as the ratio of output to input. Synonyms: addition, elaboration, increase, gain, profit.

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