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1. The meaning of Analogy is a comparison of two things based on their being alike in some way

Analogy, Alike

2. Digging Into the Most Common Meaning of Analogy Synonym Discussion of Analogy.


3. Analogy synonyms, Analogy pronunciation, Analogy translation, English dictionary definition of Analogy


4. A similarity in some respects between things that are otherwise dissimilar: sees an Analogy between viral infection and the spread

Are, An, Analogy, And

5. An Analogy is a figure of speech that creates a comparison by showing how two seemingly different entities are alike, along with illustrating a larger point due to their commonalities

An, Analogy, Are, Alike, Along

6. As a literary device, the purpose of Analogy is not just to make a comparison, but to provide an explanation as well with additional information or context.

As, Analogy, An, Additional

7. What Is Analogy? Definition and Examples of Analogy in Literature - 2021 - MasterClass

Analogy, And

8. Analogy definition, a similarity between like features of two things, on which a comparison may be based: the Analogy between the heart and a pump

Analogy, And

9. This Analogy is read aloud as: Tree is to leaf as flower is to petal

Analogy, Aloud, As

10. This Analogy highlights the relationship between the whole (a tree and a flower) and its parts (a leaf and a petal)

Analogy, And

11. On tests of logic, one portion of the Analogy is left blank and students are left to choose an answer that makes sense to complete the comparison

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12. This Analogy is originally created by Dusty Springfield


13. An Analogy is "reasoning or explaining from parallel cases." Put another way, an Analogy is a comparison between two different things in order to highlight some point of similarity

An, Analogy, Another

14. As Freud suggested, an Analogy won't settle an argument, but a …

As, An, Analogy, Argument

15. The Analogy should support the conclusion you are trying to draw and provide visual cues in the reader’s mind

Analogy, Are, And

16. A normal sentence might be, “The man and his mother are very close.” Here is the same content but written as an Analogy.

And, Are, As, An, Analogy

17. Analogy questions are a part of the logical reasoning syllabus for the Government exams conducted in the country

Analogy, Are

18. Analogy - Solved Examples, In the following question, choose the pair/group of words that show the same relationship as given at the top of every pair/group.

Analogy, As, At

19. When you draw an Analogy between two things, you compare them for the purpose of explanation

An, Analogy

20. An Analogy is a literary device often used in literature and poetry to make connections between familiar and unfamiliar things, suggest a deeper significance, or create imagery in the reader's mind

An, Analogy, And

21. Saucer and cup of coffee as examples of Analogy in literature

And, As, Analogy

22. An Analogy is the comparison of two similar ideas in order to explain one

An, Analogy

23. You can use an Analogy to convey a new idea in an interesting and succinct way.

An, Analogy, And

24. In order to answer an Analogy question correctly, the student has to form a logical relationship, or "bridge" between two words

Answer, An, Analogy

25. An Analogy is an important tool in problem solving and reasoning

An, Analogy, And

26. It drew an Analogy between the solar system model and the

An, Analogy, And

27. Find 20 ways to say Analogy, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

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28. Analogy (n.) early 15c., "correspondence, proportion," from Old French analogie or directly from Latin analogia, from Greek analogia "proportion," from ana "upon, according to" (see ana-) + logos "ratio," also "word, speech, reckoning," from PIE root *leg-(1) "to collect, gather," with derivatives meaning "to speak (to 'pick out words')."

Analogy, Analogie, Analogia, Ana, According, Also

29. Reasoning - Analogy, If the relationship between one pair of words is similar to another pair of words then we say that both the pair of words is analogous to each other

Analogy, Another, Analogous

30. What does Analogy mean? The definition of an Analogy is a literal comparison between two things that have some features that are the same and ot

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31. Analogy - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums

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32. This is the verbal reasoning questions and answers section on "Analogy" with explanation for various interview, competitive examination and entrance test

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33. An Analogy is a comparison between two things that are similar in some way

An, Analogy, Are

34. When you draw an Analogy between two different things, you are comparing them because you want to make a concept easier to understand

An, Analogy, Are

35. Analogy 'Analogy' is a 7 letter word starting with A and ending with Y Crossword clues for 'Analogy' Clue Answer; Instructive comparison (7) Analogy: Likeness to another thing (7) Explanatory tool (7) Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for Analogy

Analogy, And, Answer, Another, Answers

36. ‘The Analogy between outlawing gay marriage and interracial marriage won't withstand scrutiny.’ ‘Another illustration that he gives is an Analogy between words and pieces in a chess game.’ ‘By Analogy with the rock and the feather, think of a heavy warhead and a very light balloon that is inflated in the shape of a warhead; they would

Analogy, And, Another, An

37. K-12 teachers can import VocabularySpellingCity’s leveled Analogy word lists for further Analogy practice


38. Analogy, (from Greek ana logon, “according to a ratio”), originally, a similarity in proportional relationships

Analogy, Ana, According

39. The author used the Analogy between a beating heart and a beating drum to illustrate the character's fear

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40. On the original vinyl release Analogy is presenting seven songs with a krautrock attitude, an impressive mix of psychedelic, symphonic, jazz and blues rock

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41. In rhetoric, Analogy is reasoning or explaining from parallel cases


42. A simile is an expressed Analogy; a metaphor is an implied one

An, Analogy

43. A weak or faulty Analogy is an inaccurate or misleading comparison

Analogy, An

44. In questions based on Analogy, a particular relationship is given and another similar relationship has to be identified from the alternatives provided

Analogy, And, Another, Alternatives

45. Analogy tests are therefore meant to test a candidate’s overall knowledge, the power of reasoning and ability to think concisely and accurately

Analogy, Are, And, Ability, Accurately

46. Below are given some common Analogy Practice Questions.

Are, Analogy

47. Analogy definition: If you make or draw an Analogy between two things, you show that they are similar in some Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

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48. Analogy, in biology, similarity of function and superficial resemblance of structures that have different origins

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ANALOGY [əˈnaləjē]

analogy (noun) · analogies (plural noun)

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