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1. The meaning of Around is in a circle or in circumference


2. Around synonyms, Around pronunciation, Around translation, English dictionary definition of Around


3. In close to all sides from all directions: a field bordered Around with tall trees

All, Around

4. Synonyms for Around: about, by, near, next to, nigh, across, over, round; Antonyms for Around: exactly, precisely, dead, extinct, nonextant

Around, About, Across, Antonyms

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And, Around

6. You guys don't all need to stand Around me—back up! 2

All, Around

7. I haven't lived Around here for very long, so I don't know where any of the good restaurants are

Around, Any, Are

8. Around definition, in a circle, ring, or the like; so as to surround a person, group, thing, etc.: The crowd gathered Around

Around, As

9. Around is designed to be inclusive, so remote team members truly feel like part of the group


10. Find 16 ways to say Around, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

Around, Along, Antonyms, And, At

11. AspectJ @Around annotation usage @Around advice surrounds a joinpoint such as a method invocation

Aspectj, Around, Annotation, Advice, As

12. Around advice can perform custom behavior before and after the method invocation

Around, Advice, And, After

13. Use the adverb Around to describe something that's on every side of you

Adverb, Around

14. When you're on a boat far out at sea, with no land in sight, there's water all Around you.

At, All, Around

15. A : on all sides of (something or someone) a house with trees (all) Around [= ( chiefly Brit) round] it

All, Around

16. @Around − Mark a function as an advice to be executed before method(s) covered by PointCut

Around, As, An, Advice

17. To understand the above-mentioned concepts related to @Around Advice, let us write an example which will implement @Around Advice

Above, Around, Advice, An

18. Around definition: To be positioned Around a place or object means to surround it or be on all sides of it

Around, All

19. Around the World in 80 Days: Directed by Michael Anderson, John Farrow

Around, Anderson

20. At that moment a truck came rushing Around the corner

At, Around

21. Go Around to the back of the house and see if anyone’s in the garden

Around, And, Anyone

22. Around was born out of frustration with remote work collaboration


23. Zane and fellow Around co-founder Pavel Serbajlo had built mobile marketing company that was acquired by GoDaddy by using a

And, Around, Acquired

24. Sorry I can't make it out to see you today! Will you be Around tomorrow? Thanks for taking care of my pets while I'm away! I'll be Around to collect them on Monday

Around, Away

25. 73 synonyms for Around: surrounding, about, enclosing, encompassing, framing, encircling, on all sides of, on every side of, environing, approximately, about

Around, About, All, Approximately

26. As a result, the monks looped the "t" Around the "a" and created it into a circle-eliminating two strokes of the pen

As, Around, And

27. Turn Around - turning in an opposite direction or position; "the reversal of the image in the lens" reversal turning, turn - a movement in a new direction; "the turning of the wind" Verb 1

Around, An

28. Turn Around - turn abruptly and face the other way, either physically or metaphorically; "He turned Around to face his opponent"; "My conscience

Around, Abruptly, And

29. Am I guessing right that you have multiple @Around advice methods with identical method bodies and you want to factor out those method bodies into a helper method in order to avoid code duplication within your aspect(s)?

Am, Around, Advice, And, Avoid, Aspect

30. To walk Around the town/the streets caminar por la ciudad/las calles An adverb is a word that describes a verb, an adjective, or other adverbs (e.g

Around, An, Adverb, Adjective, Adverbs

31. Aroundに興味をもった方はまず正攻法としてサイトにユーザー登録をしつつ、周りで使っている人がいないか探してみてください。 **【追記】**動作未確認なのですが、ゲストとしてAroundに参加したことがあるとその後もAroundを利用できるようです。


32. Lay the timber piled Around; Gunga Din by Rudyard Kipling


33. 'E's chawin' up the ground, An' 'e's kickin' all Around: Butterflies by Samantha McKeen

An, All, Around

34. Around ý nghĩa, định nghĩa, Around là gì: 1


35. Dan Hanzus is a writer for Around the NFL, providing non-stop analysis and opinions on all things football

Around, Analysis, And, All

36. Around the O is the UO’s go-to place for information about the university, its people and the difference they make in Oregon and Around the world

Around, About, And

37. Wrap Around a circle To create text that completely circles your shape, choose Circle under Follow Path, and then drag any of the sizing handles until your WordArt is the size and shape you want

Around, And, Any

38. Wrap Around straight edges To wrap text Around a shape that has straight edges, such as a rectangle, insert WordArt objects for each edge

Around, As

39. Around, round and about can also sometimes be used with the same meaning in British English: The kids were running Around/ round/ about outside

Around, And, About, Also

40. I’ve been waiting Around/ round/ about to see her all day

Around, About, All

41. In North American English only Around can be used in these meanings.

American, Around

42. Our service was founded in 2005 to help people Around the world save their time when planning travels, business trips, online events or conference calls


43. Currently 24timezones provides such services as website clock widgets, time converter, event countdown and many others for millions of people Around the world and in twelve languages.

As, And, Around

44. Around ( adv.) (of quantities) imprecise but fairly close to correct; weighs Around a hundred pounds

Around, Adv

45. Around ( adv.) in or to a reversed position or direction; suddenly she …

Around, Adv




AROUND [əˈround]

around (adverb) · round (adverb)

Synonyms: Throughout . All over . All over the place . Everywhere . About . Here and there . Backwards .


Synonyms: About . Circling . Encircling . Surrounding . Encompassing . Framing . All over . About .

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