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1. Synonyms for Apprise: acquaint, advise, brief, catch up, clear, clue (in), enlighten, familiarize

Apprise, Acquaint, Advise

2. Combining unparalleled access to data, expert multifamily appraisal specialists, and innovative technology, Apprise delivers the highest quality appraisals faster than ever before

Access, Appraisal, And, Apprise, Appraisals

3. Apprise is a leader in delivering fully integrated ERP and supply chain solutions to businesses focused on consumer goods importing and distribution.

Apprise, And

4. Effective July 1, 2021, Apprise is now Pennsylvania Medicare Education and Decision Insight, PA MEDI – Same Program, Same Services for Pennsylvania’s Medicare Beneficiaries, now with …

Apprise, And

5. Who We Are Apprise is a nonprofit research institute dedicated to collecting and analyzing data and information to assess and improve public programs

Are, Apprise, And, Analyzing, Assess

6. Apprise's annual revenues are $1-$10 million (see exact revenue data) and has 10-100 employees

Apprise, Annual, Are, And

7. Pennsylvania Medicare Education and Decision Insight (formerly Apprise) is Pennsylvania’s State Health Insurance Program

And, Apprise

8. Apprise helps Medicare beneficiaries of any age as well as people who will soon be eligible for Medicare

Apprise, Any, Age, As

9. Apprise staff depend on a network of knowledgeable and trained volunteers to do this important work

Apprise, And

10. Apprise definition, to give notice to; inform; advise (often followed by of): to be Apprised of the death of an old friend

Apprise, Advise, Apprised, An

11. Definition of Apprise in the dictionary


12. What does Apprise mean? Information and translations of Apprise in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

Apprise, And

13. Apprise: verb acquaint , advise , alert , announce , brief , communicate , convey knowledge , counsel , describe , divulge , enlighten , familiarize , give

Apprise, Acquaint, Advise, Alert, Announce

14. Apprise - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums

Apprise, And

15. Apprise is a free Medicare health insurance counseling program.


16. Apprise is designed to help Pennsylvanians age 60 and older and those with dissabilities with Medicare health insurance concerns

Apprise, Age, And

17. Apprise counselors are specially trained volunteers who can answer questions about Medicare, provide objective, easy to understand information.

Apprise, Are, Answer, About

18. To Apprise someone about something is to fill them in, to give them the scoop

Apprise, About

19. Apprise CRE is an Australia-wide network of experts involved in medical, scientific, public health and ethics research

Apprise, An, Australia, And

20. Apprise is funded by the National Health and Medical Research Council.

Apprise, And

21. Find 11 ways to say Apprise, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

Apprise, Along, Antonyms, And, At

22. Apprise counselors are specially trained to answer your questions about Medicare and provide you with objective, easy-to-understand information about health insurance

Apprise, Are, Answer, About, And

23. Specifically, Apprise can answer your questions about Medicare, Medicare Supplemental Insurance, Medicaid, and Long-Term Care Insurance as well the new prescription drug plans.

Apprise, Answer, About, And, As

24. Apprise definition: When you are Apprised of something, someone tells you about it

Apprise, Are, Apprised, About

25. PA MEDI (formerly Apprise) Providing one-on-one counseling to community members regarding their options for affordable, quality health care for seniors & families with aging & non-clinical issues in the the home

Apprise, Affordable, Amp, Aging

26. Please Apprise me of any changes to the document before publication

Apprise, Any

27. I expect my son's teacher to Apprise me of his academic struggles

Apprise, Academic

28. I scheduled a meeting for this afternoon to Apprise my boss of the project status.

Afternoon, Apprise

29. Apprise harnesses artificial intelligence, state-of-the-art trend analysis, and enhanced analytics and pairs that technology platform with its leading appraisers to consistently deliver trusted

Apprise, Artificial, Art, Analysis, And, Analytics, Appraisers

30. Apprise is a tool for screening vulnerable populations with the potential to unmask situations of forced labor and human trafficking

