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1. Antarctic: [adjective] of or relating to the south pole or to the region near it.

Antarctic, Adjective

2. Antarctica, the world’s southernmost continent, is almost wholly covered by an ice sheet and is about 5.5 million square miles (14.2 million square km) in size

Antarctica, Almost, An, And, About

3. It is divided into East Antarctica (largely composed of a high ice-covered plateau) and West Antarctica (an archipelago of ice-covered mountainous islands).

Antarctica, And, An, Archipelago

4. A hidden, deep-sea 'hotspot' is carving away this East Antarctic ice shelf from below, new research finds Here is the best place on Earth to see stars, according to science By Brandon Specktor 05

Away, Antarctic, According

5. 10 rows · Antarctic Trip Highlights - Best Places to Travel in Antarctica The most popular …

Antarctic, Antarctica

6. 100m-wide meteor hit Antarctica 430,000 years ago, scientists say

Antarctica, Ago

7. Antarctica - Antarctica - Climate: The unique weather and climate of Antarctica provide the basis for its familiar appellations—Home of the Blizzard and White Desert

Antarctica, And, Appellations

8. By far the coldest continent, Antarctica has winter temperatures that range from −128.6 °F (−89.2 °C), the world’s lowest recorded temperature, measured at Vostok Station (Russia) on July 21, 1983, on the high …

Antarctica, At

9. Ant·arc·ti·ca (ănt-ärk′tĭ-kə, -är′tĭ-) A continent lying chiefly within the Antarctic Circle and asymmetrically centered on the South Pole

Ant, Arc, Antarctic, And, Asymmetrically

10. Some 95 percent of Antarctica is covered by an icecap averaging 1.6 km (1 mi) in thickness

Antarctica, An, Averaging

11. 19, 2014, the five-day average of Antarctic sea ice extent exceeded 20 million square kilometers for the first time since 1979, according to the National Snow and Ice Data Center

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12. Sea ice surrounding Antarctica reached a new record high extent this year, covering more of the


13. But a new analysis of satellite and weather station data has shown that Antarctica has warmed at a rate of about 0.12 degrees Celsius (0.22 degrees F) per decade since 1957, for a total average temperature rise of 0.5 degrees Celsius (1 degree F)

Analysis, And, Antarctica, At, About, Average

14. Antarctic synonyms, Antarctic pronunciation, Antarctic translation, English dictionary definition of Antarctic


15. The 2021 Antarctic ozone hole reached its maximum area on October 7 and ranks as the 13th largest since 1979

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16. The very cold area around the South Pole that includes Antarctica and the surrounding seas: 2…

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17. The Advisory Committee on Antarctic Names is charged with selecting commemorative names for recommendation to the U.S

Advisory, Antarctic

18. Download Antarctic names (direct download) Antarctica Policy

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19. Hidden Antarctic Secrets - All is Revealed what "they" don't want you to know

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20. Cool Australian Antarctic Program news about wildlife, scientific research, stations (bases), expeditioners, ships, the environment and jobs in Antarctica.

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21. Antarctic definition, of, at, or near the South Pole

Antarctic, At

22. Antarctic (adj.) late 14c., antartyk "opposite to the north pole" (adj.), also (with capital A-) "region around the South pole" (n.), from Old French antartique, from Medieval Latin Antarcticus, from Greek antarktikos "opposite the north," from anti- "opposite" (see anti-) + arktikos "arctic" (see arctic )

Antarctic, Adj, Antartyk, Also, Around, Antartique, Antarcticus, Antarktikos, Anti, Arktikos, Arctic

23. The Antarctic Octopus grows to almost 1 metre (3 ft.) in length, and has a special venom that doesn’t freeze at sub-zero temperatures

Antarctic, Almost, And, At

24. Hourglass dolphin (Lagenorhynchus cruciger) The Hourglass Dolphin is a small dolphin that is found in Antarctic and subAntarctic regions

Antarctic, And

25. The area that makes up the Antarctic Peninsula, Scotia Arc, the South Georgia Islands and the South Sandwich Islands is one of the most productive parts of the Southern Ocean

Area, Antarctic, Arc, And

26. Stretching out over 1,500 kilometers towards the tip of South America, the Antarctic Peninsula is the northernmost part of the Antarctic continent.

America, Antarctic

27. Definition of Antarctic in the dictionary


28. What does Antarctic mean? Information and translations of Antarctic in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

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29. Antarctic Phosphatase activity is decreased in the presence of reducing agents (DTT, β-ME)

Antarctic, Activity, Agents

30. Molecular Weight: Antarctic Phosphatase is a homodimer


31. Antarctic Phosphatase, as are most alkaline phosphatases, is a Zn 2+ and Mg 2+ –dependent enzyme and does require supplemental zinc.

