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1. The meaning of Apt is likely to do something : having a tendency to do something


2. Join 50,000 Apt Viewers and sign up for our award winning newsletter sent every Thursday

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3. This Apt group compiles malware samples with Russian language settings during working hours (8 a.m


4. This suggests that Apt28 receives direct ongoing financial and other resources from a well-established organization, most likely the


5. Apt is a non-profit organization in the San Francisco Bay Area which provides a communication network for therapists interested in issues related to pediatric occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech and language pathology

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6. Apt also provides continuing education activities including informational discussion groups, lectures, and

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7. 4250 El Camino Real Apt A202, Palo Alto, CA 94306-4455 is currently not for sale

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8. Since then Apt is constantly being improved and refined by the real experience of many astro photographers from all over the world including one of the Apt authors

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9. Apt Holiday Schedule: On Thursday November 25, 2021 all Apt Outpatient Services and Administration will be closed in observance of Thanksgiving

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10. Discover the world and live fully with an Apt tour or cruise

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11. Apt is a command-line utility for installing, updating, removing, and otherwise managing deb packages on Ubuntu, Debian, and related Linux distributions

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12. It combines the most frequently used commands from the Apt-get and Apt-cache tools with different default values of some options.

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13. Find the latest Alpha Pro Tech, Ltd. (Apt) stock quote, history, news and other vital information to help you with your stock trading and investing.

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14. Venture off the beaten track to discover the road less travelled on an Apt Remote Journey.

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15. Apt Padel Tour da un paso histórico En abril de 2022, Apt Padel Tour añadirá un nuevo continente al calendario y tendrá su primera prueba en Sudáfrica

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16. An advanced persistent threat (Apt) is a broad term used to describe an attack campaign in which an intruder, or team of intruders, establishes an illicit, long-term presence on a network in order to mine highly sensitive data.

An, Advanced, Apt, Attack

17. Advanced persistent threat (Apt): An advanced persistent threat (Apt) is a network attack in which an unauthorized person gains access to a network and stays there undetected for a long period of time

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18. The intention of an Apt attack is to steal data rather than to cause damage to the network or organization

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19. If you have very little space left on your computer, you can choose to delete the downloaded archive files using the Apt-get clean command

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20. Apt Firearms Academy, also known as Association of Professional Trainers, Inc

Apt, Academy, Also, As, Association

21. Or simply, Apt Academy, was established by BJ Johnson back in 1984

Apt, Academy

22. Apt is located in Galena, MO (just outside of Springfield, MO)


23. The 2021 Apt season will feature 13 tournaments opening with the Coke Dr


24. Apt Manufacturing Solutions has been providing high-tech solutions to manufacturing problems for over 25 years


25. Founded initially in a 2500 square foot facility as machining and machine building, Apt is now manufacturing in a 75,000 square foot facility with state-of-the art equipment, technology, and people.

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26. Apt definition, inclined; disposed; given; prone: too Apt to slander others



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 · Apt is a method of attack that should be on the radar for businesses everywhere

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28. Apt attackers are increasingly using smaller companies that make up the supply-chain of their ultimate target as a way of gaining access to large organizations.

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29. A ppropriate or Suitable in the Circumstances Apt Cape Cod is forever changing, we are as passionate about the copious ingredients available to us as we are about the people who grow and harvest them

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30. Apt American LLC is a global leader in providing high end engineering equipment and services to support drilling, fracking, and production

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31. As your partner, Apt has the experience, talent and expertise to help you stay ahead of your competition and the personalized attention and support you need to succeed.

