How to Use Approbation in a sentence with examples

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1. Synonyms for Approbation: approval, blessing, favor, imprimatur, OK; Antonyms for Approbation: disApprobation, disapproval, disfavor

Approbation, Approval, Antonyms

2. Approbation: noun acceptance , acclamation , admiration , adoption , advocacy , agreement , applause , appreciation , approval , assent , attestation , commendation

Approbation, Acceptance, Acclamation, Admiration, Adoption, Advocacy, Agreement, Applause, Appreciation, Approval, Assent, Attestation

3. 'Approbation' is a 11 letter word starting with A and ending with N Crossword clues for 'Approbation' Clue Answer (Official) approval (11) Approbation: Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for Approbation We hope that the following list of synonyms for the word Approbation will help you to finish your crossword today

Approbation, And, Answer, Approval, Answers

4. 8 janvier 1961 Approbation de l'autodétermination en Algérie Le référendum proposé par le Général de Gaulle visant à statuer sur l'autodétermination des populations algériennes est organisé simultanément en France et en Algérie

Approbation, Autod, Alg

5. Ausländische Ärzte müssen einen besonderen Prozess durchlaufen, um die Approbation zu erhalten

Ausl, Approbation

6. Approbation préalable, action de suspendre l'application d'une décision prise par une autorité sous tutelle administrative jusqu'à ce que l'autorité de tutelle ait admis la conformité à la loi de ladite décision.

Approbation, Alable, Action, Application, Autorit, Administrative, Ait, Admis

7. Approbation als Arzt Approbationsurkunde beantragen

Approbation, Als, Arzt, Approbationsurkunde

8. Unter der Approbation versteht man die Genehmigung zur Berufsausübung von Ärzten, Zahnärzten, Apothekern, Tierärzten und Psychotherapeuten

Approbation, Apothekern

9. Die Approbation berechtigt zur vollständigen und uneingeschränkten Tätigkeit als Arzt

Approbation, Als, Arzt

10. Sie wird gemäß der Approbationsordnungen erteilt.


11. Approbation du PV du Conseil d’Administration du 21.10.2015 Adoption du compte-rendu du Conseil d’Administration du 21.10.2015: Adopté à l’unanimité des membres votants présents le 29.02.2016 1

Approbation, Administration, Adoption, Adopt

12. Find 27 ways to say Approbation, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

Approbation, Along, Antonyms, And, At

13. Definition of Approbation in the dictionary


14. What does Approbation mean? Information and translations of Approbation in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

Approbation, And

15. For an act in the Catholic Church by which a bishop or other legitimate superior grants to an ecclesiastic the actual exercise of his ministry, see Approbation (Catholic canon law)

An, Act, Actual, Approbation

16. Approbation is a formal word for approval or praise

Approbation, Approval

17. Politicians rely on the public’s Approbation to get elected.


18. Approbation definition: Approbation is approval of something or agreement to it

Approbation, Approval, Agreement

19. Approbation, in Catholic canon law, is an act by which a bishop or other legitimate superior grants to an ecclesiastic the actual exercise of his ministry

Approbation, An, Act, Actual

20. The necessity of Approbation, especially for administering the sacrament of penance, was expressly decreed by the Council of Trent so, except in the case of imminent death, the absolution by

Approbation, Administering, Absolution

21. What does Approbation mean? The definition of Approbation is warm approval or praise

Approbation, Approval

22. (noun) An example of Approbation is the speech given by the co

An, Approbation

23. Après Approbation, le transfert peut prendre plusieurs jours

Apr, Approbation

24. L' Approbation de ce règlement est une réalisation véritablement significative

Approbation, Alisation

25. Il a été transmis au Parlement pour Approbation.

Au, Approbation

26. Approbation is an act by which a bishop or other legitimate superior grants to an ecclesiastic the actual exercise of his ministry

Approbation, An, Act, Actual

27. Choose from 148 different sets of Approbation flashcards on Quizlet.


28. I need to write a powerful resume to gain Approbation from an employer

Approbation, An

29. The crowd was filled with Approbation when #56 scored a touchdown


30. With my mother's Approbation, I can sleep over at your house

Approbation, At

31. Because Timothy was never a teacher's favorite in middle school, he was motivated to win the Approbation


32. ‘The Approbation he received when he took off in an amazingly cool style was the loudest heard that afternoon.’ Synonyms approval , acceptance, assent, endorsement, encouragement, recognition, appreciation, support, respect, admiration, commendation, congratulations

Approbation, An, Amazingly, Afternoon, Approval, Acceptance, Assent, Appreciation, Admiration

33. Approbation du gouvernement, des ministres, du parlement, des pouvoirs publics, du préfet, du Sénat; − d'amendements, d'une délibération, d'un projet de loi, de statuts; − ministérielle, pontificale; Approbation préalable; donner, obtenir l'Approbation; soumettre à l'Approbation.

