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1. Anomalous: [adjective] inconsistent with or deviating from what is usual, normal, or expected : irregular, unusual.

Anomalous, Adjective

2. Synonyms for Anomalous: aberrant, aberrated, abnormal, atypical, especial, exceeding, exceptional, extraordinaire; Antonyms for Anomalous: common, customary, normal

Anomalous, Aberrant, Aberrated, Abnormal, Atypical, Antonyms

3. Anomalous definition, deviating from or inconsistent with the common order, form, or rule; irregular; abnormal: Advanced forms of life may be Anomalous in the universe

Anomalous, Abnormal, Advanced

4. Anomalous: adjective aberrant , abnormal , atypical , awry , breaking with tradition , deranged , deviattng from the common rule, deviative , disarranged , disjunct

Anomalous, Adjective, Aberrant, Abnormal, Atypical, Awry

5. Anomalous: 1 adj deviating from the general or common order or type “advanced forms of life may be Anomalous in the universe” Synonyms: abnormal , unnatural not normal; not typical or usual or regular or conforming to a norm

Anomalous, Adj, Advanced, Abnormal

6. Find 29 ways to say Anomalous, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

Anomalous, Along, Antonyms, And, At

7. The issue of Anomalous Health Incidents (AHI) – including the interagency effort to protect and care for our personnel and uncover the cause of these incidents – is an absolute priority for the Department, including its most senior leaders

Anomalous, Ahi, And, An, Absolute

8. 26 rows · Fixed a bug where Divergent Fire Penetration, Anomalous Brutality Support and …

Anomalous, And

9. Background: Anomalous origin of the left coronary artery from the pulmonary artery (ALCAPA) is a rare but potentially life-threatening congenital heart defect

Anomalous, Artery, Alcapa

10. Surgical Outcomes of Anomalous Origin of the Left Coronary Artery from the Pulmonary Artery in …

Anomalous, Artery

11. It was a very small, very disingenuous, inevitably an Anomalous, and in the vanity of proclamations and other concomitant incidents rather a ridiculous affair; and fortunately for the dignity of history - and for Fremont - it was quickly merged in a larger question, when Commodore John Drake Sloat (1780-1867) on the 7th of July raised the flag

An, Anomalous, And, Affair

12. 28 synonyms for Anomalous: unusual, odd, rare, bizarre, exceptional, peculiar, eccentric, abnormal

Anomalous, Abnormal

13. Anomalous - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums

Anomalous, And

14. ‘sentences which are grammatically Anomalous’ ‘If indeed a chemical reaction is taking place we have another very Anomalous situation.’ ‘First, and most importantly, it will bring to an end an Anomalous exception to the basic premise that there should be a remedy for a wrong.’

Are, Anomalous, Another, And, An

15. Anomalous definition: Something that is Anomalous is different from what is usual or expected


16. ‘sentences that are grammatically Anomalous’ ‘If indeed a chemical reaction is taking place we have another very Anomalous situation.’ ‘First, and most importantly, it will bring to an end an Anomalous exception to the basic premise that there should be a remedy for a wrong.’

Are, Anomalous, Another, And, An

17. The scientists at the weather station were extremely worried about the Anomalous readings they were getting from their instruments, as they were far beyond the norm.

At, About, Anomalous, As

18. What does Anomalous mean? Deviating from the normal; aberrant or abnormal

Anomalous, Aberrant, Abnormal

19. Anomalous aortic origin of a coronary artery (AAOCA) is a rare condition in which both of the coronary arteries arise from the same aortic sinus

Anomalous, Aortic, Artery, Aaoca, Arteries, Arise

20. Anomalous Meaning: "deviating from a general rule," 1640s, from Late Latin anomalus, from Greek anomalos "uneven,… See definitions of Anomalous.