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32. Antarctica is the world's driest, windiest, and coldest continent with a record low temperature of -94 degree celsius

Antarctica, And

33. Schools, educational and encyclopedia publishers, and similar institutions may use the photos freely to further educational awareness of Antarctica.

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34. Antarctic sea ice extent each September from 1979 through 2021


35. Antarctic m or n ( feminine singular Antarctică, masculine plural Antarctici, feminine and neuter plural Antarctice ) Antarctic.

Antarctic, Antarctici, And, Antarctice

36. Antarctic ice melt raises sea levels around the globe

Antarctic, Around

37. The West Antarctic Ice Sheet is considered vulnerable to climate change because much of the ice, which rests on bedrock thousands of feet below the sea level, is exposed to the warming Southern Ocean.


38. The Antarctic ice sheet's mass has changed over the last decades


39. Research based on satellite data indicates that between 2002 and 2020, Antarctica shed an average of 149 billion metric tons of ice per year, adding to global sea level rise

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40. These images, created from GRACE and GRACE-FO data, show changes in Antarctic ice mass since 2002.

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41. Antarctic definition: The Antarctic is the area around the South Pole

Antarctic, Area, Around

42. In contrast, the Antarctic region comprises the continent of Antarctica - the Earth’s southernmost and fifth-largest continent and the Southern Ocean that surrounds it.

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43. Antarctic sea ice is nearly a geographic opposite of its Arctic counterpart because Antarctica is a landmass covered in ice surrounded by an ocean, and the Arctic is an ocean of sea ice surrounded by land

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44. As a result, almost all Antarctic sea ice that forms during the winter floats away and melts during the summer months (between December and

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45. The Antarctic Sciences Section (ANT) of the Office of Polar Programs (OPP) supports cutting-edge research that: Utilizes the unique characteristics of the Antarctic region as a science observing platform

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46. Antarctic Program (USAP) supports scientific research in Antarctica and the Southern Ocean with logistics provided by OPP’s

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47. The 2021 Antarctic ozone hole reached its maximum area on October 7 and ranks 13th largest since 1979, scientists from NOAA and NASA reported today

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48. Antarctica is cold, windy, isolated, barren, and often downright dangerous

Antarctica, And

49. Antarctic total solar eclipse shows off shadowy beauty in space shots


50. In certain regions of the Antarctic, sea ice cover is actually growing

Antarctic, Actually

51. A 2018 study found that 10.7 percent of Antarctica's coastal glaciers are in retreat

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52. Another study published in the same year found that the rate of Antarctic ice melt has tripled in the last five years.

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53. Antarctic ( This is what people ask about our agency

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54. Although our assistance is Antarctic ( not as cheap as some low-end services, we maintain a strict balance between quality and prices

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55. 7 synonyms for Antarctic: Antarctic zone, the Ice, Antarctica, South Pole, Antarctic Zone, South Frigid Zone, south-polar

Antarctic, Antarctica

56. 2021 Antarctic Subsea Cable Workshop: High-Speed Connectivity Needs to Advance US Antarctic Science June 29 - July 1, 2021

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ANTARCTIC [an(t)ˈärktik]

Antarctic (adjective)

Synonyms: Arctic . Cold . Frozen . Freezing . Frigid . Chill . Chilling . Icy . Icy-cold . Glacial . Gelid . Siberian . Boreal . Hyperborean . Circumpolar . Brumal .


Synonyms: .

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Antarctic literally mean?

The name Antarctica is the romanised version of the Greek compound word ἀνταρκτική (antarktiké), feminine of ἀνταρκτικός (antarktikós), meaning "opposite to the Arctic ", "opposite to the north". Aristotle wrote in his book Meteorology about an Antarctic region in c. 350 BC.

What does the name Antarctic mean?

What Are The Origins Of The Names Arctic And Antarctica?

  • Origin of the Name "Arctic" The name arctic originates from the word 'arktos' which is a Greek word that means bear. ...
  • Geography of the Arctic. ...
  • Origin of the Name "Antarctica" Antarctica means 'no bears are all mythical'. ...
  • Geography of Antarctica. ...
  • Is Antarctic and Antarctica the same place?

    As you can see, Antarctic is a region while Antarctica is a continent situated in the Antarctic region . Apart from that, all other characteristics of the places seem to be the same as they are both in the same region. Due to the extremely cold climate of the region, you cannot see many animals in the region.

    Is the Antarctic colder than the Arctic?

    Antarctica is colder than the Arctic for two reasons. First, much of the continent is more than 3 kilometres (2 mi) above sea level, and temperature decreases with elevation.

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