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1. Appoint definition, to name or assign to a position, an office, or the like; designate: to Appoint a new treasurer; to Appoint a judge to the bench

Appoint, Assign, An

2. Appoint: to decide upon (the time or date for an event) usually from a position of authority

Appoint, An, Authority

3. To select or designate to fill an office or a position: Appointed her the chief operating officer of the company

An, Appointed

4. To fix or set by authority or by mutual agreement: will Appoint a date for the examination

Authority, Agreement, Appoint

5. To furnish; equip: a house that is comfortably Appointed


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Appoint, Along, Antonyms, And, At

7. Appoint 'Appoint' is a 7 letter word starting with A and ending with T Crossword clues for 'Appoint' Clue Answer; Assign to a position (7) Appoint: Assign a job to (7) Choose for a job (7) Assign to a job (7) Chose for a job (7) Assign officially (7) Synonyms, crossword answers and …

Appoint, And, Answer, Assign, Answers

8. The board of directors Appointed Mark as head of the party-planning committee.

Appointed, As

9. Appoint: To designate, select, or assign authority to a position or an office

Appoint, Assign, Authority, An

10. Although sometimes used interchangeably, elect and Appoint do not have the same meaning

Although, And, Appoint

11. Election refers to the selection of a public officer by the qualified voters of the community, and Appointment refers to the selection of a public officer by one authorized by

And, Appointment, Authorized

12. The President can Appoint someone as ambassador to another county; that means to give them the job or recommend them for it.

Appoint, As, Ambassador, Another

13. Appoint definition: If you Appoint someone to a job or official position, you formally choose them for it


14. The plaintiffs then asked the court to Appoint an elisor to sign the deeds in place of the defendants

Asked, Appoint, An

15. The court obliged and Appointed the San Diego County Superior Court Clerk to sign the deeds, who did so

And, Appointed

16. The basis of the appeal was unrelated to the Appointment of the elisor.

Appeal, Appointment

17. To Appoint someone in a given role, position, or office


18. The board of directors Appointed Mark as head of the party-planning committee

Appointed, As

19. From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Appoint ap‧point / əˈpɔɪnt / W3 verb [transitive] 1 CHOOSE JOB/WORK to choose someone for a position or a job officials Appointed by the government Appoint somebody to something He’s been Appointed to the State Supreme Court

Appoint, Ap, Appointed

20. Appoint somebody to do something A committee was Appointed to

Appoint, Appointed

21. – Raymond Alvarez was Appointed a new position of Fairmont-Marion County Historian

Alvarez, Appointed

22. Should Appoint substitute counsel when a proper showing has been made at any stage

Appoint, At, Any

23. [W]hen a defendant satisfies the trial court that adequate grounds exist, substitute counsel should be Appointed

Adequate, Appointed

24. To select or designate to fill an office or a position: Appointed her the chief operating officer of the company

An, Appointed

25. To fix or set by authority or by mutual agreement: will Appoint a date for the examination

Authority, Agreement, Appoint

26. To furnish; equip: a house that is comfortably Appointed


27. A bipartisan group of senators called on Secretary of State Antony Blinken to Appoint a new senior official to lead the State Department's efforts to address ongoing anomalous health incidents

Antony, Appoint, Address, Anomalous

28. 2 days ago · Last month, the Coalition secured a commitment from the Boy Scouts of America to Appoint a survivor to its National Executive Board, adding greater accountability and ensuring that current and

Ago, America, Appoint, Adding, Accountability, And

29. Appoint somebody They have Appointed a new head teacher at my son's school

Appoint, Appointed, At

30. Appoint somebody to something She has recently been Appointed to the committee

Appoint, Appointed

31. Appoint somebody (as) something They Appointed him (as) captain of the English team

Appoint, As, Appointed

32. The mayor must Appoint — and the council must approve — a replacement by Oct

Appoint, And, Approve

33. President Joe Biden said Friday that he plans to Appoint an official from outside his administration to oversee implementation of the large infrastructure bill he intends to sign on Monday.

Appoint, An, Administration

34. “In light of the events that have transpired this week, I believe the governor cannot wait any longer to Appoint members to this commission so it may do the critical work of identifying and

Any, Appoint, And

35. Connecting the best people to the best companies since 1979.<br><br>We have been retained by a high growth firm in Palo Alto, CA - looking to Appoint a new Human Resources Generalist.<br><br>This is an excellent opportunity for an

Alto, Appoint, An

36. Czech president prepares to Appoint prime minister, gov’t November 17, 2021 GMT FILE - Leader of center-right Spolu (Together) coalition Petr Fiala attends the last debates at the public radio before the poll stations open for the parliamentary election in …

Appoint, Attends, At

37. The Sudanese general who seized power in a coup this week said the military he heads will Appoint a technocrat prime minister to rule alongside it within a week

Appoint, Alongside

38. Instacart To Appoint Meredith Kopit Levien, President And CEO Of The New York Times Company, And Lily Sarafan, Co-founder And Executive Chair …

Appoint, And

39. ‘‘Let us now Appoint the laws by which our country may remain in peace.’’ ‘The first of these, the external or political kingdom of Christ in the visible church, consists in his absolute and supreme authority, to Appoint the laws of his church, and rulers by these laws.’

Appoint, Absolute, And, Authority

40. ISLAMABAD: Kulbhushan Jadhav, Indian national detained in Pakistan, has been given more time by the Islamabad High Court to Appoint a legal counsel to …


41. Dean Smith has been Appointed as the new manager of Norwich City, as the former Aston Villa boss was out of a job for about a week

Appointed, As, Aston, About

42. Tottenham on Tuesday Appointed former Chelsea and Inter Milan boss Antonio Conte as their new manager following the sacking of Nuno Espirito Santo after an ill-fated four-month reign.

Appointed, And, Antonio, As, After, An

43. Czech president prepares to Appoint prime minister, gov't


44. The City of Bixby has announced they've Appointed a new chief for the police department

Announced, Appointed

45. Norwich have confirmed the Appointment of Dean Smith as their new head coach

Appointment, As

46. The only way to make ISI non political is to let army Chief make the decision to Appoint the DG ISI ! Recommend 0

Army, Appoint

47. NEW DELHI: The Uttar Pradesh government on Friday informed the Supreme Court that it will Appoint a retired HC judge by Monday to supervise the …


48. Mohammad Shokaib was Appointed first secretary or charge d'affaires at the embassy, which has not had an ambassador in place since the previous Western-backed government …

Appointed, Affaires, At, An, Ambassador

49. Mike Parson garnered national criticism for his push to prosecute a newspaper reporter who discovered a security flaw in a state website, a Democratic lawmaker is urging the governor to Appoint members of a cybersecurity commission created by a bill he signed in July.


50. ‘South Park’ creators Appoint executive chef of Casa Bonita after acquisition Local News

Appoint, After, Acquisition




APPOINT [əˈpoint]

appoint (verb) · appoints (third person present) · appointed (past tense) · appointed (past participle) · appointing (present participle)

Synonyms: Nominate . Name . Designate . Commission . Engage . Adopt . Co-opt . Select . Choose . Elect . Detail . Reject . Specify . Determine . Assign . Designate . Allot . Set . Fix . Arrange . Choose . Establish . Settle . Authorize . Ordain . Prescribe . Decree .

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