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1. The meaning of Apportionment is an act or result of apportioning; especially : the apportioning of representatives or taxes among the states according to U.S

Apportionment, An, Act, Apportioning, Among, According

2. Apportionment synonyms, Apportionment pronunciation, Apportionment translation, English dictionary definition of Apportionment


3. Apportionment is one of the most important functions of the decennial census


4. Apportionment measures the population so that seats in the U.S


5. Until the middle of the twentieth century, Congress enacted new Apportionment legislation following almost every census.

Apportionment, Almost

6. Apportionment: The process by which legislative seats are distributed among units entitled to representation; determination of the number of representatives that a state, county, or other subdivision may send to a legislative body

Apportionment, Are, Among

7. Apportionment is the determination of the percentage of a business’ profits subject to a given jurisdiction’s corporate income or other business taxes


8. An Apportionment is an OMB-approved plan to use budgetary resources (31 U.S.C

An, Apportionment, Approved

9. Apportionment is the process of dividing the 435 memberships, or seats, in the U.S


10. What is Apportionment in taxes? Apportionment is the assignment of a portion of a corporation’s income to a particular state for the purposes of determining the corporation’s income tax in that state

Apportionment, Assignment

11. Form name: Information Regarding Apportionment of Beneficiary's Award Related to: Disability, Family member benefits Form last updated: August 31, 2021 When to use this form

Apportionment, Award, August

12. When we work together as God’s children and pool our giving, we are able to see the word ‘Apportionment’ not as a constricting budget item but as a vehicle bringing God’s grace into our churches, our conference, and beyond.

As, And, Are, Able, Apportionment

13. An Apportionment is the separation of sales, expenditures, or income that are then distributed to different accounts, divisions, or subsidiaries

An, Apportionment, Are, Accounts

14. An Apportionment clause is a common provision found in both property and liability insurance policies

An, Apportionment, And

15. An Apportionment clause prescribes the method for determining an insurer's portion of

An, Apportionment

16. The method of Apportionment is permanently set to be the Huntington-Hill method


17. Apportionment is the process of dividing the permanent disability of an injured worker between work-related and non-work-related causes

Apportionment, An, And

18. Apportionment generally refers to the division of business income among states by the use of an Apportionment formula

Apportionment, Among, An

19. Overall, Apportionment is used to divide up resources (human or otherwise) in as fair a way as possible

Apportionment, As

20. Section 9.1 Basic Concepts of Apportionment and Hamilton’s Method

Apportionment, And

21. Apportionment can be thought of as dividing a group of people (or other resources) and assigning them to different places

Apportionment, As, And, Assigning

22. Apportionment is the process by which seats in a legislative body are distributed among administrative divisions, such as states or parties, entitled to representation.This page presents the general principles and issues related to Apportionment

Apportionment, Are, Among, Administrative, As, And

23. The page Apportionment by country describes specific practices used around the world

Apportionment, Around

24. The page Mathematics of Apportionment describes mathematical


25. The Apportionment formula consists of the sum of the property factor, the payroll factor and twice the sales

Apportionment, And

26. The School Apportionment division at OSPI allocates and distributes state funds to local education agencies as directed by Washington State Legislature

Apportionment, At, Allocates, And, Agencies, As

27. The federal constitution calls for reApportionment of congressional seats according to population from a decennial census (Section 2, Article I)

According, Article

28. ReApportionment is the allocation of a set number of districts among established units of government.

Allocation, Among

29. Apportionment is deciding how to divide things up and distribute them

Apportionment, And

30. While the Apportionment of the candy from a piñata can be chaotic, milk Apportionment in a school cafeteria is much more orderly.

Apportionment, Ata

31. Statutes Governing ReApportionment of Election Districts in Counties, Municipalities and School Districts


32. About the Washtenaw County Apportionment Commission Per Michigan Compiled Laws 46.401 and 46.401, the Washtenaw County Apportionment Commission must meet "within 60 days after the publication of the latest United States official decennial census figures

About, Apportionment, And, After

33. Apportionment is an allocation based on some proportions.

Apportionment, An, Allocation

34. The legal term Apportionment means distribution or allotment in proper shares

Apportionment, Allotment

35. Most often Apportionment pertains to the allocation of a loss between all of the insurance companies that insure a piece of property.

Apportionment, Allocation, All

36. Apportionment also refers to the time when you come to buy/sell a property and wish to ensure that you only pay electricity

Apportionment, Also, And

37. What does Apportionment mean? A proportional distribution or assignment, as of U.S

Apportionment, Assignment, As

38. ‘The Apportionment of representatives among the several states was a subject of great difficulty.’ ‘As only the former may vote in federal elections, the Apportionment of seats in Congress should be done on the basis of the number of citizens in each state.’

Apportionment, Among, As

39. Map drafts submitted by Apportionment Board members are linked or displayed below

Apportionment, Are

40. Vermont House of Representatives ReApportionment Proposal - Single Member Districts Voted 4-3 at Oct


41. Person Apportionment is claimed for $ $ $ monthly income person Apportionment is claimed for $ source veteran or surviving spouse


42. The Midland County Apportionment Committee is getting to close to voting on new Apportionment for the seven county commissioner districts, based on …


43. This system of Apportionment gives to the rural counties a considerable pplitical advantage over the city of Baltimore, which, with 42.8% of the total population according to the census of 1900, has only 4 out of 27 members of the Senate and only 24 out of tot members of the House of Delegates.

Apportionment, Advantage, According, And





apportionment (noun) · apportionments (plural noun)

Synonyms: Sharing . Division . Allocation . Distribution . Allotment . Assigning . Dispensation . Ration . Splitting .

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