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1. Apparent: appearing to be true on the basis of evidence that may or may not be confirmed

Apparent, Appearing

2. Apparent means obvious, but — and this is confusing — it can also mean something that seems to be true but isn't definite

Apparent, And, Also

3. "The train's arrival is Apparent — it's in the station — but Apparently my friend missed it because she is not getting off."

Arrival, Apparent, Apparently

4. Apparent synonyms, Apparent pronunciation, Apparent translation, English dictionary definition of Apparent


5. Readily seen; visible: The animal's markings were immediately Apparent.

Animal, Apparent

6. Apparent definition, readily seen; exposed to sight; open to view; visible: The crack in the wall was readily Apparent


7. Find 83 ways to say Apparent, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

Apparent, Along, Antonyms, And, At

8. Apparent is designed to turn monitoring off when it runs in the background


9. The Crossword Solver found 144 answers to the Apparent crossword clue

Answers, Apparent

10. 'Apparent' is a 8 letter word starting with A and ending with T Crossword clues for 'Apparent' Clue Answer; Readily perceived (8) Apparent: Clear, obvious (8) Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for Apparent We hope that the following list of synonyms for the word Apparent will help you to finish your crossword today

Apparent, And, Answer, Answers

11. Definition of Apparent in the dictionary


12. What does Apparent mean? Information and translations of Apparent in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

Apparent, And

13. Apparent definition: An Apparent situation , quality, or feeling seems to exist , although you cannot be Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Apparent, An, Although, And

14. “At this point in time, it’s fair to say Sheila Cherfilus-McCormick is the Apparent nominee of the Democratic Party,” Broward Supervisor of Elections Joe Scott said after 6 p.m

At, Apparent, After

15. Apparent - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums

Apparent, And

16. Manifest; obvious; evident (for example, a clinically Apparent infection)


17. TULSA, Oklahoma - Tulsa police say a man has died after an Apparent drive-by shooting at an apartment complex in West Tulsa

After, An, Apparent, At, Apartment

18. Apparent, obvious, evident, clear, plain, distinct, definite, manifest


19. 这些形容词均含"清楚的,明白的,明显的"之意。 Apparent :强调显而易见或一想便知。 这个词从动词appear派生而来,故有时含有表面如此而事实上未必的意味。

Apparent, Appear

20. What does Apparent mean? Appearing real or true without necessarily being so; seeming

Apparent, Appearing

21. 63 synonyms for Apparent: seeming, supposed, alleged, outward, exterior, superficial, ostensible

Apparent, Alleged

22. Seeming to have a particular feeling or attitude, although this may not be true He did well in his exams, despite his Apparent lack of interest in his work

Attitude, Although, Apparent

23. Examples from the Corpus Apparent • She was upset by her father-in-law's Apparent dislike


24. MOORPARK – A married couple, both 91, were found dead from Apparent gunshot wounds in Moorpark Saturday in what authorities have described as a possible murder-suicide or similar scenario

Apparent, Authorities, As

25. After the jury listened to the witness talk about the murder, it became Apparent that he had never witnessed it

After, About, Apparent

26. What may be Apparent to the physician may be unApparent to the patient, which is why a good doctor takes pains to be as clear as possible

Apparent, As

27. Apparent magnitude (m) is a measure of the brightness of a star or other astronomical object observed from Earth.An object's Apparent magnitude depends on its intrinsic luminosity, its distance from Earth, and any extinction of the object's light caused by interstellar dust along the line of sight to the observer.

Apparent, Astronomical, An, And, Any, Along

28. Having the character of a mere seeming or appearance, in distinction from what is true or real: as, the Apparent motion of the sun; his anger was only Apparent

Appearance, As, Apparent, Anger

29. Probable; likely: as, “the three Apparent candidates,” H

As, Apparent

30. When the eclipse is total, there is a real geometrical shadow - very small compared with the penumbra (for the Apparent diameters of the sun and moon are nearly equal, but their distances are as 370: I); when the eclipse is annular, the shadow is all penumbra

Apparent, And, Are, As, Annular, All

31. Ryan Rogers murder: Suspected killer's Apparent YouTube page reveals troubled past Semmie Williams Jr


32. Apparent to somebody that… It soon became Apparent to everyone that he couldn't sing


33. Apparent that… It's readily Apparent that she has a gift for this kind of writing


34. Apparent from something No damage was Apparent from a brain scan


35. Apparent to somebody The consequences of our actions are not immediately Apparent to us.

Apparent, Actions, Are

36. Apparent Denoting a property of a star or other celestial body, such as altitude or brightness, as seen or measured by an observer

Apparent, As, Altitude, An

37. Facebook employees questioned Apparent restrictions on Palestinian activist's account: Documents

Apparent, Activist, Account

38. The United States on Saturday condemned a drone attack on Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi, which it characterized as an "Apparent act of terrorism." "We are relieved to learn the prime

Attack, Al, As, An, Apparent, Act, Are

39. Four dead, including child, in Apparent murder-suicide, Milwaukee police say The Milwaukee County Medical Examiner said autopsies would be …

Apparent, Autopsies

40. Responding officers located the 71-year-old male victim deceased in the family room with an Apparent gunshot wound, DSP said

An, Apparent

41. They then searched the residence and located the 58-year-old male suspect deceased upstairs in his bedroom with an Apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound, DSP said

And, An, Apparent

42. The authors said their work “reaffirms the Apparent increase in the diagnosis of myopericardttis in men – most often between the ages of 25 to 44 – who received the Covid-19 vaccination

Authors, Apparent, Ages

43. The most immediately Apparent of these is the emission of photons under excitation, which are visible to the human eye as light

Apparent, Are, As

44. Too often this has been Apparent over the last two years.


45. Apparent Jilted Ex Spray Paints “Mike Is A Cheater” On Wrong Car


46. The Palestine Liberation Organization on Sunday designated two Israeli nongovernmental groups as terrorist entities in an Apparent reprisal over a similar move made by Israel

As, An, Apparent

47. The Apparent horizons are the three dark lines (the newly formed one is outside and contains the two original ones), while unstable …

Apparent, Are, And

48. Monday's Apparent takeover came after weeks of rising tensions between Sudan's civilian and military leaders

Apparent, After, And



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