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1. The meaning of Antipathy is a strong feeling of dislike


2. Synonyms for Antipathy: animosity, animus, antagonism, bad blood, bitterness, enmity, gall, grudge; Antonyms for Antipathy: amity, love

Antipathy, Animosity, Animus, Antagonism, Antonyms, Amity

3. Antipathy definition, a natural, basic, or habitual repugnance; aversion

Antipathy, Aversion

4. Antipathy synonyms, Antipathy pronunciation, Antipathy translation, English dictionary definition of Antipathy


5. Antipathy: 1 n a feeling of intense dislike Synonyms: aversion , distaste Type of: dislike a feeling of aversion or Antipathy n the object of a feeling of intense aversion; something to be avoided “cats were his greatest Antipathy ” Type of: object the focus of cognitions or feelings

Antipathy, Aversion, Avoided

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Antipathy, Along, Antonyms, And, At

7. A mod of Friday Night Funkin where Boyfriend rap-battle against Antipathy Hank somewhere in Nevada.

Against, Antipathy

8. Friday Night Funkin: Antipathy is an unofficial mod of Ninjamuffin99 and PhantomArcade's Friday Night Funkin, based on Krinkels' Madness Combat

Antipathy, An, And

9. Antipathy is often based on unconscious bias or discomfort in confronting personal feelings


10. Antipathy is regarded as a social or personal issue, and people may not even be aware of how their behavior is affected by Antipathy feelings.

Antipathy, As, And, Aware, Affected

11. Antipathy was a humanoid timeship, the firstborn child of Compassion V


12. Before his birth, Antipathy lived within the internal architecture of his mother — an infinite womb

Antipathy, Architecture, An

13. 43 synonyms for Antipathy: hostility, opposition, disgust, dislike, hatred, loathing, distaste


14. Antipathy was an enchantment spell repelled certain creatures from an object or location

Antipathy, An

15. Antipathy caused a chosen object or location (covered up to 17,000 cubic feet or 480 cubic meters, or more for more experienced casters) in close proximity to them at the time of casting to emanate magical vibrations

Antipathy, At

16. Verbs for Antipathy include antipathise, antipathised, antipathises, antipathising, antipathize, antipathized, antipathizes and antipathizing

Antipathy, Antipathise, Antipathised, Antipathises, Antipathising, Antipathize, Antipathized, Antipathizes, And, Antipathizing

17. Definition of Antipathy in the dictionary


18. What does Antipathy mean? Information and translations of Antipathy in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

Antipathy, And

19. ‘This Antipathy towards fiction is a little difficult to understand.’ ‘This was unusual, given conventional medicine's Antipathy towards anything considered wacky or unprovable.’ ‘Might it not, however, be more accurate to call it Antipathy?’

Antipathy, Anything, Accurate

20. It seems that Hank from Madness Combat is making his return into the world of FNF Games online right now and here, in the mod known as FNF vs Antipathy Hank, which features the character design attributed to this character from that episode of the series, and now that Boyfriend is in Nevada to battle this character, you will have to help our protagonist win on …

And, As, Antipathy, Attributed

21. Antipathy definition: Antipathy is a strong feeling of dislike or hostility towards someone or something


22. Suzanne Delehanty has described the "Technological Reliquaries" as "a protest against pop arts ready acceptance of mass production and minimalism's idealization of technology." One would agree that they subvert those dominant modes of the '60s, whether humorously or in outright Antipathy

As, Against, Arts, Acceptance, And, Agree, Antipathy

23. Noun Antipathy expresses most of constitutional feeling and least of volition: the turkey-cock has an Antipathy to the color red; many people have an intense Antipathy to snakes, rats, toads

Antipathy, And, An

24. In figurative use, Antipathy is a dislike that seems constitutional toward persons, things, conduct, etc.; hence it involves a dislike for which sometimes


25. Her Antipathy towards her teacher was obvious to everyone in the classroom


26. Is your Antipathy for me so great that you no longer care about my feelings? 🔊

Antipathy, About

27. After serving in the war, he developed an Antipathy to guns

After, An, Antipathy

28. The source of my Antipathy is my ex-husband’s new wife! 🔊


29. What does Antipathy mean? Antipathy is defined as a strong feeling of opposition or dislike

Antipathy, As

30. (noun) An example of Antipathy is how a staunch Repub

An, Antipathy

31. Examples from the Corpus Antipathy • There were only a very few complaints about unfair treatment from staff, but many about Antipathy from male students

Antipathy, About

32. • The grin vanished like magic, her whole body stiffening in Antipathy as her eyes locked with fathomless brown ones

Antipathy, As

33. • The judicial Antipathy to relaxing the rule has been far from


34. "Antipathy" (憎悪や毛嫌い)の"anti-"は「反対」や「〜に反している」という意味です。 例えば、"Antichrist"は「反キリスト」という意味があります。つまり、キリストに反している人です。 そして、"Antipathy"の"-pathy"は、ギリシャの"pathos"(感情)からきます。

Antipathy, Anti, Antichrist

35. Friday Night Funkin: Antipathy is an unofficial mod of Ninjamuffin99 and PhantomArcade's Friday Night Funkin, based on Krinkels' Madness Combat

Antipathy, An, And

36. [noncount] There has always been strong Antipathy between the two groups

Always, Antipathy

37. Synonyms: Antipathy; aversion; distaste Hypernyms ("Antipathy" is a kind of): dislike (a feeling of aversion or Antipathy)

Antipathy, Aversion

38. Derivation: antipathetic (characterized by antagonism or Antipathy)

Antipathetic, Antagonism, Antipathy

39. Antipathetical (characterized by antagonism or Antipathy)

Antipathetical, Antagonism, Antipathy

40. His Antipathy towards/ toward swimming dates back to childhood


41. There was a lot of Antipathy between the two doctors


42. A natural Antipathy for people in authority; his Antipathy for his boss; I feel a profound Antipathy to using any weapon.

Antipathy, Authority, Any

43. But her personal Antipathy conceals a more serious matter Dr


44. Hill's Antipathy toward my role here is nothing new Dread is a sympathetic Antipathy and an antipathetic sympathy

Antipathy, And, An, Antipathetic

45. A Guardian leader warns of growing Antipathy in politics


46. There is considerable and deep Antipathy to the BNP by the majority of people

And, Antipathy

47. Considering the public's general Antipathy toward journalists, the profession has …


48. So follow sightlessly and slip through the cracks Antipathy will be there It

And, Antipathy

49. Antipathy is a bearer of the Red Lantern Ring and has all the powers that come with it

Antipathy, And, All

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51. Antipathy is a dislike for something or somebody, the opposite of sympathy


52. While Antipathy may be induced by experience, it sometimes exists without a rational cause-and-effect explanation being present to the individuals involved.

Antipathy, And




ANTIPATHY [anˈtēpəTHē]

antipathy (noun) · antipathies (plural noun)

Synonyms: Hostility . Antagonism . Animosity . Aversion . Animus . Opposition . Enmity . Dislike . Distaste . Ill will . Ill feeling . Hatred . Hate . Abhorrence . Loathing . Repugnance . Odium . Grudge . Disrelish . Liking . Affinity . Rapport .

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