Approbation, Amendements, Alable

34. Approbation and approval have the same general meaning, assenting to or declaring as good, sanction, commendation; but Approbation is stronger and more positive

Approbation, And, Approval, Assenting, As

35. ``We may be anxious for the Approbation of our friends; but we should be still more anxious for the approval of our own consciences.'' ``He who is desirous to obtain universal

Anxious, Approbation, Approval

36. Rick's choice of career earned him the Approbation of his parents, who had expected him


37. Nach Approbation als Arzt 1980 und Promotion (summa cum laude) zum Dr

Approbation, Als, Arzt

38. A) en la signant, sans réserve de ratification, d'acceptation ou d' Approbation ; more_vert

Acceptation, Approbation

39. (a) by signing it without reservation of ratification, acceptance or approval; La Commission est très satisfaite de l' Approbation générale de son initiative

Acceptance, Approval, Approbation

40. Definition of Approbation noun in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary

Approbation, Advanced

41. The most voted sentence example for Approbation is A murmur of Approbation and sa

Approbation, And

42. At this juncture La Flitche nodded his head in Approbation, and she went on.

At, Approbation, And

43. You can knock on the back door at Tom's starting at 6: 00AM for your tequila and, as far as community Approbation is concerned, have the staff serve your drink in a coffee cup and say stuff like 'Y'all sho make a mighty fine cup o' swill, Tom, how 'bout a refill

At, And, As, Approbation, All

44. The best 32 synonyms for Approbation, including: praise, blessing, acceptance, esteem, consent, favor, support, endorsement, admiration, permission, applause and more

Approbation, Acceptance, Admiration, Applause, And

45. Rabbi Reuven Feinstein Pens Glowing Approbation for Chabad Author’s Book

Approbation, Author

46. Definition of Approbation Origin : late 14c., "proven effectiveness, excellence," from Old French aprobacion or directly from Latin Approbationem (nominative approbatio) "an approval," noun of action from past participle stem of approbare (see approve)

Approbation, Aprobacion, Approbationem, Approbatio, An, Approval, Action, Approbare, Approve

47. Engendered Approbation, and their reliance on a privileged point of view as setting the standard for moral judgment, are distinctive and striking features of their shared view that rightly attract attention and comment

Approbation, And, As, Are, Attract, Attention

48. Approbation can be remembered as approval and approval are grneraly given in offical and authority matters

Approbation, As, Approval, And, Are, Authority

49. Approbation ~ approb (approval) + at + ion (Ion technologies company); job approval in some company

Approbation, Approb, Approval, At

50. PROBE into the matter for Approbation of the person's PROBITY


51. Obtient l'Approbation du marquage CE-MDR pour un dispositif médical logiciel de diagnostic assisté par l'IA prenant en charge la coloscopie

Approbation, Assist

52. Approbation (n.) "approval, endorsement," early 15c., from Old French aprobacion "approval" (Modern French Approbation) and directly from Latin Approbationem (nominative approbatio) "an approval," noun of action from past-participle stem of approbare "to assent to" as good, from ad "to" (see ad-) + probare "to try, test something (to find if it

Approbation, Approval, Aprobacion, And, Approbationem, Approbatio, An, Action, Approbare, Assent, As, Ad

53. 29 synonyms for Approbation: approval, support, favour, praise, sanction, recognition

Approbation, Approval

54. Approbation and Reprobation Hamper Advocacy Against Witch Persecution in Africa

Approbation, And, Advocacy, Against, Africa

55. From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Approbation ap‧pro‧ba‧tion / ˌæprəˈbeɪʃ ə n / noun [uncountable] formal PRAISE official praise or approval Examples from the Corpus Approbation • His words came out in a seemingly endless flow of support and Approbation

Approbation, Ap, Approval, And

56. Demandait à l’OTL des conseils et une Approbation


57. English words for approbatio include approval, Approbation, proof, approving, assenting, acquiescence, liking, acceptance and accepting

Approbatio, Approval, Approbation, Approving, Assenting, Acquiescence, Acceptance, And, Accepting




APPROBATION [ˌaprəˈbāSHən]


Synonyms: .

Frequently Asked Questions

What does approbation vs approval mean?

Approval is a noun that means deeming something or someone as good, acceptable, or within one's requirements. It can also mean to give permission. Approbation is a mass noun that means praise or approval. It is a direct synonym for the first definition of approval. It has two adjective forms, approbative and approbatory.

How do you use approbation in a sentence?

Approbation in a sentence

  • He tasted the wine of audience approbation.
  • The manager surveyed her report with approbation.
  • The play received the approbation of the mass media.
  • The King received the official approbation of the church.
  • The council has finally indicated its approbation of the plans.
  • Your child really wants your approbation.
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    What does approbativeness mean?

    Approbativeness is an excessive eagerness to become the subject of approval or praise. One of the rare examples of the word's use, appears in a letter of 1829, from Mrs Helen Martineau, in which she comments on the figures in an embroidered fire-screen made by her youngest sister Isabella Higginson (1808-1860):

    What is the adjective for approbation?

    Today, however, we mostly use "approbation" in the looser sense of "approval, admiration, or praise.". The related verb approbate means "to approve or sanction," and the adjective approbatory means "expressing approval or commendation.".

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