Anomalous, Anomalus, Anomalos

21. Anomalous coronary artery intervention is a procedure to correct a problem with the coronary artery

Anomalous, Artery

22. An Anomalous coronary artery may have an irregularity with its starting point, course, shape, or branching

An, Anomalous, Artery

23. The Anomalous is more surprising – thus often a lot more interesting – than the normal and mundane.

Anomalous, And

24. Are Changes Brewing and How Does the Mind Fit In? There's also the more self-conscious and deliberate indecision where the Anomalous is explicable as an artifice of the nomology of narrative itself, a product of those "laws of reality" that cover the use of …

Are, And, Also, Anomalous, As, An, Artifice

25. Anomalous ( comparative more Anomalous, superlative most Anomalous ) Deviating from the normal; marked by incongruity or contradiction; aberrant or abnormal

Anomalous, Aberrant, Abnormal

26. Definition of Anomalous adjective in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary

Anomalous, Adjective, Advanced

27. Anomalous uses the latest machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies to enable better quality control decisions

Anomalous, And, Artificial

28. The Anomalous suite of apps digitise quality assurance processes, allowing QA teams to easily record, annotate and analyse inspection data.

Anomalous, Apps, Assurance, Allowing, Annotate, And, Analyse

29. The delegation's trip was paused after a report of a "possible Anomalous health incident" in Hanoi

After, Anomalous

30. • The coincidence of those Anomalous ideas was bound to upset many previously held notions about art and photography

Anomalous, About, Art, And

31. • This has the apparently Anomalous result that both the policeman and the defendant are using force lawfully

Apparently, Anomalous, And, Are

32. Think Anomalous is a video series and online publisher devoted to communicating vital information on Anomalous phenomena to a broad audience.We survey the most credible research in anomalistics and make it accessible in the new media environment

Anomalous, And, Audience, Anomalistics, Accessible

33. The Anomalous platinum group element geochemistry of the ejecta horizon suggests that the impactor was an asteroid

Anomalous, An, Asteroid

34. In fact Anomalous monism has proved to be a highly contentious position drawing criticism from both physicalists and non-physicalists alike.

Anomalous, And, Alike

35. Background: Anomalous aortic origin of a coronary artery (AAOCA) is the second leading cause of sudden death in youth

Anomalous, Aortic, Artery, Aaoca

36. The quantum Anomalous Hall effect (QAHE), first discovered in Cr/V-doped (Bi,Sb) 2 Te 3 1,2,3, has opened new avenues for academic studies into solid state manifestations of axion electrodynamics

Anomalous, Avenues, Academic, Axion

37. Anomalous:

Anomalous, App

38. Anomalous junction of the pancreaticobiliary ductal system


39. Anomalous 'Anomalous' is a 9 letter word starting with A and ending with S Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for Anomalous We hope that the following list of synonyms for the word Anomalous will help you to finish your crossword today

Anomalous, And, Answers

40. Anomalous origin of right coronary artery with interarterial course is a rare congenital heart disease that can present with symptoms similar to coronary artery disease, and sudden cardiac death

Anomalous, Artery, And

41. The choice of therapy is controversial and depends especially on the variant of Anomalous coronary

And, Anomalous

42. A quantum Anomalous Hall (QAH) state is a two-dimensional topological insulating state that has a quantized Hall resistance of h/(Ce 2) and vanishing longitudinal resistance under zero magnetic

Anomalous, And

43. The Anomalous Lorenz ratio is thus an extremely sensitive probe of the Berry spectrum of a solid

Anomalous, An

44. The Berry curvature of electrons can give rise to the Anomalous Hall effect (AHE) (1, 2)

Anomalous, Ahe

45. In this blog, we use a Jupyter notebook to hunt for Anomalous sessions in data ingested into Azure Sentinel

Anomalous, Azure




ANOMALOUS [əˈnämələs]

anomalous (adjective)

Synonyms: Abnormal . Atypical . Nontypical . Irregular . Aberrant . Exceptional . Freak . Freakish . Odd . Bizarre . Peculiar . Unusual . Out of the ordinary . Inconsistent . Incongruous . Deviant . Deviating . Divergent . Eccentric . Rare . Singular . Normal . Typical . Regular .

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