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1. Aspect: [noun] a particular status or phase in which something appears or may be regarded

Aspect, Appears

2. Synonyms for Aspect: angle, facet, hand, phase, side, appearance, dress, figure

Aspect, Angle, Appearance

3. Aspect synonyms, Aspect pronunciation, Aspect translation, English dictionary definition of Aspect


4. A way in which something can be viewed by the mind: looked at all Aspects of the situation

At, All, Aspects

5. Aspect definition, appearance to the eye or mind; look: the physical Aspect of the country

Aspect, Appearance

6. The Crossword Solver found 102 answers to the Aspect crossword clue

Answers, Aspect

7. Declaring an Aspect With the @AspectJ support enabled, any bean defined in your application context with a class that is an @AspectJ Aspect (has the @Aspect annotation) will be automatically detected by Spring and used to configure Spring AOP

An, Aspect, Aspectj, Any, Application, Annotation, Automatically, And, Aop

8. The following example shows the minimal definition required for a logging Aspect:


9. Aspects classes are like any other normal bean and may have methods and fields just like any other class, except that they will be annotated with @Aspect as follows −

Aspects, Are, Any, And, Annotated, Aspect, As

10. Package; import org.Aspectj.lang.annotation.Aspect; @Aspect public class AspectModule { }

Aspectj, Annotation, Aspect, Aspectmodule

11. At Aspect Computers, our mission is to provide high-quality computer setups for families and organizations in the Bay Area

At, Aspect, And, Area

12. Find 38 ways to say Aspect, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

Aspect, Along, Antonyms, And, At

13. Aspect Enterprise Solutions is the only solution provider that offers free trials


14. Aspect 'Aspect' is a 6 letter word starting with A and ending with T Crossword clues for 'Aspect' Clue Answer; Way of viewing (6) Aspect: Feature; appearance (6) One part (6) Position of a building (6) Visual effect (6) Facial piece (6) Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for Aspect

Aspect, And, Answer, Appearance, Answers

15. /LINK/Aspect Executor free : discord : :#Aspect #ExecutorFree #RobloxSynapseXFreeSynapseXA


16. Aspect Consulting provides earth + water engineering and science services from seven offices throughout the Pacific Northwest

Aspect, And

17. Aspect Consulting, LLC , Bainbridge Island, WA, United States


18. A way in which something can be viewed by the mind: looked at all Aspects of the situation

At, All, Aspects

19. A characteristic or feature of something: a novel with many unusual Aspects


20. A particular look or facial expression; mien: "He was serious of Aspect but wholly undistinguished" (Louis Auchincloss)

Aspect, Auchincloss

21. Aspect (geography), the compass direction that a slope faces


22. Aspect (religion), a particular manifestation of a deity


23. Aspect (trade union), a trade union in the United Kingdom


24. Aspect Software, an American call center technology and customer experience company

Aspect, An, American, And

25. Astrological Aspect, an angle the planets make to each other in the horoscope.

Astrological, Aspect, An, Angle

26. The Aspect of a verb tells us whether the verb's action is ongoing or completed

Aspect, Action

27. The four Aspects are the 'Simple Aspect,' 'Perfect Aspect,' 'Progressive Aspect,' and 'Perfect Progressive Aspect.' This page has lots of examples, a widget for learning Aspect, and an interactive exercise.

Aspects, Are, Aspect, And, An

28. In physical geography and physical geology, Aspect (also known as exposure) is the compass direction or azimuth that a terrain surface faces.

And, Aspect, Also, As, Azimuth

29. For example, a slope landform on the eastern edge of the Rockies toward the Great Plains is described as having an easterly Aspect.A slope which falls down to a deep valley on its western side and a shallower one on its eastern side has a westerly

As, An, Aspect, And

30. Aspect is designed from the start to support this level of parallelism


31. @Aspect (切面): 通常是一个类,里面可以定义切入点和通知


32. Aspect's channel partner program is designed to provide greater opportunities for existing and new Aspect partners to enable enhanced customer engagement capabilities through the deployment of Aspect’s deep and wide solutions portfolio for both premise and cloud.

Aspect, And

33. Aspect is Australia's largest national service provider for people on the autism spectrum

Aspect, Australia, Autism

34. If you are going to vote for a candidate, you should first learn about the various Aspects of her political agenda.

Are, About, Aspects, Agenda

35. In an Aspect language like Russian, on the other hand, the grammatical Aspect imposes itself strong constraints on lexical Aspectual interpretation

An, Aspect, Aspectual

36. These psycholinguistic results thus nicely fit semantic proposals for grammatical Aspect that have been proposed in the framework of mereological semantics (see, e.g., Filip 2008, a.o.).


37. Anterior Aspect that surface of the human body or a body part viewed from the front

Anterior, Aspect

38. Posterior Aspect that surface of the human body or a body part viewed from the back


39. Aspect翻譯:特點, 方面;層面, 方向, 朝向;方位;朝著某個方向的一面, 外表, 外表,外觀;樣子,神態, 文法, (動詞的)體, (電視或其他螢幕的)寬高比,縱橫比,長寬比。了解更多。


40. The Aspect introduces a brand new cover formulation combined with a geometrically balanced symmetric core


41. 64 synonyms for Aspect: feature, point, side, factor, angle, characteristic, facet, position, view

Aspect, Angle

42. ‘Slope Aspect or direction of exposure may also influence surface runoff.’ ‘Planted with a southern Aspect to take advantage of the low arc of the winter sun, it has trees, shrubs, herbaceous plants and dwarf bulbs.’ ‘This is a viewpoint sandwich stop with a southerly Aspect.’

Aspect, Also, Advantage, Arc, And

43. Aspect offers a succinct, yet comprehensive range of products, prescribed for your individual skincare needs


44. In English grammar, Aspect is a verb form (or category) that indicates time-related characteristics, such as the completion, duration, or repetition of an action

Aspect, As, An, Action

45. (Compare and contrast with tense .) When used as an adjective, it's Aspectual

And, As, An, Adjective, Aspectual

46. What does Aspect mean? The definition of Aspect refers to the way you see something or someone, either visually or mentally


47. One part of a situation, idea, plan etc that has many parts Aspect of Dealing with people is the most important Aspect of my work


48. The Aspect tool always uses a 3 by 3 window of cells to compute the value, the Surface Parameters tool allows window sizes from 3 by 3 to 15 by 15 cells

Aspect, Always, Allows

49. The list below displays the Aspect skills and which unique item that grants them

Aspect, And

50. Through certain beastcrafting recipes, Aspect skills can be crafted onto other items as a suffix as well

Aspect, As

51. Definition of Aspect in the dictionary


52. What does Aspect mean? Information and translations of Aspect in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on …

Aspect, And

53. This is an important Aspect of what it means to be freelance (从事自由职业的) performer, who isn't regularly employed every single day working on projects

An, Aspect




ASPECT [ˈaspekt]

aspect (noun) · aspects (plural noun)

Synonyms: Feature . Facet . Side . Characteristic . Particular . Detail . Point . Ingredient . Strand . Angle . Slant . Sense . Respect . Regard . Detail . Item . Particular . Fact . Thing . Idea . Argument . Consideration . Factor . Element . Regard . Respect . Subject . Issue . Topic . Question . Matter . Appearance . Look . Air . Bearing . Cast . Manner . Mien . Demeanor . Deportment . Expression . Countenance . Features . Semblance . Guise . Impression . Effect . Atmosphere . Mood . Quality . Ambience . Feeling . Flavor . Outlook . View . Exposure . Direction . Situation . Position . Location . Face . Elevation . Facade . Side .


Synonyms: .

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