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32. You have searched for packages that names contain Apt in all suites, all sections, and all architectures

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33. Apt synonyms, Apt pronunciation, Apt translation, English dictionary definition of Apt


34. Having a natural tendency; inclined: She is Apt to take offense easily


35. Synonyms for Apt: given, inclined, prone, tending, applicable, appropriate, becoming, befitting; Antonyms for Apt: improper, inapplicable, inapposite, inappropriate

Apt, Applicable, Appropriate, Antonyms

36. An Advanced Persistent Threat (Apt) is an organized cyberattack by a group of skilled, sophisticated threat actors

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37. Apts are compound attacks involving multiple stages and a variety of

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38. The only training that has built-in Apt-accreditation and access to the Apt

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39. The 45th Session of the Management Committee of the Apt (MC-45) 30 November 2021 - 3 December 2021


40. The 4th Meeting of the Apt Preparatory Group for WTDC-21 (Apt WTDC21-4) 24 - 28 January 2022


41. The 2nd Meeting of the Apt Preparatory Group for PP-22 (Apt PP22-2) 15 - 17 February 2022


42. Apt was Re-engineered in 1999 for Windows and now available as a desktop/network or cloud based program

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43. The Apt Master Trust is a workplace pension, which allows unrelated employers participate in ring-fenced sections of the Trust

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44. Find 77 ways to say Apt, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

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45. Linux Apt 命令 Apt(Advanced Packaging Tool)是一个在 Debian 和 Ubuntu 中的 Shell 前端软件包管理器。 Apt 命令提供了查找、安装、升级、删除某一个、一组甚至全部软件包的命令,而且命令简洁而又好记。 Apt 命令执行需要超级管理员权限(root)。 Apt 语法 Apt [options] [command] [package ] options:可选,..

Apt, Advanced

46. Apt provides a high-level commandline interface for the package management system


47. It is intended as an end user interface and enables some options better suited for interactive usage by default compared to more specialized Apt tools like Apt-get(8) and Apt-cache(8).

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48. The only training that has built-in Apt-accreditation and access to the Apt

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49. Inglese: Italiano: Apt to adj adjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house." (likely to, liable to) tendere a vi verbo intransitivo: Verbo che non richiede un complemento oggetto: "Dormivo quando mi ha telefonato" - "Passate pure di qua" essere soggetto a (colloquiale) capace di

Apt, Adj, Adjective, An

50. Apt may refer to: Advanced Package Tool (or Apt), the main command-line package manager for Debian and its derivatives

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51. It provides command-line tools for searching, managing and querying information about packages, as well as low-level access to all features provided by the libApt-pkg and libApt-inst libraries which higher-level package managers can depend upon.

And, About, As, Access, All




APT [apt]

apt (adjective) · apter (comparative adjective) · aptest (superlative adjective)

Synonyms: Suitable . Fitting . Appropriate . Befitting . Relevant . Felicitous . Congruous . Fit . Applicable . Judicious . Apposite . Apropos . To the purpose . To the point . Perfect . Ideal . Right . Made to order . Tailor-made . Convenient . Expedient . Useful . Timely . Inappropriate . Inclined . Given . Likely . Liable . Disposed . Predisposed . Prone . Ready . Tending . Subject . Capable . Unlikely . Clever . Quick . Bright . Sharp . Smart . Intelligent . Able . Gifted . Talented . Adept . Proficient . Competent . Astute . Slow .


Synonyms: .

Frequently Asked Questions

What does 'apt' mean?

  • Exactly suitable; appropriate: an apt reply.
  • Having a natural tendency; inclined: She is apt to take offense easily. See Usage Note at liable.
  • Quick to learn or understand: an apt student.
  • What is the definition of Apt?

    The definition of apt is something a person might have a tendency to do. An example of someone who is apt to lie is a politician. Apt means someone who is extraordinarily smart or is quick to learn or understand. An example of someone who is apt is an insightful student.

    What are synonyms for APT?

    Synonyms for Apt: adj. •all (adjective) disposed, tending, given, minded. •effective (adjective) cogent. •expedient (adjective) effective, accommodating, expedient, advantageous, convenient, opportune, desirable, timely, commodious, useful, efficient, suitable, fit.

    What is Advanced Persistent Threat?

    An advanced persistent threat (APT) is a set of stealthy and continuous computer hacking processes, often orchestrated by a person or persons targeting a specific entity.

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