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1. Synonyms for Askew: aslant, atilt, awry, cock-a-hoop, cockeyed, crazy, crooked, listing; Antonyms for Askew: even, level, straight

Askew, Aslant, Atilt, Awry, Antonyms

2. Askew is a global leader in supply chain logistics and distribution of industrial, MIL-SPEC and engineered fasteners, components and MRO products.

Askew, And

3. Google Tilt/Askew causes the page to be tilted, leaning down, left to right


4. Welcome to Askew Funeral and Cremation Services in Roanoke Rapids & Jackson, NC

Askew, And, Amp

5. For more than thirty- four years, Mike Askew, of Askew Funeral and Cremation Services, has been dedicated to serving the families of the Roanoke Valley and South side of Virginia.

Askew, And

6. Related To David Askew, Kathryn Askew, Heather Askew, Hazel Askew, Dana Askew


7. Related To Elizabeth Askew, Richard Askew, Cassiel Askew, Hope Askew


8. Also known as Anothony Askew, Anthony Asken, Askew Anothony

Also, As, Anothony, Askew, Anthony, Asken

9. Summary: Brian Askew was arrested on September 11, 2017 in Alameda, California

Askew, Arrested, Alameda

10. Per the United States judicial system, Askew is presumed innocent until proven guilty


11. As the principal of Askew Elementary, I am thrilled to be a part of the community, where family members are actively engaged in their child’s education, as well as an integral component of our school

As, Askew, Am, Are, Actively, An

12. Askew synonyms, Askew pronunciation, Askew translation, English dictionary definition of Askew


13. To one side or out of proper alignment; awry: rugs lying Askew

Alignment, Awry, Askew

14. Nov 22nd - Meatball Mondays & Open Mic with Adam Newell at Askew!! Nov 23

Amp, Adam, At, Askew

15. Nov 24th - FUNSGIVING with Toad & The Stooligans and The Autocrats at Askew!!

Amp, And, Autocrats, At, Askew

16. Oliver Clark Askew (born December 12, 1996) is an American race car driver and the 2019 Indy Lights champion

Askew, An, American, And

17. Askew will be competing in the Formula E World Championship in 2022 with Avalanche Andretti Formula E

Askew, Avalanche, Andretti

18. Askew definition, to one side; out of line; in a crooked position; awry: to wear one's hat Askew;to hang a picture Askew

Askew, Awry

19. Askew carries a wide variety of standard and custom fasteners in both imperial and metric sizes

Askew, And

20. Since 1911, Askew-Petersen Monuments has been providing the residents of Alamance County and the surrounding areas of Piedmont North Carolina with a full range of cemetery monuments, grave markers, mausoleums, cremation products, signage, benches, urns and vases, and more…each created and installed with the highest quality and craftsmanship available in the industry.

Askew, Alamance, And, Areas, Available

21. Find 23 ways to say Askew, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

Askew, Along, Antonyms, And, At

22. Askew 'Askew' is a 5 letter word starting with A and ending with W Crossword clues for 'Askew' Clue Answer; Askew (8) LOPSIDED: Not symmetrical (8) Unevenly balanced (8) Not straight (8) Leaning or inclined to one side (8) At an oblique angle (5) Askew: A bit off (5) Twisted to one side (5)

Askew, And, Answer, At, An, Angle

23. Askew is a very LGBTQ/BLM/Comedian friendly venue, so though we don't censor the mic, we do ask all comics to keep that in mind & keep the jokes classy

Askew, Ask, All, Amp

24. Evans & Askew Undertakers later became the Askew Funeral Home, and in 1986 incorporated as Askew-Houser Funeral Home, Inc

Amp, Askew, And, As

25. Askew's sons George, Phillip and John Wayne had all been associated with the business at one time or another, with John Wayne Askew succeeding his father in 1954.