Apprise, And

31. Apprise (v.) "to notify, give notice," 1690s, from French appris, past participle of apprendre "to inform, teach" (Old French aprendre, 12c.), literally "to lay hold of (in the mind)," from Latin apprehendere "take hold of, grasp" mentally or physically, from ad "to" (see ad-) + prehendere "to seize" (from prae- "before," see pre-, + - hendere

Apprise, Appris, Apprendre, Aprendre, Apprehendere, Ad

32. What does Apprise mean? To notify, or to make aware; to inform

Apprise, Aware

33. Apprise brings the best of digital transformation and professional expertise together for your benefit

Apprise, And

34. Apprise has access to the industry’s most comprehensive data set, which allows our team to tackle everything from the data-rich primary markets to secondary and tertiary markets with hyper-local insights.

Apprise, Access, Allows, And

35. "Within the first two weeks of implementation, Apprise ® ERP rule-based margin management saved us $25,000


36. We knew right away we had made the right decision in selecting Apprise." - CFO, Travelon

Away, Apprise

37. "Apprise spoke our language, offered the support we needed, and proved it had the functionality to put more information into user hands."

Apprise, And

38. UK English definition of Apprise along with additional meanings, example sentences, and ways to say.

Apprise, Along, Additional, And

39. Apprise is a nonprofit research institute dedicated to collecting and analyzing data and information to assess and improve public programs

Apprise, And, Analyzing, Assess

40. Apprise comes from the French apprendre, to learn or inform via the Latin apprendere, to learn

Apprise, Apprendre, Apprendere

41. These examples will Apprise you of how to use it: When asked whether transit officials were Apprised of complaints made via 311, the city's help line, Mr

Apprise, Asked, Apprised

42. Morrel," said Chateau-Renaud, "will you Apprise the Count of Monte Cristo that M


43. Apprise them of our change in destination and the potential delay of about a month

Apprise, And, About

44. Exactly what I wish for; I will Apprise my mother of my intention, and return to you.

Apprise, And

45. Apprise API was designed to easily fit into existing (and new) eco-systems that are looking for a simple notification solution.

Apprise, Api, And, Are

46. = Please keep me Apprised of any changes in the situation

Apprised, Any

47. To Exhaust, Parties Must Apprise the Agency of the Relevant Facts and Issues; Parties Need Not Recite “Magic Words.”.

Apprise, Agency, And

48. The politician will Apprise the public of his decision to run for reelection during the interview


49. As soon as possible, I need to Apprise the credit card company of the unusual charge on my Visa card

As, Apprise

50. On the first of the month, the landlord will Apprise his tenants of the twenty-five dollar rent increase


51. Apprise ( third-person singular simple present Apprises, present participle apprising, simple past and past participle Apprised ) ( transitive) To notify, or to make aware; to inform

Apprise, Apprises, Apprising, And, Apprised, Aware

52. Apprise somebody of something to tell or inform somebody of something


53. He saw no reason to Apprise the committee of what had happened


54. Apprise students of research, fellowship and scholarship opportunities, make recommendations and may award grants

Apprise, And, Award

55. The Employer argued that Section 656.17(f)(3) only requires “a description of the vacancy specific enough to Apprise the U.S

Argued, Apprise

56. The labels Apprise me of their contents: molybdenite of ammonia, chloride of antimony, permanganate of potash and ever so many other strange terms.

Apprise, Ammonia, Antimony, And

57. Appraise/Apprise: To appraise is to determine the value of something; to Apprise is to inform others of something

Appraise, Apprise

58. Apprise Media LLC (New York), a niche media company backed by Spectrum Equity Investors (Boston, MA), has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Canon Communications (Los Angeles, CA), a producer of print publications, trade shows and digital media for the high-growth $200 billion medical device manufacturing market and allied packaging

Apprise, Agreement, Acquire, Angeles, And, Allied




APPRISE [əˈprīz]

apprise (verb) · apprises (third person present) · apprised (past tense) · apprised (past participle) · apprising (present participle)

Synonyms: Inform . Notify . Tell . Advise . Brief . Intimate . Update . Enlighten .


Synonyms: .

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