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1. Arrangement: [noun] the state of being arranged : order

Arrangement, Arranged

2. Arrangement synonyms, Arrangement pronunciation, Arrangement translation, English dictionary definition of Arrangement


3. The act or process of arranging: the Arrangement of a time and place for the meeting

Act, Arranging, Arrangement, And

4. Arrangement definition, an act of arranging; state of being arranged

Arrangement, An, Act, Arranging, Arranged

5. Find 52 ways to say Arrangement, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

Arrangement, Along, Antonyms, And, At

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As, Arrangement, Arrangaments, And

7. Table Arrangement (or centerpiece) is one of the most popular types of floral designs that range from easy one to high level Arrangement


8. In most cases when students learn floral Arrangements, they usually start with easy table Arrangement

Arrangements, Arrangement

9. Twist & Shout Balloons! The best thing about balloon Arrangements from Palo Alto, California is that they can be customized to suit your style and party theme

Amp, About, Arrangements, Alto, And

10. Funeral Arrangement under the care of Alta Mesa Funeral Home

Arrangement, Alta

11. Synonyms for Arrangement: blueprint, design, game, game plan, ground plan, master plan, plan, program


12. Arrangement definition: Arrangements are plans and preparations which you make so that something will happen or Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Arrangement, Arrangements, Are, And

13. 05/08/2021 - Valerie I went on line from Florida 5 days before Mothers Day to have an Arrangement sent to my mother in North China Grove

An, Arrangement

14. "they made Arrangements to meet in Chicago"


15. An Arrangement of intersecting horizontal and vertical lines

An, Arrangement, And

16. In music, an Arrangement is a musical reconceptualization of a previously composed work

An, Arrangement

17. 76 synonyms for Arrangement: plan, planning, provision, preparation, agreement, contract

Arrangement, Agreement

18. An Arrangement can be regarded as a function ϕ given on Z n = { 1 … n } and taking values in A : ϕ ( k) = a i k , k = 1 …

An, Arrangement, As, And

19. Arrangement, in music, traditionally, any adaptation of a composition to fit a medium other than that for which it was originally written, while at the same time retaining the general character of the original

Arrangement, Any, Adaptation, At

20. When you organize things in an orderly way, the result is called an Arrangement

An, Arrangement

21. If you admire your friend's Arrangement of his living room furniture, you might go home and make a similar Arrangement.

Admire, Arrangement, And

22. Arrangement (also called disposition) is one of the five traditional canons or subdivisions of classical rhetorical training

Arrangement, Also

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Arrangement, And, Amp, Attached

25. They expanded on our ideas and exceeded our expectations! Had a great experience working with The Arrangement

And, Arrangement

26. The Arrangement is an absolute masterpiece."-ValettaGirl, Goodreads Reviewer "With dark twists, suspenseful turns, and a few gasp-inducing shocks thrown in for good measure, Kiersten yet again proves why she is the Queen of Suspense-filled drama!"-Em, Amazon UK Reviewer "I have never found a more clever author than [Modglin].

Arrangement, An, Absolute, And, Again, Amazon, Author

27. Looking for online definition of Arrangement or what Arrangement stands for? Arrangement is listed in the World's largest and most authoritative dictionary database of …

Arrangement, And, Authoritative

28. Musical Arrangement - a piece of music that has been adapted for performance by a particular set of voices or instruments Arrangement musical composition, opus, piece of music, composition, piece - a musical work that has been created; "the composition is written in four movements" orchestration - an Arrangement of a piece of music

Arrangement, Adapted, An

29. Typically followed by "for (someone or something)" or "to (do something)." I will make Arrangements for you two to meet this week


30. We're making Arrangements to have the faulty equipment repaired next week


31. Instead of buying a generic pair of socks or a tie, send a Delicious Fruit Design® - Edible® Donuts Arrangement that’s bursting with our signature pineapple daisies, fresh …


32. Another word for Arrangement: a preparation or plan made for an event Collins English Thesaurus

Another, Arrangement, An

33. The Arrangement of the desks was such that the students could all see one another.

Arrangement, All, Another

34. Arrangement Will Remove European Union tariffs and lower costs for American families

Arrangement, And, American

35. Arrangement will counter flood of cheap steel by other countries, including the People’s Republic of …


36. Something that has been organized or agreed on SYN agreement Arrangement between An Arrangement between the two couples ensured there was always someone to look after the children