Askew, And, All, Associated, At, Another

26. The Crossword Solver found 48 answers to the Askew crossword clue

Answers, Askew

27. View Tracy Mack-Askew’s profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional community


28. Askew: 1 adv turned or twisted to one side “rugs lying Askew ” Synonyms: awry , skew-whiff adj turned or twisted toward one side Synonyms: awry , cockeyed , lopsided , skew-whiff , wonky crooked having or marked by bends or angles; not straight or aligned

Askew, Adv, Awry, Adj, Angles, Aligned

29. ‘the judging was a bit Askew’ ‘Don't punish the press just because the publishers' plans have gone Askew.’ ‘A few of the facts are slightly Askew but the enthusiasm of the article is interesting.’ ‘One slip and the entire story would go slightly Askew.’

Askew, Are, Article, And

30. 20 synonyms for Askew: crooked, awry, oblique, lopsided, off-centre, cockeyed, skewwhiff, crookedly, to one

Askew, Awry

31. The list of alternative names for she includes Alicia Nichole Alegria, Alicia Askew, Alicia Alegria, Alicia W Alegria, Alicia N Alegi

Alternative, Alicia, Alegria, Askew, Alegi

32. Askew definition: Something that is Askew is not straight or not level with what it should be level with


33. What does Askew mean? The definition of Askew is slightly crooked


34. (adverb) An example of Askew is when a picture is not hung correctly and it

Adverb, An, Askew, And

35. Askew's Cycles & Watersports Dealership in Elizabeth City, NC, carries new & used Kawasaki, Polaris, and Suzuki for sale near Camden, Woodville, Nixonton, and Weeksville, NC

Askew, Amp, And

36. Bistro And Entertainment Venue - Food, Live Music, Pool! Askew is a unique venue that evolves daily from an eclectic bistro/restaurant to a live entertainment venue

And, Askew, An

37. Anne Askew was born in 1521 in Lincolnshire, England to Sir William Askew, a wealthy landowner, and Elizabeth Wrotessley, of Reading, Berkshire.Sir William was a gentleman in the court of King Henry VIII, as well as a juror in the trial of Anne Boleyn's co-accused

Anne, Askew, And, As, Accused

38. Askew was the fourth of their five children, which included her brothers Francis and Edward, and sisters Martha and Jane.

Askew, And

39. Another possible match for Clifford Askew is 84 years old and resides on 7th St S Apt 204 in Fargo, North Dakota

Another, Askew, And, Apt

40. Clifford may also have previously lived on 250 in Fargo, North Dakota and is associated to Jamie Askew, Jessica Askew and Joshua Askew

Also, And, Associated, Askew

41. Georgiane Askew’s full report may contain information on how to contact them such as phone numbers, addresses, and email addresses

Askew, As, Addresses, And

42. SHEFFIELD — Alma Scott Askew, 88 of Sheffield, died Friday, November 26, 2021

Alma, Askew

43. Definition of Askew adverb in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary

Askew, Adverb, Advanced

44. MISSING PERSON • David Askew • Redding, California • 55 Years Old


45. Please help us spread the word about David Askew out of Redding, California by sharing this report

About, Askew




ASKEW [əˈskyo͞o]

askew (adverb) · askew (adjective)

Synonyms: Crooked . Lopsided . Tilted . Angled . Oblique . Skew . Skewed . Slanted . Aslant . Awry . Uneven . Asymmetrical . Unsymmetrical . Squint . Thrawn . Straight . Symmetrical .

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the word Askew mean?

The definition of askew is slightly crooked. An example of askew is when a picture is not hung correctly and it leans to one side. Askew is defined as looking or treating with disdain or a lack of respect. An example of the word is askew is when someone looks at someone with a scowl, looking down on that person.

What is a sentence using the word Askew?

askew in a sentence

  • The small cafe was in ruins, its metal roof askew.
  • When commissions are involved, though, comparisons get knocked askew.
  • Vince Askew wants the team to toughen up in Game 4.
  • At best, it was sexy, aggressive and slightly askew.
  • Vincent Askew said before his team lost at home Sunday night.
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    What does aschew mean?

    Eschew means to avoid, to shun, to abstain from voluntarily and deliberately, especially because you believe it is the proper thing to do. Eschew is a transitive verb, one that takes an object. Related words are eschewed, eschews, eschewing and the nouns eschewal and eschewance.

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