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1. The meaning of Amusement is a means of amusing or entertaining

Amusement, Amusing

2. Amusement definition, anything that amuses or entertains; pastime: The park offers authentic Danish charm and an array of Amusements and thrill rides

Amusement, Anything, Amuses, Authentic, And, An, Array, Amusements

3. Amusement synonyms, Amusement pronunciation, Amusement translation, English dictionary definition of Amusement


4. Amusement Places & Arcades Nature Centers Places Of Interest

Amusement, Amp, Arcades

5. River City Amusement Company is a locally owned family run business


6. Providing Sioux City and the Siouxland area of Western Iowa, Eastern Nebraska and Southern South Dakota with state of the art coin-op Amusement devices and service for well over 20 years

And, Area, Art, Amusement

7. Playground, Amusement & Theme Park · 16 on Yelp

Amusement, Amp

8. Amusement & Theme Park · Open · 618 on TripAdvisor

Amusement, Amp

9. PrimeTime Amusements ® is a global operator, seller and event renter of video arcade machines, simulators, redemption games and other out-of-home entertainment options

Amusements, And, Arcade

10. Whether you'll be on vacation and want to include roller coasters and other park fun on your trip, or you are just seeking nearby parks for a day trip, this is your one-stop resource for locating theme parks and Amusement parks throughout the United States

And, Are, Amusement

11. Synonyms for Amusement: distraction, diversion, entertainment, recreation


12. The act or activity of providing pleasure or Amusement especially for the public

Act, Activity, Amusement

13. Definition of Amusement in the dictionary


14. What does Amusement mean? Information and translations of Amusement in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

Amusement, And

15. Amusement is a 2008 American anthology horror film directed by John Simpson and starring Keir O'Donnell, Katheryn Winnick, Laura Breckenridge and Jessica Lucas

Amusement, American, Anthology, And

16. Amusement definition: Amusement is the feeling that you have when you think that something is funny or amusing

Amusement, Amusing

17. Amusement is a feeling of being entertained and happy

Amusement, And

18. Just think about how you feel when you visit an Amusement park, and you will get the idea.

About, An, Amusement, And

19. Welcome to the home of Rides 4-U, your source for all of your Amusement equipment needs

All, Amusement

20. Legislation to regulate Amusement ride safety was first approved in 1997

Amusement, Approved

21. Any owner of an Amusement ride wishing to operate in Missouri must provide documentation to the Missouri Division of Fire Safety indicating that each ride operated by the owner has passed a safety inspection by a state approved inspector within the last 12 months.

Any, An, Amusement, Approved

22. Find 55 ways to say Amusement, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

Amusement, Along, Antonyms, And, At

23. Amusement significado, definição Amusement: 1


24. What does Amusement mean? The state of being amused, entertained, or pleased

Amusement, Amused

25. Amusement & Theme Park · Closed · 632 on TripAdvisor

Amusement, Amp

26. To somebody’s Amusement (=in a way that makes someone laugh or smile) They were dancing and singing in the car, much to the Amusement of passers-by

Amusement, And

27. 2 → Amusements 3 [ uncountable] ENJOY/LIKE DOING something


28. Amusement park ride injuries can occur when brakes fail, causing a passenger car like that on a roller-coaster to careen into another car

Amusement, Another

29. Yijingjiayuan near the capital, libraries, Guwancheng, our Longtan Lake , Beijing Amusement parks, mature Jinsong community


30. Cap Amusement offers Amusement gaming equipment for bars, restaurants & businesses in the Rochester, NY area

Amusement, Amp, Area

31. Amusement (n.) 1640s, "diversion of attention," especially in military actions, from French Amusement, noun of action from amuser (see amuse).

Amusement, Attention, Actions, Action, Amuser, Amuse

32. And because all bold and irreverent Speeches touching matters of high nature, and all malicious and false Reports tending to Sedition, or to the Amusement of Our People, are punishable

And, All, Amusement, Are

33. [uncountable] the feeling that you have when you enjoy something that is funny She could not hide her Amusement at the way he was dancing

Amusement, At

34. To somebody's Amusement To my Amusement he couldn't get the door open.; with Amusement Her eyes twinkled with Amusement.; His son was a continuous source of Amusement and delight to him.

Amusement, And

35. Specialties: Traditional Americana Amusement park entertainment with a lake side twist

Americana, Amusement

36. The most elegant of all Amusement park rides, the carousel dates back to around 500 C.E

All, Amusement, Around

37. Atlantic Fun Park is Virginia Beach's Number One Amusement Park! We have thrill rides, family rides, kiddie rides, midway games, and much more

Atlantic, Amusement, And

38. 38 synonyms for Amusement: enjoyment, delight, entertainment, cheer, laughter, mirth, hilarity





AMUSEMENT [əˈmyo͞ozmənt]

amusement (noun) · amusements (plural noun)

Synonyms: Mirth . Merriment . Light-heartedness . Hilarity . Glee . Delight . Laughter . Levity . Gaiety . Joviality . Fun . Jocularity . Enjoyment . Pleasure . High spirits . Mirthfulness . Cheerfulness . Cheeriness . Cheer . Sport . Boredom . Depression . Entertainment . Pleasure . Leisure . Relaxation . Fun . Enjoyment . Interest . Occupation . Refreshment . Restoration . Distraction . Diversion . Divertissement . Play . Sport . Disport .

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