Agreed, Agreement, Arrangement, An, Always, After

37. Arrangement with The school has an Arrangement with local businesses

Arrangement, An

38. An Arrangement to do something Maxine cancelled our Arrangement to meet

An, Arrangement

39. This definition is intended to apply broadly and, for example, will cover an Arrangement under which a contract's non-owner provides funds directly to the owner with which the owner pays premiums--as long as the non-owner is entitled to recover, conditionally or unconditionally, all or some of the contract's proceeds (e.g., death benefits) or has an interest in the contract to secure the right

Apply, And, An, Arrangement, As, All

40. An Arrangement of n different things taken m at a time is an ordered set consisting of m elements of the set of n things

An, Arrangement, At

41. If elements are allowed to be repeated, we speak of an Arrangement of n things taken m at a time with repetitions.

Are, Allowed, An, Arrangement, At

42. 4 ‘an Arrangement of Beethoven's symphonies for piano duet’ SYNONYMS adaptation , setting, scoring, orchestration, instrumentation, reduction, harmonization

An, Arrangement, Adaptation

43. The process of organizing materials with respect to their provenance and original order, to protect their context and to achieve physical or intellectual control over the materials (View Citations) Holmes 1964 , 23–24 THE LEVELS OF Arrangement ¶ In all large archival depositories there can be distinguished, usually, at least

And, Achieve, Arrangement, All, Archival, At

44. In general, an Arrangement of objects is simply a grouping of them

An, Arrangement

45. The number of "Arrangements" of items is given either by a combination (order is ignored) or permutation (order is significant).


46. The division of space into cells by a collection of hyperplanes (Agarwal and Sharir 2000) is also called an Arrangement.

Agarwal, And, Also, An, Arrangement

47. "[THE Arrangement is] a polished, amusing, and highly entertaining take on modern relationships, parenthood, and suburbia.[Dunn] is a total pro-and the book is smartly conceived, sharply written, perfectly paced, and, even at its most madcap moments, entirely believable and engaging.

Arrangement, Amusing, And, At

48. Edible's fruit Arrangements and fruit baskets are perfect for any special occasion

Arrangements, And, Are, Any

49. Verbs frequently used with Arrangement as the object

Arrangement, As

50. Arrangement with: They have an Arrangement with Pepsi-Cola …

Arrangement, An

51. Arrangement may or may not include physical Arrangement, or sorting, and rehousing materials

Arrangement, And

52. The Wassenaar Arrangement is an export control regime with 41 participating states that promotes transparency of national export control regimes on conventional arms and dual-use goods and technologies.

Arrangement, An, Arms, And




ARRANGEMENT [əˈrānjmənt]

arrangement (noun) · arrangements (plural noun)

Synonyms: Positioning . Disposition . Marshaling . Ranging . Ordering . Order . Array . Presentation . Display . Exhibition . Grouping . Sorting . Organization . System . Alignment . Filing . Classification . Categorization . Preparations . Plans . Planning . Preparing . Groundwork . Provision . Arrangements . Planning . Plans . Provision . Preliminaries . Groundwork . Spadework . Foundation .

Frequently Asked Questions

What does arrangement mean?

placement, arrangement(noun) the spatial property of the way in which something is placed. the arrangement of the furniture; the placement of the chairs. musical arrangement, arrangement(noun) a piece of music that has been adapted for performance by a particular set of voices or instruments.

What does arrangements mean?

n. 1. The act or process of arranging: the arrangement of a time and place for the meeting. 2. The condition, manner, or result of being arranged; disposal: provided flowers and saw to their arrangement. 3. A collection of things that have been arranged: the circular arrangement of megaliths called Stonehenge.

What does the term 'arrangement' mean in music?

Arrangement (music) When a piece for choir and orchestra is printed for choir members to use, the orchestral part is printed on two staves so that it can be played on a piano for rehearsals. This is another kind of arrangement. In music history, many composers have made arrangements of music composed by others.

What is the definition of arranged?

The definition of arrange is to put things in a certain order, form or design. To alphabetize files is an example of arrange. Arrange is defined as to handle the details of an event, or to plan or cause some event to happen. To organize a wedding is an example of arrange.

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